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Jun 20, 2011 Power Broker Steps Down After Years of Whispers

QUOTE: For nearly three decades, Warner, 68, has also been a powerful but polarizing figure in regional and international soccer circles. On Monday, he resigned his positions as the vice president of FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, and as the president of soccer’s North American, Central American and Caribbean region, known as Concacaf. He had been accused in a bribery scheme involving as much as $1 million and had been suspended from all soccer activities...

New York Times
Aug 10, 2010 Mexican States Ordered to Honor Gay Marriages

QUOTE: The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that each of the country’s 31 states must recognize same-sex marriages registered in Mexico City, potentially giving gay and lesbian couples full matrimonial rights nationwide.

New York Times
Jul 26, 2010 Mexican officials: Prison inmates released to commit killings

QUOTE: Top officials in Mexico said Sunday that authorities at a prison released and armed several inmates to attack a group of people during a birthday celebration last week in a killing spree that left 17 dead.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 05, 2009 Piecemeal Layoffs Avoid Warning Laws

QUOTE: These unannounced cuts [At IBM], labor experts say, raise issues of disclosure and the treatment of workers. They argue that the federal law requiring warning of certain kinds of layoffs should be overhauled to cover smaller job cuts.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2008 Mexican comic-book character called racist

QUOTE: A comic-book character popular in Mexico for generations has run into a cultural barrier at the border, where Americans see him as a racist caricature. For more than 60 years Mexicans have followed the adventures of "Memin Pinguin." But the dark-skinned Memin's exaggerated features in "Memin for President" came as a shock to Houston, Texas, Wal-Mart shopper Shawnedria McGinty.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 02, 2008 Videos of Violent Police Training Appear as Mexico Awaits U.S. Aid

QUOTE: The videos show officers in the city of Leon, about 150 miles northwest of Mexico City, forcing one of their colleagues to crawl through vomit and injecting carbonated water into the nose of another. An instructor, whose face can be seen in one video, barks out commands in English. Leon Police Chief Carlos Tornero told the Associated Press that the instructor is from a private U.S. security firm, but he declined to say which one.

Washington Post
Jun 11, 2008 Canadian leader: Assimilation policy 'has no place'

QUOTE: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for a defunct policy that attempted "to kill the Indian in the child" by taking native children from their families and placing them in schools to assimilate them.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 27, 2008 Treasures of a Nation, Not Fodder for an Ad (Mexico City Journal)

QUOTE: But the institute did have an issue with Ms. Castillo’s wearing Mexico’s patrimony on her curvaceous form. Whether it was the stone Atlantes in Tula de Allende or the old aqueduct in Padre Tembleque or the former convent in San Nicolás Tolentino, imprinting one of Mexico’s treasures on a soap opera star was deemed a violation of the law.

New York Times
May 06, 2008 In One Flaw, Questions on Validity of 46 Judges (Sidebar)

QUOTE: The problem Professor Duffy identified at least arguably invalidates every decision of the patent court decided by a three-judge panel that included at least one judge appointed after March 2000.

New York Times
Aug 07, 2007 Russia's Deep-Sea Flag-Planting at North Pole Strikes a Chill in Canada

QUOTE: A dramatic submarine dive to plant the Russian flag on the seabed at the North Pole last week has rattled Canadian politics and underscored the growing stakes as the ice cap melts in the oil-rich Arctic.

Washington Post
Jun 17, 2007 Wonder of Nature Under Threat from Illegal Logging

QUOTE: One of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles is under threat because environmental projects to protect the monarch butterfly are failing, a leading expert has warned. .... Scientists have warned for years that the butterflies are under threat because genetically modified crops are destroying the weeds and flowers they feed on and lay eggs in, and illegal logging is decimating their winter habitat high in the Mexican mountains.

Jun 06, 2007 Mexican Court’s Media Ruling Shows Support for Competition

QUOTE: During the deliberations, the court rejected the law’s automatic renewal of broadcast licenses after 20 years. The court also gave new authority to the Federal Competition Commission, which has struggled to rein in monopoly power.

