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Aug 11, 2007 Rights Movement Divides Russia's Gay Community

QUOTE: Campaigners say homophobia is as much a political as a social issue… But other gays express skepticism over an approach that pushes them into the public eye.

Washington Post
Aug 08, 2007 Russians Fired Missile At Village, Georgia Says

QUOTE: Georgia on Tuesday charged that a Russian warplane fired a large missile at a Georgian village Monday in an act of "undisguised aggression." [But] Moscow sharply denied that any of its warplanes were in the area…

Washington Post
Aug 08, 2007 British Outbreak May Be Linked to Human Action

QUOTE: [a] report… said there was a “strong probability” that the outbreak originated at the laboratory facilities… [but] The Institute of Animal Health and Merial Animal Health have denied that there had been any breaches in their biosecurity procedures.

New York Times
Aug 07, 2007 Masterpieces Nabbed in French Art Heist: In Brazen 10 Minutes At Museum, Thieves Grab Monet, 3 Others

QUOTE: The daytime heist of well-known paintings ranks among the most audacious examples of a growing number of thefts from public and private collections... Interpol estimates that art thefts total billions of dollars a year, with France and Italy consistently hit hardest because of their vast troves of art and artifacts.

Washington Post
Aug 02, 2007 Russian Firm May Cut Gas Supply to Belarus

QUOTE: Russia's state-controlled natural gas monopoly, said Wednesday it will cut off nearly half of its shipments to Belarus within two days… [but] will keep the gas flowing if Belarus offers an acceptable settlement by Friday morning

Washington Post
Jul 26, 2007 Toymaking in China, Mattel’s Way

QUOTE: The recent wave of recalls and warnings from China has ignited worldwide...[and] companies are trying urgently to figure out how to do business here, without risking their reputation, consumer trust, or customers’ lives. Mattel may have some of the answers.

New York Times
Jul 25, 2007 Local Property Dispute Grows Into International Issue for Kazakhstan

QUOTE: One of the fundamental principles of the [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] religious freedom. The standoff with the Hare Krishna movement threatens the image of a harmonious, multidenominational country...

Washington Post
Jul 11, 2007 Pope, Restating 2000 Document, Cites ‘Defects’ of Other Faiths

QUOTE: Pope Benedict XVI restated Tuesday what he said were the “defects” of Christian faiths other than Roman Catholicism, prompting anger from Protestants who questioned the Vatican’s respect for other beliefs.

New York Times
Jul 10, 2007 Interpol Chief Calls U.K. Lax In Terror Fight: Failure to Share Data Also Cited

QUOTE: [Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble] faulted Britain for failure to share information and consult global databases useful in fighting terrorism. His comments come at a time when many Britons worry that the country needs to do more...

Washington Post
Jun 05, 2007 Europe Moves to Make Big Polluters Pay for Emissions

QUOTE: In the United States, General Motors, Duke Energy and others have lined up in favor of European-style quotas, leading many environmentalists and experts to question whether these companies would be required to do enough to change their business practices in ways that create an effective transition to a cleaner environment.

New York Times
Jun 05, 2007 Advertising: Star Power Backfires, Costing Agency a Client

QUOTE: The trouble began when an employee — disobeying instructions, Saatchi & Saatchi insisted — submitted the images to, an American ad industry Web site. In the United States, the estates of dead celebrities are allowed to control the use of their images; in Britain, however, lawyers say no approval is needed.

New York Times
Jun 04, 2007 European Voters Say No Thanks to US Missile Plan

QUOTE: The Bush administration’s plans for the missile defense shield call for a radar tracking station to be built in the Czech Republic and for 10 interceptor missiles to be placed in Poland. The Czech and Polish governments have signaled their support even though opinion polls in both countries show strong opposition to the U.S. plan.

Chicago Tribune
Jun 01, 2007 Counterfeit Goods Flood Europe: Last year, EU officials seized 250 million fake items at its borders. China is the No. 1 source of the pirated goods

QUOTE: "Counterfeiting continues to constitute a dangerous threat for our health, safety and the economy," EU taxation and customs commissioner Laszlo Kovacs said...

May 19, 2007 Debate Rises On World Bank Succession: Some World Leaders Oppose Traditional Prerogative of U.S.

QUOTE: As the White House asserted its claim on picking Wolfowitz's successor, aid groups and former bank officials demanded that the next president be selected not in deference to the Bush administration, but on professional merits.

