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May 31, 2016 Don’t blame smugglers for migrants’ deaths on the Mediterranean–the blood is on Europe’s hands

QUOTE: refugees and migrants from sub-Saharan countries, Maghreb and the Middle East are only dying in the Mediterranean because we have given them no alternative. Politicians call for smugglers to receive harsh punishments when its regulations are what keeps them in business—it’s unacceptable hypocrisy....Migration, not just asylum, is a human right. So far we’ve done a decent job of granting this right to the world’s rich, who also happen, with few exceptions, to be white. But for everyone else, this right does not seem to exist.

Sep 30, 2013 Snowden says his “sole intention” was to prompt national security debate: Whistleblower advocate reads statement on Snowden's behalf before EU committee.

QUOTE: “I thank the European Parliament and the LIBE [Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs] Committee for taking up the challenge of mass surveillance,” said Jesselyn Radack, who read the statement for Snowden.

Ars Technica
Mar 01, 2013 The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

QUOTE: The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945. The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum...

New York Times
Feb 04, 2013 Match-fixing threatens 'integrity of football in Europe'

QUOTE: Recent match-fixing scandals have centered on South Korea and South Africa, but Europol believes the highest levels of the game are now no longer safe with alleged corruption in two Champions League matches discovered, including one played in England, with 680 games in all being probed across the globe. "This is the work of a suspected organized crime syndicate based in Asia and operated with criminal networks around Europe,"

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 14, 2012 Adultery, an Ancient Crime That Remains on Many Books

QUOTE: This is yet another example of American exceptionalism: in nearly the entire rest of the industrialized world, adultery is not covered by the criminal code. Like other state laws related to sex — sodomy, fornication, rape — adultery laws extend back to the Old Testament, onetime capital offenses stemming at least partly from a concern about male property.

New York Times
Jan 23, 2012 Europe Weighs Tough Law on Online Privacy

QUOTE: Europe is considering a sweeping new law that would force Internet companies like and Facebook to obtain explicit consent from consumers about the use of their personal data, delete that data forever at the consumer’s request and face fines for failing to comply.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2011 Greece and Italy Seek a Solution From Technocrats

QUOTE: The question now, in both Italy and Greece, is whether the technocrats can succeed where elected leaders failed — whether pressure from the European Union backed by the whip of the financial markets will be enough to dislodge the entrenched cultures of political patronage that experts largely blame for the slow growth and financial crises that plague both countries.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2011 Europe Agrees to Basics of Plan to Resolve Euro Crisis

QUOTE: European leaders, in a significant step toward resolving the euro zone financial crisis, early Thursday morning obtained an agreement from banks to take a 50 percent loss on the face value of their Greek debt.

New York Times
Aug 12, 2011 Hidden archive exposes WWII slaughters

QUOTE: Between September 1943 and April 1945, the Nazis' calculated campaign of violence spared no one. In some cases, women, children and the elderly were viciously murdered alongside the men, as villages were overrun. "15,000 Italians were killed," said Dr. Gianluca Fulvetti, a historian who has published two books on wartime atrocities in Italy.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 06, 2011 Israel Debates Two-Day Weekends, and Its Lifestyle

QUOTE: Pretty much the entire Western world observes Saturday and Sunday as its weekend, and many in Israel would like to align the schedule here with that of the West....With nearly a fifth of the population Muslim Arab, a natural choice for the second day off would be Friday, the Islamic holy day.

New York Times
May 25, 2011 Chasing Riches From Africa to Europe and Finding Only Squalor

QUOTE: Experts say thousands more — many of whom have been moving around North Africa trying to get to Europe for years, including Somalis, Eritreans, Senegalese and Nigerians — are likely to follow, sure that a better life awaits them. But for Mr. Jallow and for many others who arrived before them, often after days at sea without food or water, Europe has offered hardships they never imagined.

New York Times
Mar 30, 2011 Fleeing North Africa and Landing in an Italian Limbo

QUOTE: The Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, criticized France for its “lack of solidarity” after it returned more than 500 immigrants to Italy after they were caught trying to cross the border into France... (The Northern League)... has long drawn on fears of illegal immigration. Asked... what should be done about the immigrants... Umberto Bossi, used a phrase that politely translates as “get them out of our faces.”

New York Times
Feb 10, 2011 Trafficking Investigations Put Surgeon in Spotlight

QUOTE: The illicit trade in human organs is a multimillion-dollar business built on paying desperately poor people to extract their organs — mostly kidneys. These organs are then sold and transplanted to wealthier people facing long waits on government-approved lists for legal the late 1990s some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army held Serb prisoners in detention centers in Albania and executed them with gunshots to the head to extract organs for shipment to Istanbul.