New York Times
Jun 04, 2007 Trial of Black Raises Conflict Issue

QUOTE: Although quite a few journalists in Canada have worked for Mr. Black at some point, Maclean’s (which Mr. Black never owned) has two important connections with him that complicate its role as an impartial chronicler of his predicament.

New York Times
May 25, 2007 Mexico to Boost Tapping of Phones and e-Mail with US Aid: Calderon is seeking to expand monitoring of drug gangs; Washington also may have access to the data.

QUOTE: Mexico is expanding its ability to tap telephone calls and e-mail using money from the U.S. government, a move that underlines how the country’s conservative government is increasingly willing to cooperate with the United States on law enforcement. The expansion comes as President Felipe Calderon is pushing to amend the Mexican Constitution to allow officials to tap phones without a judge’s approval in some cases.

Los Angeles Times
May 20, 2007 Academics May Boycott Iran Over Scholar's Detainment

QUOTE: Momentum is building behind an academic boycott of Iran to pressure the government to free imprisoned American scholar Haleh Esfandiari

Washington Post
May 16, 2007 Terrorism Suspect Alleges 'Mental Torture'

QUOTE: A suspected terrorist who once lived in Maryland told a military tribunal that he was "mentally tortured" at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and was driven to twice attempt suicide by chewing through his own arteries

Washington Post
Apr 09, 2007 Mexican Drug Cartels Leave a Bloody Trail on YouTube

QUOTE: Elizalde's narco-ballad video and its aftermath highlight a new surge of Internet activity by Mexican drug cartels, whose mastery of technology gives them a huge advantage over law enforcement agencies. Following the model of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, the cartels have discovered the Web as a powerful means of transmitting threats, recruiting members and glorifying the narco-trafficker lifestyle of big money, big guns and big thrills.

Washington Post
Apr 02, 2007 Pleading to Stay a Family: Raids on Illegal Immigrants Have Their U.S.-Born Children Fearing Separation -- and Some Are Lobbying Capitol Hill

QUOTE: As the government's crackdown on illegal immigrant workers has intensified in recent months, so have the consequences for a large subgroup of U.S. citizens: American-born children of illegal immigrants...Until recently, their parents' illegal status had limited impact on these children's lives, because, although every year hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are detained attempting to cross the U.S. border, once they make it in, they are rarely caught.

Washington Post
Feb 24, 2007 Jailing Without Trial Rejected in Canada: Court Leaves 6 Security Suspects in Limbo

QUOTE: Canada's Supreme Court on Friday unanimously struck down the use of secret testimony to imprison and deport foreigners as possible terrorist suspects, ruling that the procedures violate Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Washington Post
Aug 29, 2006 Mexico’s Recount

QUOTE: For eight weeks, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has made his claim of electoral fraud the basis for what threatens to become a permanent protest of Mexico’s presidential election...If he does not desist, his party, now the country’s second-largest, should decide that it is bigger than him and that its role is as opposition within, not outside, democratic processes.

New York Times
Aug 14, 2006 Mexican Leftist Remains Defiant as Recount Ends

QUOTE: As the courts completed a partial recount of votes in last month’s presidential election, the beleaguered leftist candidate vowed Sunday to keep up a campaign of civil disobedience against the government for years, if necessary, to protest what he sees as a fraudulent election.

New York Times
Jun 13, 2006 Terror Suspects Charge Abuse in Canada Prison

QUOTE: Several hours after the lawyers repeated the abuse accusations in court, the presiding justice issued a publication ban on the bail hearings for all 17 suspects, at the request of the prosecutor and one of the suspects. The ban prohibits reporting on evidence presented in court during the bail proceedings. Bail proceedings in Canada are routinely subject to such bans...

New York Times
Jun 11, 2006 The Energy Challenge: Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow

QUOTE: One of China's lesser-known exports is a dangerous brew of soot, toxic chemicals and climate-changing gases from the smokestacks of coal-burning power plants.