Washington Post
May 15, 2007 2 Former Siemens Officials Convicted for Bribery

QUOTE: In this particular case, the two former midlevel managers — Andreas Kley, a former finance chief at Siemens’s power-generation unit, and Horst Vigener, a consultant — were convicted of paying about 6 million euros in bribes from 1999 to 2002 to help Siemens win gas-turbine supply contracts with Enel, an Italian energy company. The contracts were valued at approximately 450 million euros ($609 million).

New York Times
May 14, 2007 On Canals, a Woman Paddles Against the Tide

QUOTE: For more than a thousand years, Venice has had gondolas but never a female gondolier. But now there is Alexandra Hai. After a decade of struggle, Ms. Hai has won the right to be a gondolier — sort of. A court recently allowed her to paddle around the canals of Venice, but only for the residents of one of the city’s hotels.

New York Times
May 07, 2007 Yar! Why Web Pirates Can't Be Touched

QUOTE: Based in Stockholm, The Pirate Bay serves as a massive worldwide hub for copyright infringement but is shielded by its home country's lax copyright laws. The site lives in a comfortable legal loophole, one of many available to Web sites that offer users copyrighted content.

May 02, 2007 Irish court battle over teenager's abortion right: 'Tragic case' reignites call for constitutional change: Doctors say brain impaired baby would live only days

QUOTE: Abortion in this predominantly Catholic country, where the influence of the church has gradually weakened, remains illegal, with the ban on it written into the constitution. Abortions can only be performed if there is a substantial risk to the mother's life, which includes the threat of suicide. The law does not permit abortion on grounds of foetal abnormality.

Guardian Unlimited
Apr 30, 2007 Phone Taps in Italy Spur Rush Toward Encryption

QUOTE: What has spurred encryption sales is not so much the legal wiretapping authorized by Italian magistrates — though information about those calls is also frequently leaked to the press — but the widespread availability of wiretapping technology over the Internet, which has created a growing pool of amateur eavesdroppers.

New York Times
Apr 23, 2007 6p a T-shirt. 30p an hour for shelling cashews. Supermarkets accused of exploiting women: · Grocers talk green but abuse workers, says report: · Demand for government regulator to end hypocrisy

QUOTE: It claims that while supermarkets are launching new schemes to prove their ethical credentials to UK shoppers, they are locking suppliers - particularly women - into "appallingly" low pay and dangerous conditions abroad.

Guardian Unlimited
Apr 21, 2007 A Paradoxical French Electorate: Voters in Presidential Race Demand, and Fear, Change

QUOTE: Beset by a stagnant economy, enormous public debt and high unemployment, millions of French citizens fear the demise of the vastly expensive social welfare system that has given them 35-hour workweeks, month-long summer vacations, free health care and liberal retirement benefits.

Washington Post
Apr 18, 2007 Memo From Paris: U.S. Missile Deals Bypass, and Annoy, European Union

QUOTE: The European Union is upset because Washington is negotiating bilaterally with Poland and the Czech Republic about something that affects Europe as a whole. The union has been trying for years to patch together a coherent European security and defense policy independent of NATO, and it doesn’t help when member states start cutting deals with Washington on their own.

New York Times
Apr 18, 2007 Police target the hacker next door

QUOTE: They hunch over laptops in their cars on neighbourhood streets, tapping into other people's wireless broadband connections for some free time online, and are fast becoming criminals of the internet age.

Guardian Unlimited
Apr 17, 2007 US evangelicals aim to influence European law: In a German court battle, a home-schooled girl was taken from her parents and put in psychiatric ward.

QUOTE: The Busekros case is emblematic of the growing effort by US Christian legal organizations to take the "culture wars" overseas. Pushing back against a perceived assault on their values by an increasingly secular society, the groups are striving to influence European law on issues ranging from home schooling to stem-cell research to gay marriage.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 14, 2007 Chess champ arrested at protest

QUOTE: Thousands of police officers massed to keep the demonstrators off landmark Pushkin Square in downtown Moscow, beating some and detaining many others, including Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion who has emerged as the most prominent leader of the opposition alliance.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 02, 2007 Garry Kasparov's risky anti-Putin game plan: The chess master is backing peaceful – if often illegal – urban protests of what he calls Russia's 'police state.'