New York Times
Jul 28, 2010 Former Nazi Guard, 88, Charged in Mass Murder of Jews

QUOTE: German prosecutors have charged an 88-year-old former Nazi guard with aiding in the murders of 430,000 Jews at the Belzec death camp during World War II, and with shooting 10 people himself during his time there.

New York Times
Jul 26, 2010 Europe to Investigate Antitrust Complaints Over I.B.M. Mainframes

QUOTE: The European Commission opened investigations Monday into whether I.B.M. had abused its dominant position in mainframe computers, signaling that the era of aggressive prosecution of American technology leaders in Europe did not end with the Microsoft antitrust case.

New York Times
Jul 22, 2010 Europe Turns Ear Toward Voice of the People

QUOTE: Long criticized as lacking democratic accountability, the European Union is about to give its 500 million citizens more say — if they can collect one million supporting signatures from a “significant” number of member countries.

New York Times
Jun 30, 2010 Top French Schools, Asked to Diversify, Fear for Standards

QUOTE: Because entrance to the best grandes écoles effectively guarantees top jobs for life, the government is prodding the schools to set a goal of increasing the percentage of scholarship students to 30 percent — more than three times the current ratio at the most selective schools. But the effort is being met with concerns from the grandes écoles, who fear it could dilute standards, and is stirring anger among the French at large, who fear it runs counter to a French ideal of a meritocracy blind to race, religion and ethnicity.

New York Times
Jun 27, 2010 Safety Net Frays in Spain, as Elsewhere in Europe

QUOTE: For millions of Europeans, modest salaries and high taxes have been offset by the benefits of their cherished social model — a cradle-to-grave safety net which, in the recent boom years, seemed to grow more generous all the time.Now, governments across Europe say they have little choice but to pull back on social benefits, at least for now. Tax revenues are falling; populations are aging and rising deficits are everywhere, threatening the euro.

New York Times
May 26, 2010 Europe's burqa rage

QUOTE: The vast majority of Muslim women do not wear complete covering because the Koran mandates only modesty, not sartorial imprisonment. But at issue in Europe is not social disapproval; it is criminalization.

Washington Post
May 21, 2010 Stocks plummet as Germany gets tough on financial speculators

QUOTE: A German crackdown on financial speculators threw global markets into a tailspin Thursday, sparking the largest losses on Wall Street in a year, infuriating other European powers as they try to stabilize the ailing euro and raising questions about the ability of world leaders to coordinate their efforts at financial reform.

Washington Post
May 15, 2010 Google Data Admission Angers European Officials

QUOTE: European privacy regulators and advocates reacted angrily Saturday to the disclosure by Google, the world’s largest search engine, that it had systematically collected private data since 2006 while compiling its Street View photo archive.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2010 The Bitter Pills in the Plan to Rescue Greece

QUOTE: Racing to secure financial aid and avoid a debt default, the Greek government has agreed to austerity measures totaling 24 billion euros (about $32 billion) that will include cutting some workers’ pay and some public sector jobs as well as opening up parts of the economy, Greek officials said Friday.

New York Times
Mar 24, 2010 Abuse Scandal’s Ripples Spread Across Europe

QUOTE: The fallout from the sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church settled across Europe on Wednesday, as prosecutors said they were weighing criminal charges against a priest suspected of molesting children in Germany, and Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of a bishop accused of mishandling allegations of abuse in Ireland.

New York Times
Sep 26, 2009 Smuggling Europe’s Waste to Poorer Countries

QUOTE: Because of Europe’s new environmental laws, it is four times as expensive to incinerate trash in the Netherlands as to put it — illegally — on a boat to China.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2009 On Speedboats, Legal Again, Albania’s Illicit Sex Trade Could Flare

QUOTE: the Albanian government three years ago barred all Albanian citizens from using speedboats, the favored transportation used by traffickers to get people out of the country. But the ban prompted loud protests from fishermen and people in the tourism industry, and in May it was reversed. Law enforcement and human rights officials are concerned that as a result, human trafficking may explode anew...

New York Times
Jun 28, 2009 Jews Remain Stymied In Efforts to Reclaim Art Looted by Nazis

QUOTE: Holocaust survivors and their heirs are still battling museums and governments for the return of thousands of pieces of looted art, despite pledges made by dozens of countries in Washington a decade ago to resolve the claims.

Washington Post
Jun 22, 2009 Iran's Web Spying Aided By Western Technology

QUOTE: The [Iranian Internet] monitoring capability was provided, at least in part, by a joint venture of Siemens AG, the German conglomerate, and Nokia Corp., the Finnish cellphone company, in the second half of 2008, Ben Roome, a spokesman for the joint venture, confirmed.

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
May 27, 2009 Ethnic profiling doesn't stop terror: A new study finds the tactic is worse than useless in combating terrorism.

