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May 31, 2012 Should Sex Offenders Be Allowed On Facebook? The discussion goes beyond that initial repulsive reaction

QUOTE: Many states have laws on the books that put an outright ban on registered sex offenders using social networks. Sometimes these laws extend to things like instant messaging services and the like....there’s a wave of challenges to state laws banning sex offenders’ use of social media, and the American Civil Liberties Union is stepping in to spearhead many of them.

Nov 11, 2011 For Disabled Care Complaints, Vow of Anonymity Was False

QUOTE: For years, New York State has assured its employees who care for the developmentally disabled that there was a way they could confidentially report any concerns they had about the treatment of those in their care. And for years the state has been routinely breaking its promise.

New York Times
Jun 27, 2011 Justices Reject Ban on Violent Video Games for Children

QUOTE: Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for five justices in the majority in the video games decision, Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, No. 08-1448, said video games were subject to full First Amendment protection. “Like the protected books, plays and movies that preceded them, video games communicate ideas — and even social messages — through many familiar literary devices (such as characters, dialogue, plot and music) and through features distinctive to the medium...

New York Times
Apr 20, 2011 Colt 45's fruit flavored Blast drink comes under fire

QUOTE: “Colt 45 makers are raising the alcohol level from the already high 6% to the even higher 12%, and enticing young people with hip hop themes and lollipop flavors…" Porter said the company is "expanding its market with our children."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 20, 2010 Man who wrote 'how-to' for pedophiles arrested

QUOTE: Judd said he was frustrated that Greaves' book was protected under freedom of speech laws, even though it was created "specifically to teach people how to sexually molest and rape children."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 12, 2010 Facebook Wrestles With Free Speech and Civility

QUOTE: Facebook took down a page used by WikiLeaks supporters to organize hacking attack...But it did not remove WikiLeaks’s own Facebook pages...illustrates the complexities that the company grapples with, on issues as diverse as that controversy, verbal bullying among teenagers, gay-baiting and religious intolerance.

New York Times
May 21, 2010 Defiant Judge Takes On Child Pornography Law

QUOTE: the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit vacated a 20-year child pornography sentence by ruling that the sentencing guidelines for such cases, “unless applied with great care, can lead to unreasonable sentences.” The decision noted that the recommended sentences for looking at pictures of children being sexually abused sometimes eclipse those for actually sexually abusing a child.

New York Times
May 17, 2009 After a Sensational Crime, a Trial Marked by Quiet

QUOTE: ...[the] French are essentially unable to follow the courtroom drama [of a high profile murder case] because of a law that bans the public and the media from trials that involve minors.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2009 Students Sue Prosecutor in Cellphone Photos Case

QUOTE: When a high school cheerleader in northeastern Pennsylvania learned that she might face criminal charges after investigators reported finding a nude photo of her on someone else’s cellphone, she was more confused than frightened at being caught up in a case of “sexting”...

New York Times
Dec 05, 2008 Is Google Sexist? Absence of one little word might say yes

QUOTE: Why does Google single out this one particular part as too sexually explicit to pass its filters, even if just for discussion, or to answer a question for someone too embarrassed to ask another human?

Nov 15, 2008 Online Age Verification for Children Brings Privacy Worries

QUOTE: performing so-called age verification for children is fraught with challenges....Child-safety activists charge that some of the age-verification firms want to help Internet companies tailor ads for children. They say these firms are substituting one exaggerated threat — the menace of online sex predators — with a far more pervasive danger from online marketers like junk food and toy companies...

New York Times
Nov 05, 2008 Supreme Court Justices Debate the 'F-Bomb'

QUOTE: The Supreme Court appeared far from a consensus Tuesday on whether the Federal Communication Commission's crackdown on broadcasters who allow "fleeting expletives"...It was an unusual hour, as justices debated the relative impact of barnyard epithets, and Solicitor General Gregory Garre warned the Court not to rule in a way that could lead to "Big Bird dropping the f-bomb on Sesame Street."

Legal Times
Jun 25, 2008 7 Rules for MySpace Parents: Recent tragedies should serve as yet another wakeup call for parents and their social-network-loving kids.

