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May 20, 2007 Indians Divided on Kissing A Cultural Taboo Goodbye: Debate Over Displays of Affection Mirrors Broader Differences

QUOTE: "Moral police," sometimes organized by regional Hindu nationalist parties and sometimes just vigilantes with a point of view, have been increasingly on the prowl recently. Last month, Hindu extremist mobs attacked Star TV offices in Mumbai, the cultural capital of the country, for airing a story on an interfaith couple who had eloped.

Washington Post
May 13, 2007 Overflowing Fairfax Homes Split Neighbors: Issue Stirs Debates Over Economics, Race

QUOTE: Long a source of tension in the suburbs, where high prices force many immigrants to pool financial resources and share housing, residential crowding has generated a surge of complaints in Fairfax, a county where one in four residents is foreign-born.

Washington Post
May 08, 2007 For Some Muslim Wives, Abuse Knows No Borders: Traditional Pressures Can Persist in U.S.

QUOTE: Domestic abuse is hardly unique to Muslim immigrant communities; it is a sad fact of life in families of all backgrounds and origins. Yet, according to social workers, Islamic clerics and women's advocates, women from Muslim-majority cultures face extra pressure to submit to violent husbands and intense social ostracism if they muster the courage to file charges or flee.

Washington Post
May 07, 2007 English-only workplaces spark lawsuits

QUOTE: Employers may legally adopt an English-only speaking rule if they can show it is a business necessity .... But Ronna Timpa, owner of Workplace ESL Solutions in Henderson, Nev., says employers go too far in adopting strict policies that prevent co-workers from talking in their native language even during lunch.

May 01, 2007 In imams' airline case, a clash of rights, prejudice, security: A lawsuit brought by six imams who were removed from a flight raises issues about other passengers voicing complaints.

QUOTE: The October incident sparked outrage among civil libertarians, Muslim-Americans, and others who thought it was un-American for five US citizens and a legal resident, who'd all been thoroughly screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to be suddenly taken off the plane as it sat at the gate because their behavior and Middle Eastern appearance frightened a few passengers.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 21, 2007 Groups decry labor abuses at `mercado' markets: CAMPAIGN WILL INFORM WORKERS OF THEIR RIGHTS

QUOTE: Scores of California workers employed in small neighborhood stores in Latino and Asian communities are enduring abuse in the workplace - unpaid wages, long hours without breaks, verbal and sexual abuse...a coalition of labor unions and civil rights organizations Friday launched a statewide campaign to educate workers about their rights, and employers about their legal obligations.

San Jose Mercury News
Feb 09, 2007 Anti-immigrant sentiments fuel Ku Klux Klan resurgence: Long stuck in splintered obscurity, the group is seeing an increase in activity and a return to its nativist origins

QUOTE: Gay marriage and urban crime are part of the picture. But, in particular, it is the debate over what to do about the nation's nearly 35 million immigrants, of whom about 11 million are in the US illegally, that has become the Klan's main recruiting tool.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 03, 2007 In Va. House, 'Profound Regret' on Slavery: Delegates Unanimously Pass Resolution of Contrition About State's Role

QUOTE: The House of Delegates unanimously approved a resolution Friday expressing "profound regret" for Virginia's role in the slave trade, a significant act of contrition by a body that used to start the day with a salute that symbolized the state's Confederate heritage. The resolution, one of several that lawmakers are considering as part of the 400th anniversary celebration of the founding of Jamestown, is one of the biggest steps any state has taken in offering remorse for the enslavement of millions of Africans and Caribbean islanders during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Washington Post
Jan 30, 2007 In Bolivia, Speaking Up For Native Languages: Government Push Is Plagued by Controversy

QUOTE: After announcing last year that all government employees would have to undergo indigenous language training, Morales's administration sought to require it of public school children as well, no matter where they lived. The proposal riled many in the parts of Bolivia that have little connection to indigenous communities, areas such as the eastern lowlands, where words spoken in Quechua and Aymara are often heard as threats to a way of life.

