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To apply for an internship, please send the following information to via plain text email (no attachments please, see "C" below re: resumes):

  1. A cover letter briefly explaining why you are applying to the Internship Program. Please include any specific objectives and expected benefits of the internship to you. If the internship is for academic credit (it doesn't have to be, we've had several interns who already have degrees), please include complete contact information (including email, postal mail, and phone/fax) for the faculty member or Placement Office staff person you will be coordinating with.

  2. Our Application Form below (filled out, of course!) cut-and-pasted as text into the body of your email.

  3. Resumes (optional but strongly encouraged): Copy-and-paste the text of your resume into the body of the email (don't worry about formatting being lost).

1. Your Name: ____

2a. Email Address: ____

2b. Postal Mail Address: ____

2c. Phone# (Daytime / Evening): _______________ / _______________

3. Internship(s) applying for: site (Online Media, Graphic Design, Marketing/Public Relations): ___________________________ site (News Desk, Online Editor II, Information/Library Science): ___________________________

Please indicate with an 'X' how you learned of this internship?

4. Please indicate college degree(s) you are working towards or have already earned:

Degree School Name Major/Minor(s) GPA
(overall & in Major)
Degree Date (Anticipated or Earned)
PhD. or Other

5. Requested Internship Dates

My preferred start date would be ___/___/___ (Month/Day/Year).
My end date would be ___/___/___ (Month/Day/Year).

During the internship period above please check off one of these options:

___ I do not anticipate missing internship work days (e.g. no planned vacations, family events, weddings, etc.)

        — OR —

___ I will not be available during these dates: _______

6. Internship Time Commitment

For internships during an academic term a minimum time commitment of 10 hours/week throughout the term (excluding your school's regular vacation breaks). The number of hours/week I will make available for the internship is: _____ .

        — OR —

For internships outside of the academic term (usually summer) a minimum of 20 or more hours/week is required (these internships are more intensive than those during the school term). The number of hours/week I will make available for the internship is: _____ .

Most of the hours above are generally worked Monday-Friday, though interns have great flexibility about their schedules (e.g. nights, weekends, certain days of the week off). I expect that during the internship I will be available to work:

Monday-Friday shifts only ____
        — or —
Mainly Monday-Friday but some weekend time is OK ____ (relevant only to News Desk and Writing Internships; helpful but not required).

7. Faculty or Professional References

Please indicate one or more faculty members who we can contact as a reference for you:

Name Academic Dept. Email Phone#
         -         -      
         -         -      
         -         -      

8. Agreement

I understand that, should I be accepted as an intern at LLC, the following conditions will apply:

I am 18 years old or older and certify that the information above is complete and accurate.

My Name: _________ Date: ____/____/____

Thank you for your interest in; we will process your application as quickly as possible.