QUOTE: The goal, he says, is to compel the Kremlin to give up plans for a tightly managed succession from Mr. Putin to a new leader in a year's time, and to open the process for a free and fair choice. "In a chess game, when your king is under attack, you have to defend," says Kasparov, enumerating what he sees as the dire threats to democracy in Russia. "We had to try something, so we tried creating The Other Russia. And it worked..."Beneath this illusion of stability," he adds, "there is boiling protest and growing economic disparity. The only way out is to have real, competitive, and free elections."

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 13, 2007 Who Is Killing Russian Journalists?: Russia is among the deadliest countries in the world for reporters, and of the 13 contract-style killings since 2000, not one has been solved

QUOTE: The most recent statistics collected by this respected international organization show that 42 journalists have been killed in Russia since 1992, many in contract-style executions. The vast majority these killings remain unsolved. In a just-released report, the Brussels-based International News Safety Institute says 88 people working for the media died violently in Russia since 1996, second only to Iraq.

Mar 12, 2007 Wounded British Soldiers Receiving Poor Care, Families Say: Allegations of Poor Medical Treatment Detailed in Relatives' Letters to Defense Ministry

QUOTE: Allegations of poor care for British service members were first reported Sunday in the Observer newspaper, which quoted from several letters of complaint sent to the Defense Ministry by families of the wounded. The letters alleged that troops had suffered from a lack of basic medical care, including some who had been deprived of adequate pain medication after wards ran out of supplies.

Washington Post
Mar 06, 2007 British Court Lifts Restrictions on BBC Report

QUOTE: The unfolding battle began last Friday when the High Court barred the BBC, Britain’s public service broadcaster, from airing a news report on developments in the affair, which has cast a dark cloud of rumored corruption over what are expected to be the final months of Mr Blair’s 10-year tenure in office.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2007 Europeans Threaten More Fines for Microsoft

QUOTE: LONDON, March 1 — The European Commission on Thursday threatened Microsoft with millions of euros in new fines in a long-running antitrust dispute, saying the company was demanding unreasonable royalties from rivals seeking to link their software to the Windows operating system.

New York Times
Feb 27, 2007 Court Declares Bosnia Killings Were Genocide

QUOTE: The International Court of Justice on Monday for the first time called the massacre of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995 an act of genocide, but determined that Serbia itself was not guilty of the enormous crime. Nonetheless, it faulted Serbia, saying it “could and should” have prevented the genocide and, in its aftermath, should have punished the Bosnian Serbs who systematically killed close to 8,000 men and boys in July 1995.

New York Times
Feb 21, 2007 EC Wants to Free Mobile and TV Spectrum: Proposed changes would mean the removal of regulations on certain bands and an end to "single-use" spectrum

QUOTE: Reding said the regulatory environment will begin to loosen up but added spectrum hunters might be in for a long wait. "We seek to provide new opportunities for industry through less restrictive regulatory conditions that strengthen competition and increase consumer choice. However, this is a gradual process which will not happen overnight," she said in a statement.

Feb 20, 2007 Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use

QUOTE: European Union countries have until 2009 to put the Data Retention Directive into law, so the proposals seen now are early interpretations. But some people involved in the issue are concerned about a shift in policy in Europe, which has long been a defender of individuals’ privacy rights.

New York Times
Feb 19, 2007 Princess and Heir of Franz Ferdinand Fights to Repeal a Law and Gain a Castle

QUOTE: The 1919 Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye carved up the old Hapsburg empire into new states: Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and parts of Poland. The Hapsburg family, which had ruled that part of Europe for more than 600 years, was stripped of its properties and titles. Franz Ferdinand’s children had already been turned out of their parents’ beloved home, Konopiste Castle, in the empire’s province of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. It was taken by the state.

New York Times
Feb 14, 2007 British Panel Urges Police to Apologize To Muslims for Raid

QUOTE: Muslim leaders are increasingly calling police intelligence faulty and say officers are routinely picking up the wrong people. Also, they say, the whole Muslim community is tarred when police swoop in with massive force rather than quietly pulling people in for questioning.

Washington Post
Jan 09, 2007 Russia Halts Oil Flow To Belarus in Dispute: Quarrel Reignites Worries in Europe Over Reliability of Key Energy Supplier

QUOTE: Russia on Monday shut off crude oil supplies that flow by pipeline across Belarus to Germany, Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe, charging that Belarus was illegally siphoning off oil meant for the other countries. The dispute between two erstwhile allies will have little immediate effect because the end-customer countries have strategic reserves for at least two months. But it is rekindling discussion in Europe about the reliability of Russia as a supplier of energy.