Washington Post
Jan 29, 2007 In First, Arab Muslim Joins Israeli Cabinet

QUOTE: Israel's cabinet on Sunday approved the first Arab Muslim minister of the Jewish state, a milestone marked here mostly by bitter criticism of what many lawmakers viewed as a politically motivated selection....Israel's approximately 1 million non-Druze Arab citizens, whose families remained in Israel after its founding in 1948 and make up almost a fifth of the population, do not serve in the military and face barriers to owning land and securing equal public services.

Washington Post
Nov 03, 2006 Immigration crackdown debated: A lawsuit this week claims that a 'get tough' raid in Georgia crossed a line.

QUOTE: the Southern Poverty Law Center claims the constitutional rights of six US citizens were violated by overzealous agents during the...raids.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 23, 2006 Stricter Policy Splits West Bank Families: Americans Who Live There Denied Visas

QUOTE: a change in Israeli policy that has left thousands of U.S. citizens of Palestinian descent locked out of the occupied territories where they work, invest and have families.

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2006 Taking on the veil: West looks to assimilation

QUOTE: The longer the cultural dissonance generated by 9/11, the "war on terror," and suicide attacks ensues, the harder it is getting to ignore the semidetached status of Muslim communities.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 08, 2006 Sectarian Havoc Freezes the Lives of Young Iraqis

QUOTE: Three and a half years after the American invasion, the relentless violence that has disfigured much of Iraqi society is hitting young Iraqis in new ways.

New York Times
Sep 20, 2006 Georgia Law Requiring Voters to Show Photo ID Is Thrown Out: Judge Says Some Would Be Disenfranchised; State Plans Appeal

QUOTE: A state judge yesterday rejected a Georgia law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification...the law, pushed by Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) to fight voter fraud, violates the state constitution because it disenfranchises citizens who are otherwise qualified to vote.

Washington Post
Aug 30, 2006 In Chechen's Humiliation, Questions on Rule of Law

QUOTE: Chechen security forces’ brutish acts, such as the torture of a woman accused of adultery, have gone unpunished...Mr. Kadyrov said that his units were being professionalized and that the armed men under his command integrated into formal government structures.

New York Times
Aug 26, 2006 In South Central L.A., a Hospital Fights for Its Life: Medical Center Born Out of Watts Riots Tries to Save Its Accreditation After Years of Deteriorating Care, Administrative Neglect

QUOTE: A storied hospital, born out of the ashes of the iconic Watts riots of 1965 and a symbol of the promise of black political power, is on life support, and a federal agency could soon pull the plug.....county officials predict a health crisis across this county of 10 million people...

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2006 Mohels to Mozambique: The case for genital mutilation

QUOTE: The strongest argument against circumcising babies to prevent HIV is that they're too young to consent, and they won't be at risk for the virus till they're grown. But we vaccinate babies all the time. Should we treat circumcision like a vaccine?

Aug 14, 2006 Muslims in India 'Targeted With Suspicion': Residents of Thriving Bombay District Describe Rising Tension in Wake of Train Bombings

QUOTE: in the wake of the devastating July 11 train bombings in Bombay...residents here say they feel fingers of suspicion and hate pointing at all Muslims, not just jobless slum youths and bearded students from Islamic radical groups.

Washington Post
Aug 11, 2006 Commentary: What really bothers immigration foes: Immigration restrictionists can be so dishonest.

QUOTE: They insisted that they aren't motivated by racism and that they have no problem with immigrants, if they are here legally...Now we learn otherwise in light of the opposition to a middle-ground immigration reform plan proposed by two anti-amnesty, pro-border security Republicans.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 10, 2006 Voter Suppression in Missouri

QUOTE: Missouri’s new ID rules — and similar ones adopted last year in Indiana and Georgia — are intended to deter voting by blacks, poor people and other groups that are less likely to have driver’s licenses.

New York Times
Aug 10, 2006 Kyrgyz Deportations Draw U.N. Rebuke: Five Who Fled 2005 Uzbek Crackdown Could Face Abuse, Refugee Official Says

QUOTE: Five people who fled the Uzbek city of Andijan to neighboring Kyrgyzstan last year during a deadly government crackdown were turned over to Uzbekistan on Wednesday. The decision drew swift condemnation from the United Nations and human rights groups...their deportation violated international law.

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2006 Flexible Rules Are Urged in Detention of Travelers

QUOTE: The Department of Homeland Security must take steps to curtail the repeated interrogation of people at international airports or border posts simply because their names resemble those of terror suspects...