QUOTE: The report [from the Open Society Institute]... argues that [ethnic] profiling is both ineffective and counterproductive

Jan 22, 2009 Marching for Hamas

QUOTE: To stand up against an enemy bent on your destruction is everywhere counted an act of bravery. But not when it comes to Israel....In a bizarre reversal of all their commitment to human rights and the struggle of men and women for independence and self-determination, the European Left has chosen again and again to side with the bullies and to condemn a small nation struggling to survive in a hostile neighborhood.

Jerusalem Post
Jan 01, 2009 Gazprom cuts off Ukraine's gas supply

QUOTE: Russian energy monopoly Gazprom said Thursday it had cut off supplies of natural gas to Ukraine after a payment deadline expired. Gazprom had been threatening the move, saying months of negotiations with Ukraine had failed to resolve the issue of outstanding payments.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 28, 2008 Legal Hurdles in West Slow Pursuit of Pirates

QUOTE: bureaucratic and legal hurdles facing international institutions and national governments have so far defeated most efforts to deal with the nimble crews of pirates in speedboats....But some legal experts in Germany said that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and an existing United Nations mandate to combat Somali piracy already provided all the legal cover necessary for muscular action against the pirates.

New York Times
Jul 24, 2008 Italy to Jail Illegal Migrants: A new law makes undocumented migration a crime, punishable by up to four years in jail

QUOTE: According to media reports, the legislation will introduce a new criminal offence—"illegal immigration"—punishable by six to four years in prison. The law also states that property rented to an undocumented immigrant can be confiscated.The maximum period an immigrant can be kept in detention after illegally setting foot on Italian territory will be extended to 18 months—which is in line with EU-wide rules on returning non-EU nationals who do not or no longer fulfill the conditions for entry, stay or residence in a member state.

Jul 24, 2008 Britain Eyes Download Tax: Broadband users could pay an annual levy to download as much music as they want, with proceeds channeled to copyright holders

QUOTE: Ministers are backing proposals that would enable millions of broadband users to pay an annual levy which would allow them to copy as much—previously illegal—music from the internet as they wanted. The money raised would be channelled back to the rights-holders, with artists responsible for the most popular songs receiving a bigger slice of the cash.

Jul 21, 2008 As Olympic glow fades, Athens questions $15 billion cost: Many venues stand empty four years after Greece hosted the summer Games

QUOTE: [T]hey redrew plans for the venues' post-Olympic use to emphasize private development rather than the public good. Others say that in the scramble to host the Olympics, the PASOK government neglected to think about what to do with the facilities afterward.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 19, 2008 A Veil Closes France’s Door to Citizenship

QUOTE: “I would never have imagined that they would turn me down because of what I choose to wear,” Ms. Silmi said... But last month, France’s highest administrative court upheld a decision to deny citizenship to Ms. Silmi, 32, on the ground that her “radical” practice of Islam was incompatible with French values like equality of the sexes

New York Times
Jul 17, 2008 Cracking Down on Ringtone Swindles: The EC says some Web sites trick customers seeking just a single ringtone into buying long-term subscriptions

QUOTE: The European Commission will on Thursday (17 July) announce that it will launch inquiries into ringtone websites across Europe, as a result of an initial investigation that found that many are tricking consumers into expensive subscriptions when they thought they were downloading a single ringtone for free.

Jul 12, 2008 Germany Denies Being Pressured on Obama: Reports Say White House Objected to Speech Site

QUOTE: The German government strongly denied Friday that it had been pressured by the Bush administration to discourage Sen. Barack Obama from giving an address in front of the landmark Brandenburg Gate during his upcoming European tour. Obama's campaign has declined to confirm the dates of his trip, but politicians here continued to squabble over where, exactly, to lay out the red carpet for the presumptive Democratic nominee, who, in contrast to President Bush, is very popular with the German public.

Washington Post
Jul 11, 2008 Dutch court upholds U.N. immunity in genocide case: Plaintiffs plan to appeal, saying peacekeepers failed to protect their relatives in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

QUOTE: Is the United Nations responsible if its peacekeepers fail to prevent genocide? No, decided a Dutch court Thursday in a case likely to be appealed. At issue is Europe's only genocide since World War II: the killing of some 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica, Bosnia, 13 years ago this week. Last month, 6,000 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against the UN and the Dutch government in The Hague District Court. They argued that Dutch peacekeepers failed to protect their relatives in the 1995 massacre, which took place in a UN-declared safe zone.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 11, 2008 Iraqis to Get Settlement From Britain Over Abuse

QUOTE: Britain’s Defense Ministry agreed on Thursday to pay compensation to the family of an Iraqi hotel receptionist who died in the custody of British troops in Basra in September 2003, and to nine other Iraqis detained with him who the ministry said suffered “substantive breaches” of their human rights.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2008 Trial About Privacy in Which None Remains

QUOTE: Adding to the improbability, the trial was set off by the man who paid for the sex session, the slim, dapper, eloquent Mr. Mosley, age 68. Bravely or foolishly, as the trial may determine, he is seeking punitive damages against the tabloid, which broke the story and accompanied it with a secretly filmed video of the spanking that Mr. Mosley’s lawyer said had been viewed 3.5 million times on the paper’s Web site and on YouTube.