Washington Post
Dec 16, 2006 What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?

QUOTE: In the same world in which more than a billion people live at a level of affluence never previously known, roughly a billion other people struggle to survive on the purchasing power equivalent of less than one U.S. dollar per day. .... Philanthropy on this scale raises many ethical questions: Why are the people who are giving doing so? Does it do any good? Should we praise them for giving so much or criticize them for not giving still more?

New York Times
Oct 20, 2006 Google, Microsoft Surrender To Belgians: Microsoft and Google have agreed to remove content managed by Copiepresse of Belgium from their indexes, with Google further being requested to pay nearly $43m

QUOTE: News of the case against Google came to light in September, when a report from Chilling Effects exposed the Belgian court decision in favor of Copiepresse. Google had been ordered to remove "the articles, photographs and graphic representations of Belgian publishers of the French - and German-speaking daily press...from all their sites."

Oct 01, 2006 U.S., E.U. Miss Deadline on Data-Sharing Agreement

QUOTE: In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the U.S. government began requiring all airlines flying to the United States to share passenger data, such as name, address and credit card information, with Customs and Border Protection. The European Court of Justice, the highest European court, annulled the deal...

Washington Post
Sep 06, 2006 Report: Czechs, others sterilize Gypsies: A new draft UN report and rights activists say a Soviet-era campaign to sterilize Romany women continues.

QUOTE: Human rights activists say that the fall of communism here 16 years ago did not put an end to a Soviet-era practice that targeted Romany women for sterilizations - sometimes offering money in exchange for consent - as a means of population control.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 23, 2006 As Suspects Are Charged, East London Looks Inward

QUOTE: In the area of East London where several of the suspects lived, news of the charges elicited a wide array of emotions, including disbelief and anger with both the government and Islamic extremists. It also led to reflections on how Islam is perceived and whether Muslims can do more to integrate into British society without compromising their faith.

New York Times
Aug 22, 2006 Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data

QUOTE: United States and European authorities, looking for more tools to detect terrorist plots, want to expand the screening of international airline passengers by digging deep into a vast repository of airline itineraries, personal information and payment data.

New York Times
Aug 22, 2006 Security: Bomb Plot Shocks Germans Into Antiterrorism Debate

QUOTE: Germany’s data-protection commission would support a database that included basic information...But a richer database — known as a full-text database — would raise privacy concerns, Ms. von Wahl said, by making a wide range of personal information available to the police and other authorities.

New York Times
Aug 21, 2006 Waiting for Jacques

QUOTE: After insisting for years that they be treated like a superpower, the French are behaving as if they have no responsibility for helping dig out of the Lebanon mess.

New York Times
Aug 18, 2006 For London's Muslims, Fear Of a Backlash: Many Say They Feel Alienated In Wake of Foiled Airliner Plot

QUOTE: Several speakers expressed frustration that the government will not acknowledge that its support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has fomented domestic anger. And people called on Muslims to express their frustrations in dialogue and nonviolent protests.

Washington Post
Aug 17, 2006 A Nation Divided Over Piracy

QUOTE: It's not the problem of the pirates, he tells me later, to figure out how to compensate artists or encourage invention away from the current intellectual property system -- someone else will figure that out. Their job is just to tear down the flawed system that exists, to force the hand of society to make something better.

Aug 16, 2006 Some Airlines in Britain May Seek Compensation

QUOTE: “There needs to be a sensible debate between the airlines and BAA about how these costs should be shared,’’ a Virgin spokesman, Paul Charles, said. “They should not be passed on to customers.’’

New York Times
Aug 16, 2006 British Airport Operator Faulted for Not Hiring Temps

QUOTE: Some analysts said the BAA decision not to have additional security personnel was a financial, not a logistical, one. Critics said that because of BAA’s limited ability to pass any additional costs on to the airlines, it had no real incentive to spend money.

New York Times
Aug 15, 2006 Porsche Challenges German Government Over Volkswagen Voting Rights

QUOTE: Now, the luxury car manufacturer wants a voice in the company equal to its investment — even if it means driving the German government out of the car business.

New York Times
Aug 14, 2006 Amateurs Get in on the Paparazzi Beat

QUOTE: growing number of European publications that are taking advantage of cellphone technology to reach new levels of reader interactivity and, some say, invasion of privacy.

New York Times

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