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Jun 24, 2010 Talks on reducing whale hunting break down

QUOTE: Three years of talks aimed at reducing whaling activity by Japan, Norway and Iceland broke down Wednesday, leaving management of the population of the world's largest animals essentially in the hands of whale hunters.

Washington Post
Apr 14, 2010 U.S. Leads New Bid to Phase Out Whale Hunting

QUOTE: The compromise deal, which has generated intense controversy within the 88-nation International Whaling Commission and among antiwhaling activists, would allow the three whaling countries to continue hunting whales for the next 10 years, although in reduced numbers.

New York Times
Jan 02, 2009 Countries in tug-of-war over Arctic resources

QUOTE: One of the planet's most fragile and pristine ecosystems sits atop a bounty of untapped fossil fuels...And the fight over who owns those resources may turn out to be the most important territorial dispute of this century. Russia, Canada, the United States, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland all have a stake in the Arctic's icy real estate.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 10, 2008 Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

QUOTE: The United States abandoned a nuclear weapon beneath the ice in northern Greenland following a crash in 1968....the carrying of nuclear weapons over Danish territory was kept secret.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Nov 26, 2007 Misgivings Rise Along With Antarctican Tourism

QUOTE: And while the frontier nature of Antarctica is a large part of its tourist appeal, it also means that the region is a legal muddle. There are no obvious answers about who is responsible for dealing with any environmental damage the Explorer may cause or how methods can be created to prevent future sinkings.

New York Times
Nov 25, 2004 Arctic Countries Agree on Perils of Climate Change but Not Solution

QUOTE: The United States and the seven other countries with Arctic territory jointly expressed concern yesterday about profound changes in the Arctic climate and said they would consider new scientific findings concluding that heat-trapping emissions were the main cause.

New York Times