New York Times
Jul 20, 2006 Dueling views on home lending discrimination

QUOTE: when it comes to most types of high-priced home and Hispanic borrowers were more than 30 percent more likely to receive expensive subprime home loans than their white peers with similar finances.
Jul 19, 2006 Backlash emerges against Latino culture: The influx of immigrants has some cities and towns restricting taco stands and Spanish speakers.

QUOTE: In resisting the sudden and growing influence of Latino culture, some cities and towns across America are requiring the use of English and restricting culinary mores and even the Hispanic tradition of sitting on the front porch.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 06, 2006 A Taliban Past, and a Cloudy Yale Future

QUOTE: A student at Yale University who was once a roving ambassador for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been denied admission to a degree-granting program...

New York Times
Jun 06, 2006 High court to examine race-balancing schools: Louisville, Ky., and Seattle districts promote diversity by using race to determine where students attend.

QUOTE: the US Supreme Court has agreed to consider to what extent race may be used to balance white and nonwhite enrollment in public schools...the high court agreed to examine cases involving two school districts attempting to maintain racially integrated schools.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 25, 2006 Killing in France Seen as 'Wake-Up Call': Anti-Semitism Blamed in Kidnapping, Torture of 23-Year-Old Salesman

QUOTE: Many have cited the torture and reports that the gang's suspected leader was later arrested in a Muslim neighborhood in Ivory Coast, in West Africa. In a country that experienced a surge in anti-Semitic attacks, most of them blamed on Muslims, in the first years of the current Palestinian uprising against Israel, top politicians have rallied to publicly condemn the crime.

Washington Post
Dec 18, 2005 In New Orleans, No Easy Work for Willing Latinos: Much Is to Be Done, but Pay, Conditions Are Grim

QUOTE: For Arturo and countless Latinos, many of them also in the country illegally, flooded-out New Orleans has not turned out to be a modern-day El Dorado, where the streets are paved with gold. Instead, they have often been abandoned without transportation or shelter by the contractors who brought them to the city. They have struggled to find employment and been paid less than they were promised -- or not at all -- when they can find work.

Washington Post
Dec 13, 2005 Justices To Review DeLay-Led Districting: Texas Plan Has Been Called Discriminatory

QUOTE: The court will hear challenges from Democrats and minority groups who say that the mid-decade redistricting unlawfully diluted the strength of minority voters, injected undue partisanship into the congressional map and violated the concept of one person, one vote by drawing district lines with outdated census data.

Washington Post
May 28, 2005 Gold Star Mothers Bar Noncitizen

QUOTE: Everyone agrees that Ligaya Lagman of Westchester, N.Y., is a Gold Star mother...But the American Gold Star Mothers have rejected her for membership because -- though a permanent resident and a taxpayer -- she is not a U.S. citizen.

Washington Post
Mar 25, 2005 World divided on ethics of Terri Schiavo case

QUOTE: From the Netherlands, where euthanasia and assisted suicides are legal and common, to India, where no doctor is allowed to deny lifesaving treatment to any patient, no matter how hopeless, governments are struggling to draft ethical and practical laws governing so-called mercy killing.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 10, 2005 Detainees Accuse Female Interrogators: Pentagon Inquiry Is Said to Confirm Muslims' Accounts of Sexual Tactics at Guantanamo

QUOTE: Female interrogators repeatedly used sexually suggestive tactics to try to humiliate and pry information from devout Muslim men held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay...

Washington Post
Nov 02, 2004 G.O.P. in Ohio Can Challenge Voters at Polls

QUOTE: a Federal appeals court ruled early Tuesday morning that the Republican Party could place thousands of people inside polling places to challenge the eligibility of voters, a blow to Democrats who argued those challengers will intimidate minority voters.

New York Times
Mar 17, 2004 Bans on Interracial Unions Offer Perspective on Gay Ones

QUOTE: " scholars say that an examination of the last wrenching national debate over the definition of marriage — when, only 50 years ago, a majority of states banned interracial marriages — demonstrates that the president misunderstood the legal terrain."

