You are here: > Interviews will be interviewing a wide variety of interesting people with strong views about fairness-related topics. Past and upcoming interviews are listed here; please let us know who you recommend we interview in the future.

Our Most Recent Interview

The Importance of Researching Fairness    Prof. Arien Mack, organizer of the April 2005 conference "Fairness: It's Role in Our Lives", explains why Social Research decided the time was right to ambitiously tackle the topic of Fairness.

Past Interviews

Legal Self-Defense in Responses to Terrorism    The international debate over Israel's military responses to Palestinian suicide bombings has many parallels to the debate in the U.S. about how to retaliate against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban after the 9/11 attacks. In October 2001 we interviewed Prof. Robert F. Turner, an expert on National Security Law, about the permissibility of aggressive self-defense under American and international law.

Patent Reform, Intellectual Property, Cash Rewards    BountyQuest CEO Charles Cella discusses fair and unfair patents and his company's controversial attempt to use market mechanisms to achieve efficient access to intellectual property knowledge.