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Apr 07, 2013 The Slow Death of the American Author

QUOTE: The value of copyrights is being quickly depreciated, a crisis that hits hardest not best-selling authors like me, who have benefited from most of the recent changes in bookselling, but new and so-called midlist writers....Many people would say such changes are simply in the nature of markets, and see no problem if authors are left to write purely for the love of the game. But what sort of society would that be?

New York Times
Mar 01, 2013 Will the “Six Strikes” Copyright Alert System Hurt Consumers And Small Businesses?

QUOTE: On Monday, the Copyright Alert System, or “Six Strikes”, went into affect across the five biggest ISPs in the U.S. The system hopes to catch those pirating content over P2P networks, and send them a notice detailing their infringement. The hope is that those who are caught will start using legal alternatives. To better understand the CAS, we have to look at what the Center for Copyright Information is doing with it. First, there are three tiers to the CAS that consumers should be aware of with each tier having two levels within it. The three tiers are as follows – educational alerts, acknowledgement alerts and mitigation measures.

Dec 28, 2012 Creativity Springs From Careful Copying (Part 2)

QUOTE: Record companies, book publishers, movie studios and other media corporations are caught up in efforts to equate all copying of their works with theft. In fact, if we genuinely want to promote creativity, we must encourage copying. The idea that people copy because they lack creativity is powerfully harmful, and it runs counter to the history of copyright.

Bloomberg News
Aug 16, 2012 Private justice: How Hollywood money put a Brit behind bars: Industry-funded prosecution leads to 4-year sentence for SurfTheChannel owner.

QUOTE: Organizations like the MPAA, RIAA, IFPA, and FACT have long lobbied law enforcement officials to prosecute "rogue sites" and have provided them with information and logistical support to do so. But public prosecutors generally have the final say on who will be indicted. In the Vickerman case, the public prosecutors concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to merit prosecution. FACT disagreed and invoked what one lawyer told us is an "archaic right" for a private organization to bring criminal prosecutions against other private parties.

Ars Technica
May 02, 2012 Furious judge decries "blizzard" of copyright troll lawsuits

QUOTE: Courts around the country are being flooded with mass copyright lawsuits. In a typical case, the owner of a pornographic film sues dozens of anonymous defendants in a single lawsuit, obtains their contact information, and then tries to extort a four-figure settlement from each defendant before the case reaches the courtroom.

Ars Technica
Mar 28, 2012 News Corp in fresh storm

QUOTE: The emails, said to be from the hard drive of a former head of security at NDS, a former News Corp subsidiary, appear to show that the company paid computer hackers to work with its "operational security" unit....The Australian Financial Review claimed that NDS's activities in Australia in 1999 caused millions of dollars of damage to Mr Murdoch's rivals in the country's nascent pay-TV market. The business models of Austar, Optus and Foxtel were all damaged by a wave of high-tech piracy at that time.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 14, 2012 Domain seizures for copyright infringement likely to go global

QUOTE: Efforts to take down websites for copyright infringement are likely to move beyond U.S.-based registries, with ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) promising to more closely cooperate with global law enforcement agencies and governments.

Jan 23, 2012 MegaUpload: The content cartel strikes back

QUOTE: Like SOPA and PIPA, the bust comes with its own collateral damage. Along with those pirated movies and music, the feds took down noninfringing data from thousands of legit MegaUpload users, who are howling in protest and demanding -- futilely, so far -- the return of their stuff.

Dec 08, 2011 Breaking News: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details...

QUOTE: The US government has effectively admitted that it totally screwed up and falsely seized & censored a non-infringing domain of a popular blog, having falsely claimed that it was taking part in criminal copyright infringement. Then, after trying to hide behind a totally secretive court process with absolutely no due process whatsoever...

Nov 13, 2011 Disruptions: The 3-D Printing Free-for-All

QUOTE: People can download plans for an object, hit print, and a few minutes later have it in their hands. Call it the Industrial Revolution 2.0. Not only will it change the nature of manufacturing, but it will further challenge our concept of ownership and copyright.