New York Times
Jun 07, 2006 Terrorism Allegations Detailed In Canada: Parliament Among Group's Targets, Summary Indicates

QUOTE: Suspects arrested last weekend in an alleged terrorism plot planned to storm the Canadian Parliament and hold politicians hostage, and at least one wanted to behead the prime minister if demands to withdraw Canada's troops from Afghanistan were not met...

Washington Post
May 31, 2006 Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst: Huge Mines Rapidly Draining Rivers, Cutting Into Forests, Boosting Emissions

QUOTE: Huge mines here turning tarry sand into cash for Canada and oil for the United States are taking an unexpectedly high environmental toll...The oil companies point to steady reductions in the amount of water and natural gas used to produce each barrel of oil...But those efficiency gains have been wiped out by the rise in the number of barrels produced.

Washington Post
May 28, 2006 Questions in Canada, but Only Some Can Ask Them

QUOTE: Mr. Harper's office wants reporters with questions to put their names on a list and let members of his media relations staff pick and choose.

New York Times
May 19, 2006 Vatican Disciplines Legionaries' Founder

QUOTE: The Vatican...has taken disciplinary action against the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado after a decade-long investigation of sex abuse allegations, instructing the elderly Mexican priest to stop conducting his ministry in public and retire to "a reserved life of prayer and penitence."

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2006 An Auction Bet Raises a Host of Conflicts

QUOTE: ...there was a legitimate reason that so many insiders had written off the previous speculation that the younger Mr. Slim would even consider buying a piece of Univision: the deal makes him a walking conflict-of-interest and a shareholder class-action suit waiting to happen...Mr. Slim is now in a position that if Televisa buys Univision, he will probably profit personally.

New York Times
Apr 14, 2006 Wells Fargo not required to encrypt data (Police blotter)

QUOTE: Wells Fargo Bank customers sue after their personal financial data was stolen from a contractor that had not encrypted the information...Wells Fargo was found not to be negligent because the information was never misused by the thieves.
Feb 28, 2006 Canada's Private Clinics Surge as Public System Falters

QUOTE: Accepting money from patients for operations they would otherwise receive free of charge in a public hospital is technically prohibited in this country, even in cases where patients would wait months or even years before receiving treatment.

New York Times
Feb 04, 2006 Clinic That Treated Mrs. King Is Closed

QUOTE: Officials said Friday they have shut down the health clinic...saying it was operating without proper licenses and in violation of health regulations...the director of the clinic, the Hospital Santa Monica, has a criminal record and has been known for...offering alternative treatments — many of them considered suspect by medical authorities — to terminally ill patients...

Los Angeles Times
Aug 12, 2005 For illegals, a spreading backlash: Counties, states hope to needle Bush into tightening US border

QUOTE: But the attempted crackdowns also reveal a larger rift - one that separates much of Main Street America from the nation's policymaking elite. At a time when Congress is considering guest-worker programs to legalize more undocumented workers, polls show most Americans want to see illegal immigration curbed.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 18, 2005 Besieged but Not Silenced, a Newspaper Keeps Publishing

QUOTE: For 28 days, Mr. Sanmartín and a couple of dozen other editors, reporters and employees have been besieged in their newsroom as the result of a labor dispute with a union that has close ties to the government and says it represents the newspaper's workers.

New York Times
Jul 06, 2005 Openness Law May Get Muscle: A Diverse Coalition Pushes for Freedom of Information Act Compliance

QUOTE: A political odd couple, backed by an unusual coalition of advocacy groups and news organizations, is looking to crack down on government officials who ignore public requests for information.

Washington Post
Jun 30, 2005 Canada to Restrict Exports to U.S. of Prescription Drugs: Bulk Prescription Sales Would Be Banned

QUOTE: Canada will take steps to restrict the flow of cheaper prescription drugs to American consumers, the health minister announced Wednesday, countering a move in the U.S. Congress to legalize the import of Canadian drugs.

Washington Post
Jun 23, 2005 We Are All Choctaw: Jack Abramoff, symptom.

QUOTE: The number of registered lobbyists has doubled...since 2000. One would expect the growth in lobbyists to be more rapid under a Democratic presidency, because Democrats are more inclined ideologically to raise taxes and impose regulations, thereby "necessitating" the hiring of business lobbyists for defensive purposes.