ABSTRACT: 1.Don't Assume You Know 2. Don't Assume They Don't Know 3. They're Smarter than You 4. They Won't Always Tell the Truth 5. Move the PC to a Central Location 6. Install Parental-Control Software 7. Be Yourself:

PC Magazine
Jun 10, 2008 Net Providers to Block Sites With Child Sex

QUOTE: The move is part of a groundbreaking agreement with the New York attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, that will be formally announced on Tuesday as a significant step by leading companies to curtail access to child pornography.

New York Times
May 19, 2008 Supreme Court Upholds Child Pornography Law

QUOTE: The [Supreme Court] ruling scathingly rejected contentions that the 2003 legislation was so broadly written that it could make it a crime to share or even describe depictions of children in explicit sexual situations, even if the depictions are inaccurate, the children do not really exist and the intention is innocent.

New York Times
Oct 30, 2007 Is child-porn law too broad? US Supreme Court takes up the case of a man convicted of trying to distribute make-believe porn.

QUOTE: Under a 2003 child-pornography law, Congress empowered federal agents to arrest anyone for advertising, promoting, presenting, distributing, or soliciting material in a manner that is "intended to cause another to believe" that the material is illegal child pornography. The law applies even if the underlying material isn't actually child pornography.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 07, 2007 Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church

QUOTE: Across the country, hundreds of ministers and pastors desperate to reach young congregants have drawn concern and criticism through their use of an unusual recruiting tool: the immersive and violent video game Halo.

New York Times
May 29, 2007 Can What You're Reading Prove Intent to Commit a Crime?

QUOTE: Providing an example of the line that the majority was seeking to draw, Trott's majority opinion states: "[A] book such as The Great Train Robbery would not necessarily be relevant and admissible in a run-of-the-mill theft case. On the other hand, if the crime charged happened to be theft of a money shipment from a train, then possession of the book might possibly be relevant -- depending upon the precise facts and circumstances of the case."
May 18, 2007 Online Ad Legislation: Too Much or Not Enough?

QUOTE: Are current regulations adequate to protect consumer interests online while permitting informative, effective campaigns? The question ranges far beyond just children's interests. Consider alcohol, tobacco, drugs, automobiles, gambling, adult entertainment, finances, housing, and employment. All these sectors are subject to regulations governing how they can advertise products and services. The Web brings special considerations into the equation.
May 11, 2007 Puffing Away That PG Rating

QUOTE: Under the new policy, a film’s rating will consider all tobacco use, rather than just teenage smoking, as in the past. But the board stopped short of guaranteeing that tobacco use would be considered as heavily as sex, violence or drug use in assigning a rating.

New York Times
Mar 13, 2007 Rulings on Free Speech for Students

QUOTE: Students' free-speech rights -- and limits school administrators may impose -- are defined in a trio of cases:

Washington Post
Dec 03, 2006 The Boss's Computer (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: The sexual exploitation of children is reprehensible. Yet you have no legal obligation to contact the police, nor should you .... guide your daughter toward tactics that do not consign her to passivity in response to cheating (if this was cheating) or infantilize her by having her parents step in.

Oct 28, 2006 Allen Blasts Webb Novels For Sex Scenes: Veteran Says Works Reflect Trauma of War

QUOTE: With 10 days remaining before Election Day, the allegations about sex-laced passages in Webb's writings inject a new question into a campaign that has centered almost exclusively on character issues: Should the author of a fictional work who runs for office be personally held to account for the scenes in his books?

Washington Post
Jul 04, 2006 Invitation to Harm: Some Minors Find a Hospitable Home for Traffic in Illegal Pills and Promotion of Self-Destructive Behaviors

QUOTE: ...thousands of groups on MySpace...glorify harmful conditions and behaviors such as anorexia, bulimia and self-mutilation, and advocate the use...of steroids...prescription pills or street drugs to get high. " space where impressionable young minds can get the wrong advice or wrong messages"...groups with content that parents might find objectionable...are not restricted.