New York Times
Aug 28, 2011 Legislator Calls for Clarifying Copyright Law

QUOTE: When copyright law was revised in 1976, recording artists and songwriters were granted “termination rights,” which enable them to regain control of their work after 35 years. But with musicians and songwriters now moving to assert that control, the provision threatens to leave the four major record companies, which have made billions of dollars from such recordings and songs, out in the cold. As a result the major record labels — Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner — are now fighting the efforts of recording artists and songwriters to invoke those rights.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2011 Designers Revisit Copyright Protection

QUOTE: Now five years into a campaign by the Council of Fashion Designers of America to enact some sort of protection for original designs, the proponents of such legislation say they have their best chance yet at seeing a bill become law. But it is a far cry from what they proposed in an earlier bill that was deemed too broad.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2011 To Slow Piracy, Internet Providers Ready Penalties

QUOTE: After years of negotiations with Hollywood and the music industry, the nation’s top Internet providers have agreed to a systematic approach to identifying customers suspected of digital copyright infringement and then alerting them via e-mail or other means....concerns that consumers might be punished “based on allegations that have not been tested in court.”

New York Times
May 29, 2011 Out of Fear, Colleges Lock Books and Images Away From Scholars

QUOTE: A common problem bedevils those different university collections. Wide online access is curtailed, in part because they contain "orphan works," whose copyright owners can't be found. And the institutions that hold the collections—a consortium of major research libraries and the University of California campuses at San Diego and Los Angeles—must deal with legal uncertainty in deciding how to share the works. A university that goes too far could end up facing a copyright-infringement lawsuit.

Baltimore Chronicle
May 20, 2011 On Tyson’s Face, It’s Art. On Film, a Legal Issue.

QUOTE: In “The Hangover Part II,” the sequel to the very successful what-happened-last-night comedy, the character played by Ed Helms wakes up with a permanent tattoo bracketing his left eye. The Maori-inspired design is instantly recognizable as the one sported by the boxer Mike Tyson...But S. Victor Whitmill, a tattoo artist formerly of Las Vegas and currently from rural Missouri, doesn’t quite see the humor. Mr. Whitmill designed the tattoo for Mr. Tyson, called it “tribal tattoo,” and claims it as a copyrighted work.

New York Times
Apr 29, 2011 Facebook Pages Being Taken Down, Policy Comes Into Question: Tech Blogs Getting Penalized for Copyright Infringement without Verification

QUOTE: ...Facebook is taking down Facebook pages that are accused of infringing upon copyrights. The keyword there is “accused”. Apparently, Facebook does little (or nothing) to verify the legitimacy of the claims before taking action.

Mar 29, 2011 Amazon Introduces a Digital Music Locker

QUOTE: Though some companies let people upload their music and listen to it elsewhere without any outcry from the labels, others, like MP3tunes, have been sued by music labels. Another issue: it is impossible for Web companies to tell whether a song was bought legally or downloaded illegally.

New York Times
Mar 28, 2011 IP is for Intellectual Property (and also for Invading Privacy)

QUOTE: As industry lobby groups continue to encourage the tightening of “intellectual property” laws, we find a troubling trend developing: governmental policy toward enforcement is sacrificing privacy on the altar of copyright.

Mar 22, 2011 Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books

QUOTE: But citing copyright, antitrust and other concerns, Judge Denny Chin said that the settlement went too far. He said it would have granted Google a “de facto monopoly” and the right to profit from books without the permission of copyright owner... They also said no other company would be able to build a comparable library, leaving Google free to charge high prices for its collection.

New York Times
Feb 22, 2011 Free Trove of Music Scores on Web Hits Sensitive Copyright Note

QUOTE: The site, the International Music Score Library Project, has trod in the footsteps of Google Books and Project Gutenberg and grown to be one of the largest sources of scores anywhere... That is a worrisome pace for traditional music publishers, whose bread and butter comes from renting and selling scores in expensive editions backed by the latest scholarship. More than a business threat, the site has raised messy copyright issues and drawn the ire of established publishers.

New York Times
Jan 15, 2011 Can Your Camera Phone Turn You Into a Pirate?

QUOTE: As the technology in cellphones advances, higher-resolution cameras, image-enhancing software and high-clarity screens make it delightfully easy to capture a photograph and view it later. There may not be Web sites devoted to purloined pictures — there are such sites for music or videos — but many people have a cavalier attitude toward using cameras to obtain copyrighted material.