Jun 22, 2005 Colombian Lawmakers Set Rules for Disarming Paramilitaries

QUOTE: Colombia's Congress approved on Tuesday a law governing the disarmament of the country's death squads, legislation that permits the demobilization of thousands of fighters but grants generous benefits to paramilitary commanders accused of atrocities and cocaine trafficking.

New York Times
Jun 10, 2005 New Tack Against Illegal Immigrants: Trespassing Charges

QUOTE: The police chief of this tiny whitewashed New England town has crafted his own border-control policy -- he has charged illegal immigrants from Mexico with trespassing in New Hampshire...So another shot is fired in the often-testy debate over U.S. immigration policies and border security, a battle fraught with political and ethnic anxieties.

Washington Post
Feb 15, 2005 Jailed Ex-Official Linked To More Defense Contracts

QUOTE: Darleen A. Druyun, the former Air Force procurement official who admitted showing Boeing Co. favoritism on contracts, may have unduly influenced eight other contracts worth about $3 billion, including four awarded to other companies...

Washington Post
Feb 08, 2005 Montgomery Domestic Workers Plead for Help

QUOTE: Racism and sexism combined are the powerful forces domestic workers are struggling against to attain simple human dignity.

Washington Post
Sep 02, 2004 New Genocide Charges Planned in Mexico: Despite Setback in Case Against Echeverria, Prosecutor Targeting 30 Ex-Officials

QUOTE: The special prosecutor investigating government human rights abuses...planned to charge 30 former civilian and military leaders with genocide, despite legal setbacks...after he applied for the warrants...the judge turned him down, ruling that the country's 30-year statute of limitations on genocide had expired.

Washington Post
Aug 02, 2004 Deregulation lands among airfare websites: New rules could give some carriers an advantage in the way ticket prices are listed for customers.

QUOTE: Now, instead of the top listing rotating among equals, an airline could buy the top listing - and that bias could be a significant advantage.

Aug 02, 2004 Bill Would Raise Franchise Value of Sports Teams

QUOTE: Owners of professional sports teams stand to gain tens of millions of dollars in the values of their franchises because of a single sentence buried deep in a sprawling piece of export-tax legislation...

Aug 01, 2004 Protecting the right to a jury trial: A recent Supreme Court decision is a victory for defendants' rights

QUOTE: Why civil plaintiffs seeking money damages should have the right to a jury in the second phase of their trials, but criminal defendants, possibly facing a lifetime in prison, should not, has never been satisfactorily explained.

Jul 29, 2004 Accounting leads rise, making boards edgy

QUOTE: Two years after passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, forensic accountants, corporate lawyers and the Securities and Exchange Commission are reporting a sharp increase in whistle-blower complaints about accounting problems at publicly traded companies.

Jul 29, 2004 It's tough to get a lawsuit heard

QUOTE: Whistle-blowing can be a thankless undertaking. Workers are afforded varying degrees of legal protection, and few cases are settled or ever find their way into a courtroom.

Jul 28, 2004 Oracle Teaches Its Sales Force to Play Nice

QUOTE: ...the Redwood Shores, Calif., database behemoth began the process of releasing its first-ever set of guidelines to instruct its sales staff in North America on how to play nice with partners...

Jul 27, 2004 Singled Out by Two-for-One Sales

QUOTE: "Why do grocery chains advertise and sell food items cheaper for large orders and two-for-one prices?"... Doesn't that discriminate against seniors and singles?

Washington Post
Jul 27, 2004 Data Recorders in Cars Might Open Pandora's Black Box

QUOTE: A rule the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed...would blow the cover on "black boxes" in cars, standardizing by 2008 the kinds of information they collect and requiring the data be disclosed to those who own or lease the vehicles...The problematic issues are privacy and disclosure.

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2004 Can You Mix Business Travel And Family?

QUOTE: When your job calls you to the road, is it practical to turn that time into a family road trip? Or, is mixing business with pleasure a ticket to trouble?

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)

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