New York Times
Nov 06, 2003 U.S. Detains Relatives of Suspects in Iraq Attacks: Military Denies Claims That It Takes Hostages

QUOTE: As the U.S. military searches for tactics to break an escalating guerrilla war...few occurrences have unleashed more anger and etched deeper the cultural divide than several recent arrests of wanted men's relatives...

Washington Post
Sep 12, 2003 Iraqi Shiite Calls Police Policy Unfair

QUOTE: Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the main Shiite political group and a member of the Governing Council, lashed out today at the occupation authorities for failing to integrate former Shiite militia members into the police force.

New York Times
Jun 01, 2003 Staffing the Homeland

QUOTE: U.S. intelligence and security agencies are hoping to people the ranks with some cross-cultural emissaries who might serve as a buffer between the gray-suited old guard and the unknown "other."

ColorLines Magazine
Jan 19, 2002 Saudi Arabia's Apartheid (Cont'd)

QUOTE: The U.S. fast-food industry's obeisance to "separate but equal" gender segregation in Saudi Arabia is as steadfast as the adherence of white southern restaurant owners to racial segregation before the practice was outlawed.

Washington Post
Jan 07, 2002 The Air Force Flier in the Ointment: Martha McSally's Garb in Saudi Arabia Chafed, So She Pressed a Lawsuit

QUOTE: Officials said they had constructed the [gender-specific] policy to keep from offending conservative Saudi leaders and to protect U.S. troops from terrorist attacks. But to McSally, the directive, with its different instructions for men and women, "abandons our American values that we all raised our right hand to die for."

Washington Post
Dec 23, 2001 A Coming Together We Must Take On Faith

QUOTE: ...challenging Islam's doctrine of dhimmi -- which grants protected but second-class status to Christians and Jews under Muslim rule....premised on submission to Muslim sovereignty, is hardly an adequate response in a pluralistic world.

Washington Post
Dec 17, 2001 'Suffering' Middle Class Cheers Plan to Cut Maids' Pay

QUOTE: It's been a tough year for Hong Kong....Now the government is mulling a novel step to make life a little easier for the people of this special Chinese territory: a cut in the salaries of their maids.

Washington Post
Oct 22, 2001 Sinn Fein Asks I.R.A. Leaders to Disarm

QUOTE: Leaders of the Sinn Fein party urged their allies in the Irish Republican Army on Monday to begin disarming to save the peace process in Northern Ireland.

New York Times
Sep 24, 2001 War On Terrorism Stirs Memory of Internment

QUOTE: The Bush administration's proposals for increased law enforcement powers to fight terrorism are provoking a debate about whether American courts would repeat the kinds of rulings that restricted the civil rights of Japanese-Americans during World War II....experts say the reasoning of the 1944 ruling could permit limits on the civil liberties of Arab immigrants and even some Americans of Arab descent.

New York Times
Aug 12, 2001 A Retreat to the Familiar Ground of Zionism

QUOTE: Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has observed recently that under the influence of Palestinian terror Israel has moved from post-Zionism to "post-post Zionism," meaning a retreat into the past....

New York Times
Aug 10, 2001 I.R.A. Offers to Put Arms 'Beyond Use,' to No Avail

QUOTE: ...the Irish Republican Army offered publicly today to put its arsenal of explosives, rifles and mortars "completely and verifiably beyond use."

New York Times
Aug 10, 2001 Unrest Intensifies in Struggle to Control Zimbabwe Farms

QUOTE: With the government vowing to step up its seizures of white-owned farms and Western countries weighing punitive steps, tension has flared across Zimbabwe in recent days...

New York Times
Aug 09, 2001 Macedonians Give Initial Approval to a Peace Agreement

QUOTE: The leaders of this nation's sorely divided ethnic communities put their initials today on a peace plan that commits Macedonia to step back from war and toward greater political and cultural rights for ethnic Albanians...

New York Times
Aug 09, 2001 Irish Peace At a Crossroads

QUOTE: ...since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the bare-knuckled unionist and republican fighters have slugged it out — instead of building foundations for peace.

New York Times
Aug 08, 2001 After Protest, British Halt Screening of Travelers in Prague

QUOTE: British immigration officers screening travelers at Prague's international airport will be withdrawn...accused them of racial bias by deliberately preventing Czech Gypsies from traveling to Britain

New York Times

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