New York Times
Dec 19, 2010 Music Web Sites Dispute Legality of Their Closing

QUOTE: federal authorities shut down five Web sites last month on suspicion of copyright infringement, they gave no warning and offered no details of their investigation... the operators of several of the sites said in interviews that they were innocent of infringement, and criticized the investigation for misrepresenting how their sites worked.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2010 Judge Tells LimeWire, the File-Trading Service, to Disable Its Software

QUOTE: injunction on Tuesday that will essentially shut down LimeWire, the big music file-sharing service that has been mired in a four-year legal struggle with the music industry. The case has already resulted in the company and its founder being found liable for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

New York Times
Jul 04, 2010 Adrian Johns's "Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars From Gutenberg to Gates"

QUOTE: In his invaluable book "Piracy," Adrian Jones argues that the tendency of intellectual property battles to undermine privacy is not new. On the contrary, Johns, a history professor at the University of Chicago, argues that ever since the medieval and Enlightenment eras, corporations have tried to defend their economic interests by searching for intellectual piracy in the private sphere of people's homes.

Washington Post
Jun 09, 2010 Las Vegas Review-Journal bares its claws: The newspaper has filed lawsuits against more than 30 websites and blogs it says used its works without permission. So what is fair use? (On the Media)

QUOTE: Newspaper people believe their cash-starved profession might be saved if only they could corral and get paid for all the content they create. Internet people believe the Web is a giant free-form party that boundaries and rules just might kill.

Los Angeles Times
Jun 02, 2010 The RIAA? Amateurs. Here's how you sue 14,000+ P2P users

QUOTE: why have P2P lawsuits against individuals spiked dramatically in 2010? It's all thanks to the US Copyright Group, a set of lawyers who have turned P2P prosecution into revenue generation in order to "SAVE CINEMA."

Ars Technica
May 16, 2010 Pressure Grows on Spain to Curb Digital Piracy

QUOTE: For the third year running, the American trade representative has included Spain on its watch list of countries that breach intellectual property rights because of its “particularly significant Internet piracy.” Critics say it will be extremely difficult to stop illegal downloading in Spain because of the popularity of these Web sites and a perceived indifference to piracy as a crime.

New York Times
May 11, 2010 Amazon Spying On Your Ebook Highlighting

QUOTE: ...Amazon will now remotely upload and store the user notes and highlights you take on your Kindle, which it then compiles into "popular highlights."

May 09, 2010 Lyrics Sites at Center of Fight Over Royalties

QUOTE: For songwriters and their publishers, though, the ubiquity of lyrics on Web sites presents both opportunities and problems — especially when it comes to getting some of the sites to pay royalties for use of the lyrics.

New York Times
May 07, 2010 FCC hands Hollywood the keys to your PC, home theater and future

QUOTE: The FCC has given Hollywood permission to activate the "Selective Output Control" technologies in your set-top box. These are hidden flags that allow the MPAA to deactivate parts of your home theater depending on what you're watching. And it sucks.

Boing Boing
Apr 25, 2010 Random House Cedes Some Digital Rights to Styron Heirs

QUOTE: After publicly staking a claim to the right to publish electronic versions of books that already have a long history in print, Random House appears to be letting go of digital rights to several works by one prominent author without a fight, potentially opening the way for other authors to take their e-books away from traditional publishers.

New York Times
Apr 16, 2010 Are You Blogging Within Your Fair Use Rights?

QUOTE: "Bloggers have a perfect right to quote in context, and to say 'the Washington Post said this' and 'here's how the Times covered it', and here's a link to the whole article if you want to look at that," says Aufderheide.

Apr 08, 2010 Copyright and wrong: Why the rules on copyright need to return to their roots

QUOTE: The notion that lengthening copyright increases creativity is questionable, however. Authors and artists do not generally consult the statute books before deciding whether or not to pick up pen or paintbrush.

Apr 02, 2010 The End of History (Books)

QUOTE: In order for electronic books to live up to their billing, we have to fix a system that is broken: getting permission to use copyrighted material in new work. Either we change the way we deal with copyrights — or works of nonfiction in a multimedia world will become ever more dull and disappointing.

New York Times
Mar 19, 2010 A Supersized Custody Battle Over Marvel Superheroes

QUOTE: conflict between intellectual property lawyers and media companies that, in Mr. Toberoff’s view, have made themselves vulnerable by building franchises atop old creations. So-called branded entertainment — anything based on superheroes, comic strips, TV cartoons or classic toys — may be easier to sell to audiences, but the intellectual property may also ultimately belong in full or in part to others.

New York Times
Mar 02, 2010 Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation

QUOTE: Nearly a year ago, we wrote about how a YouTube presentation done by well known law professor (and strong believer in fair use and fixing copyright law), Larry Lessig, had been taken down, because his video, in explaining copyright and fair use and other such things, used a snippet of a Warner Music song to demonstrate a point...Amazingly enough, it appears that almost the exact same thing has happened again.