New York Times
Jul 08, 2008 Europe Debates Perfection It Demands of Its Produce

QUOTE: Had enough? So has the European Commission's agriculture commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel of Denmark. She proposes scrapping all but 10 of the regulations, arguing that they are needlessly cumbersome and bureaucratic, and that they lead to people throwing away perfectly edible fruits and vegetables for cosmetic reasons at a time when the world is suffering food shortages and rapid price increases. She hopes representatives from the 27-nation bloc will vote to streamline the regulations at a meeting this month.

Washington Post
Jul 03, 2008 France’s Terrorism Strategy Faulted

QUOTE: France prides itself on having the most efficient counterterrorism strategy in Europe. French counterterrorism officials insist that the flexibility of French law and the French judicial system has been crucial in their ability to respond to the threat of international terrorism and has helped prevent attacks on French soil. But an 84-page report issued by New-York-based Human Rights Watch, entitled “Preempting Justice,” argues that that French practices result in too many arrests and convictions based on scanty evidence, putting the country “on the wrong side of the law.”

New York Times
Jul 03, 2008 Trial Ordered in Concorde Crash

QUOTE: A prosecutor said Thursday that Continental Airlines and two of its employees had been ordered to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter charges related to the crash of a Concorde supersonic airliner in 2000 near Paris in which 113 people died. In addition to Continental, the prosecutor also filed involuntary manslaughter charges against two employees of the Concorde program and an employee of the French civil aviation authority.

New York Times
Jul 02, 2008 Prince William helps bust $80m drug smuggling boat

QUOTE: Britain's Prince William has helped the U.S. Coast Guard bust a drug smuggling boat carrying cocaine worth a minimum of $80 million. William, who is serving in the Royal Navy, helped make the bust last weekend when he spotted a speedboat found to be carrying nearly a ton of cocaine in the Atlantic Ocean, Britain's Ministry of Defense said Wednesday.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 27, 2008 Take Out the Trash Precisely, Now. It’s the Law. (Whitehaven Journal)

QUOTE: “I consider the fine against Mr. Corkhill to be a matter of injustice, really, and as a Christian minister I’m required to speak out against injustice,” declared the Rev. John Bannister, the rector of Whitehaven, a seaside town in Cumbria, in the far northwest. Referring to the garbage cans residents here use, he said, “To be given a criminal record for leaving your wheelie bin open by three inches has, I think, really gone beyond the bounds of responsible behavior.”

New York Times
Jun 25, 2008 Albania Custom Fades: Woman as the Family Man

QUOTE: “Back then, it was better to be a man because before a woman and an animal were considered the same thing,” said Ms. Keqi, who has a bellowing baritone voice, sits with her legs open wide like a man and relishes downing shots of raki. “Now, Albanian women have equal rights with men, and are even more powerful. I think today it would be fun to be a woman.”

New York Times
Jun 19, 2008 Conspicuous by Their Presence (Critic’s Notebook)

QUOTE: For the July issue of Italian Vogue, Mr. Meisel has photographed only black models. In a reverse of the general pattern of fashion magazines, all the faces are black, and all the feature topics are related to black women in the arts and entertainment. Mr. Meisel was given roughly 100 pages for his pictures. The issue will be on European newsstands next Thursday and in the United States soon after.

New York Times
Jun 19, 2008 E.U. Moves to Standardize Immigrant Policy: Illegal Residents Could Be Jailed for as Long as 18 Months Pending Deportation

QUOTE: The European Parliament approved new rules Wednesday designed to standardize the dramatic differences in member countries' treatment of illegal immigrants, whose presence is one of the most heated political issues in Europe today.

Washington Post
Jun 12, 2008 Chemical Law Has Global Impact: E.U.'s New Rules Forcing Changes By U.S. Firms

QUOTE: Europe this month rolled out new restrictions on makers of chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems, changes that are forcing U.S. industries to find new ways to produce a wide range of everyday products.

Washington Post
Jun 11, 2008 Harsh Words for Microsoft Technology

QUOTE: Ms. Kroes has fought bitterly with Microsoft over the last four years, accusing the company of defying her orders and fining it nearly 1.7 billion euros, or $2.7 billion, on the grounds of violating European competition rules. But her comments were the strongest recommendation yet by Ms. Kroes to jettison Microsoft products, which are based on proprietary standards, and to use rival operating systems to run computers.

New York Times

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