Washington Post
May 17, 2006 MPAA Rates Poster an F: Documentary Ad's Image of Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse Deemed Inappropriate

QUOTE: The Motion Picture Association of America has censored a poster advertising a film about the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba..."The reason given was that the burlap bag over the guy's head was depicting torture, which wasn't appropriate for children to see,"

Washington Post
Feb 02, 2006 Schools grapple with policing students' online journals

QUOTE: ...murky territory of free speech in schools...The worries range from the serious - student safety and cyberbullying - to the mundane, minimizing gossip and protecting students from embarrassment. Some schools are trying to restrict access to the sites, or are holding sessions to educate both parents and students on proper guidelines.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 06, 2005 Kids' Television Rules Face Challenge: Viacom, Disney Oppose the FCC's New Guidelines

QUOTE: The new FCC rules would extend the children's programming requirements to those new channels, something the major entertainment companies are resisting... The rules also would limit the amount of time broadcasters can put commercial Web addresses on the screen... the rules would limit broadcasters' ability to pre-empt educational programming for things such as sporting events.

Washington Post
May 18, 2003 They've got a little list, and Pete Townshend is on it

QUOTE: Even though the charges were dismissed, because Townshend admitted that in 1998 he had paid to view an Internet child porn site once (as research for memoirs he was writing, he has said), English law requires that his name be put on a list of sex offenders.

Los Angeles Times
Mar 06, 2003 Megan's Law upheld: High court allows Internet lists that track sex offenders.

QUOTE: He [a convicted sex offender] claimed the Internet listing violated his due process rights because he was never given an individualized hearing to disprove the suggestion that he might represent a continuing danger to the community.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 29, 2003 Meet the child molester next door

QUOTE: Jake Goldenflame...a child molester...has become one of the most unlikely — and most outspoken — advocates for Megan's Law, which requires states to make the names and addresses of registered sex offenders available to the public.

Jan 16, 2003 Parents sue after son's nudity

QUOTE: Charles and Laura Jaramillo of West Chester have sued Brandon Margera, Jackass Productions, CKY2K Inc. and MTV Networks, alleging that the producers had no right to include their son in a commercial enterprise.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Jan 01, 2003 Branded: The Bullying and Selling of Teenagers

QUOTE: "...some of the forces, Alissa Quart explains in Branded, that turn teens into "victims of the contemporary luxury economy."

Perseus Books Group
Nov 13, 2002 Library Filtering Debate Heats Up

QUOTE: The court's decision to hear a Justice Department appeal defending the Children's Internet Protection Act, represents the third time the justices will hear arguments pitting free speech against attempts to shield children from online smut.

Oct 29, 2002 Court weighs Virginia anti-porn law

QUOTE: A federal appeals court heard arguments Monday regarding a challenge to a Virginia law restricting sexual material on the Internet.

Oct 24, 2002 Bush Backs New Online Protections for Children: President Urges Senate to Pass 'Virtual' Porn Law

QUOTE: President Bush, remarking that it's a "sick world," called yesterday for an increase in federal funding and new legislation to combat online predators who stalk children in cyberspace in hopes of sexually molesting them.

Washington Post
Oct 10, 2002 Minors Evade Online Age Checks

QUOTE: Habitual porn surfers are now used to having to type in a credit card number the first time they visit a site to prove they're over 18....Yet as any savvy porn surfer will tell you, the age verification systems don't necessarily work.

May 13, 2002 Supreme Court Partially Upholds Law to Shield Children From Online Porn: High Court Action Means the 1998 Law Is Still on Hold

QUOTE: Today's decision supports COPA's reliance on "community standards" to determine what material is harmful to minors...

Washington Post
May 06, 2002 Playing Games with Free Speech

QUOTE: A federal judge says computer games don't deserve First Amendment protection.

Apr 30, 2002 Scholar's Pedophilia Essay Stirs Outrage and Revenge

QUOTE: ...likening the "moral panic" surrounding pedophilia to the outrage of previous generations over feminism and homosexuality....Dr. Mirkin is being celebrated as a hero for academic freedom.

New York Times
Aug 09, 2001 Futile Quest for Kid Porn Traders

QUOTE: Police in Indonesia and Russia said Thursday that prosecuting suspects in their countries linked to a Texas-based online child pornography ring will be difficult...

Jun 06, 2001 Crazy Little Thing Called Censorship

QUOTE: ...extensive research he [Nuzum] conducted for his new book, Parental Advisory: Music Censorship in America...

New York Times