Feb 24, 2010 Microsoft Takes Down Whistleblower Site, Read the Secret Doc Here

QUOTE: Microsoft has managed to do what a roomful of secretive, three-letter government agencies have wanted to do for years: get the whistleblowing, government-document sharing site Cryptome shut down. Microsoft dropped a DMCA notice alleging copyright infringement on Cryptome’s proprietor John Young on Tuesday after he posted a Microsoft surveillance compliance document that the company gives to law enforcement agents seeking information on Microsoft users.

Feb 11, 2010 Who Owns Your PC? New Anti-Piracy Windows 7 Update "Phones Home" to Microsoft Every 90 Days

QUOTE: The release of Windows 7 "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033)" will change the current activation and anti-piracy behavior of Windows 7 by triggering automatic "phone home" operations over the Internet to Microsoft servers, typically for now at intervals of around 90 days. The purpose? To verify that you're not running a pirated copy of Windows, and to take various actions changing the behavior of your PC if the WAT system believes that you are not now properly authenticated and "genuine"...

Lauren Weinstein's Blog
Oct 28, 2009 Germany Looks at Ways to Protect Online Journalism

QUOTE: The new governing coalition [in Germany], led by Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democrats and including the Free Democratic Party, has pledged to create a new kind of copyright to protect online journalism.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2009 Who owns an artist's legacy?: Digital media open the door to mash-ups, tributes, and other reinventions.

QUOTE: advances in digital media threaten to unbridle the ironclad control that gatekeepers use to guard their ownership rights, tailor a narrative, and protect a legacy [of a dead celebrity].

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 05, 2009 Virtual world disputes heading for real courtrooms

QUOTE: Just as the digital revolution has facilitated piracy and copyright theft in other spheres, those who make a living running businesses in Second Life have seen their profits eroded by users who have found ways to copy their intellectual property (IP).

New Scientist
Oct 03, 2009 Will Books Be Napsterized? (Digital Domain)

QUOTE: With the new devices [electronic readers] in hand, will book buyers avert their eyes from the free copies only a few clicks away that have been uploaded without the copyright holder’s permission?

New York Times
Sep 18, 2009 DRM's tentacles snare British HDTV

QUOTE: DRM watchers are sounding the alarm about a proposal to bring what they fear amounts to a "broadcast flag" to the UK's over-the-air digital Freeview television service.

Ars Technica
Sep 02, 2009 Movie studios again demand HDTV disabling powers from FCC

QUOTE: "The vast majority of consumers would not have to purchase new devices to receive the new, high-value content contemplated by MPAA's" request, the group [MPAA] assures the FCC.

Ars Technica
Aug 26, 2009 Paying the Price for Hollywood Remakes: Bollywood Facing Copyright Lawsuits

QUOTE: American moviemakers have begun suing their counterparts in India, a sure sign that this country's booming, $2.2 billion-a-year film industry has arrived as a global player.

Washington Post
Aug 18, 2009 Court offers guidelines on when to unmask anonymous posters

QUOTE: when do accusations of wrongdoing justify the removal of anonymity from the sources of anonymous statements made via the Internet.

Ars Technica
Aug 18, 2009 A Scheme For Protecting Content

QUOTE: Intertrust holds a treasure trove of patents that help content owners manage digital rights; it has spent five years and tens of millions of dollars developing a standard called Marlin, which aims to keep content secure in a way that legitimate consumers won't find offensive.

Aug 11, 2009 Can I make copies of my DVDs? One reader wants to know how to replace his damaged DVD movies and music CDs (Gripe Line)

QUOTE: let's start with the loaded part of the question: "We all know that it's illegal to make copies of CDs and DVDs." I don't think we do know that. In fact, I [Christina Wood] think there is a lot of confusion about this.

Aug 11, 2009 RealNetworks Loses DVD Copying Decision

QUOTE: A federal judge has ruled in favor of Hollywood and against RealNetworks, declaring that the company's RealDVD program violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the terms of the DVD CSS license.

PC Magazine
Aug 05, 2009 Modder arrest a reminder that most console hacks are illegal

QUOTE: The question some gamers are now asking themselves: am I breaking the law [for modifying gaming systems]? The answer is not comforting.

Ars Technica

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