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Jan 05, 2011 Microlenders, Honored With Nobel, Are Struggling

QUOTE: microloans have prompted political hostility in Bangladesh, India, Nicaragua and other developing countries....But as with other trumpeted development initiatives that have promised to lift hundreds of millions from poverty, microcredit has struggled to turn rhetoric into tangible success.

New York Times
Aug 05, 2009 L.A. lawyer accused of fraud in pesticide litigation (Column One)

QUOTE: Here[Nicaragua], [the chemical] DBCP is more than a pesticide. It is a political movement. The forces of poverty and corruption cloud the most basic facts surrounding the claims. The truth that can be established is one that [Judge Victoria] Chaney alluded to in her ruling: If Nicaraguans truly were injured by DBCP a generation ago, what has happened since makes identifying the victims nearly impossible.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 28, 2009 Call to reverse Nicaragua's abortion ban

QUOTE: The human rights group [Amnesty International] argues that banning so-called therapeutic abortions - undertaken in order to preserve the health of the mother - not only endangers lives but also puts medical professionals in an "unconscionable" position.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 03, 2009 Nicaragua: accusations of rigging elections and silencing media

QUOTE: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) stand accused of rigging last year's municipal elections...

Christian Science Monitor
May 07, 2007 An American's Kafkaesque Encounter With Nicaragua's Justice System

QUOTE: To the natives of this picturesque Pacific Coast village, a budding magnet for tourists and retirees from the United States, there is no doubt that Volz is guilty...But court documents, along with interviews with witnesses and lawyers, suggest the verdict was heavily influenced by small-town passions and a desire for swift justice.

Washington Post
Nov 12, 2006 Former Contras Bemoan Ortega's Return to Power In Nicaragua

QUOTE: some former contras view Ortega's return in almost apocalyptic terms. Although Ortega cast himself as the candidate of "reconciliation," Laguna's neighbor, Leiva Ramirez, a petite woman with dark, intense eyes, predicted that it is only a matter of time before he reinstates unpopular policies of his previous 11-year rule, such as expropriating property, rationing food and jailing dissenters.

Washington Post
Jul 30, 2005 Unending Graft Is Threatening Latin America

QUOTE: Brazil's scandal is just the latest reminder of the unremitting corruption that has marked Latin American politics since colonial times, when absolute rulers regarded newly conquered realms in the New World as their personal property.

New York Times
Apr 13, 2005 U.S. Asylum Sought by Cuban Tied to Terror Cases

QUOTE: Luis Posada Carriles, a CIA-trained Cuban exile implicated in a series of terrorist incidents, applied for political asylum in the United States yesterday, prompting at least one congressman to assert that granting the request would undermine the nation's credibility in the war on terrorism.

Washington Post
Mar 04, 2003 Child's abortion after rape splits Nicaragua

QUOTE: Since returning to her homeland from next-door Costa Rica last month, the 9-year-old pregnant rape victim has touched off a whirlwind of controversy in this predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Miami Herald
Jan 18, 2003 Banana Workers Get Day in Court

QUOTE: ...the chemical companies shipped DBCP [the pesticide] abroad and the growers used it despite knowing about its harmful effects even before the ban.

New York Times
Mar 06, 2001 New Files Tie U.S. to Deaths of Latin Leftists in 1970's

QUOTE: [A recently declassified State Department] cable appeared to open new avenues of inquiry about the American role in Condor, a shadowy operation to stamp out the Latin American left that, among other things, dispatched death squads to kill critics at home and overseas.

New York Times