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Jul 12, 2013 Iowa court reaffirms it was OK to fire 'irresistible' worker

QUOTE: found that the firing of Nelson "did not amount to unlawful discrimination." He said that Nelson's arguments warranted serious consideration, but the court found a distinction between an employment decision based on personal relations and one based on gender itself.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 13, 2013 Military rape victims: Stop blaming us

QUOTE: McCoy was one of four alleged victims who testified Wednesday about a problem the military has acknowledged. About 19,000 men and women suffer sexual assault each year in the military, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, though he noted that only about 3,200 assaults were reported.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 06, 2012 Female service members sue U.S. military for alleged rape, sexual assault

QUOTE: '"Although defendants testified before Congress and elsewhere that they have 'zero tolerance' for rape and sexual assault, their conduct and the facts demonstrate the opposite: They have a high tolerance for sexual predators in their ranks, and 'zero tolerance' for those who report rape, sexual assault and harassment," according to the lawsuit...'

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 28, 2011 Be a Jerk: The Worst Business Lesson from the Steve Jobs Biography:

QUOTE: Apple's founder and CEO could be a cruel and nasty guy. He was also the greatest chief executive of our time. Don't go thinking those two things are related.

Atlantic Online, The (Atlantic Monthly)
Oct 07, 2011 What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs

QUOTE: In the days after Steve Jobs' death, friends and colleagues have, in customary fashion, been sharing their fondest memories of the Apple co-founder. He's been hailed as "a genius" and "the greatest CEO of his generation" by pundits and tech journalists. But a great man's reputation can withstand a full accounting. And, truth be told, Jobs could be terrible to people, and his impact on the world was not uniformly positive.

Sep 10, 2011 NLRB sets a precedent for employee free speech on social platforms

QUOTE: The National Labor Relations Board has ruled in the favor of 5 New York workers that were fired because of comments they made on Facebook. The judge in the case decided that the social media communications of the workers were protected by the National Labor Relations Act, which allows for employees to freely discuss the terms and conditions of their employment.

Jul 25, 2011 Can you get fired for cursing at work?

QUOTE: While it's commonplace to curse once in a while and may even help you build a bond with co-workers, there's a fine line to when and how you curse...Companies where employees are constantly in front of customers are especially harsh when it comes to foul language

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 27, 2011 Easing Out the Gray-Haired. Or Not.

QUOTE: Some jobs will always have age restrictions — police officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers and the like. And in corporate America, mandatory retirement ages for senior management face less resistance, thanks in part to generous incentives to leave early that are perfectly legal. What is more, federal law permits age limits for the top brass who set corporate policy. But chief executives still have a habit of hanging on...

New York Times
Feb 27, 2011 Insulting Chuck Lorre, Not Abuse, Gets Sheen Sidelined

QUOTE: So the message from CBS and Warner Brothers seems clear: abuse yourself and the women around you to your heart’s content, but do not attack the golden goose.

New York Times
Feb 21, 2011 Women Still Face Barriers in Hong Kong

QUOTE: Fewer women stay in the work force long enough to attain top-earning positions. Many who do stay say that social pressures, and their employers, make it tough for them to advance... Yet social attitudes remain traditional, casting women squarely in the role of homemaker and mother — even when they are also breadwinners.

New York Times
Feb 15, 2011 Lawsuit Says Military Is Rife With Sexual Abuse

QUOTE: A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the Department of Defense of allowing a military culture that fails to prevent rape and sexual assault, and of mishandling cases that were brought to its attention, thus violating the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights...

New York Times
Feb 02, 2011 How to expose empty office rhetoric -- constructively

QUOTE: ...First Liar Wins (FLW) because once uttered -- and because they are simple, plausible, and appealing -- any attempt to refute them sounds argumentative rather than constructive.

Oct 08, 2009 Letterman didn't violate his company's harassment policy: The scandal points to a gray area in office policies. Many businesses have yet to clarify guidelines for workplace relationships.

QUOTE: Americans generally say it's inappropriate for someone to enter sexual relationships with office subordinates... But such actions aren't necessarily grounds for discipline, although they can cause deep concern within organizations.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 08, 2009 Ban BlackBerrys!: Multitaskers are sabotaging your meetings. It's time to fight back. (Face-To-Face)

QUOTE: To avoid wasting time in meetings, hardcore multitaskers sit there with their faces glued to their BlackBerrys, reading e-mails while they follow the discussion with one ear. But all they are doing is making the meeting longer for everyone else.

Jul 23, 2008 House Weighs Overturning 'Don't ask, Don't tell'

QUOTE: [A] black man who joined the Army when it was segregated, testified that the current treatment of gays and lesbians is similar to how African-Americans were treated before President Truman integrated the military in 1948.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 20, 2008 Don’t Tell When Hiring (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: [1] I am a supervisor at a large corporation...Would it be appropriate to tell this applicant that I am gay? [2] My brother and I, who live in the U.S...have been asked to pay more. Is that fair?

New York Times
May 02, 2008 Secret Service probes alleged noose incident

QUOTE: A white agent admits leaving it, but it is unclear if the rope was intended to be a noose or was tied in a loop for some other reason. The white agent is on administrative leave while the Service's Office of Professional Responsibility investigates. The rope was found tied to a building where agents do tactical training. In a statement to CNN, the Secret Service said "There has been no indication of racial intent on the part of the employee who has claimed responsibility."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 11, 2008 Reference for an Ex? (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: [1] My ex-husband is job hunting. I was contacted for a reference/background check...Do I answer all questions truthfully? [2]...I worked for an insurance company with just one Jewish employee, a good friend. He invented Jewish holidays, taking days off several times a year...I kept silent. Was that the right choice?

New York Times
Dec 04, 2007 Study Finds Gaps Between Doctors' Standards and Actions: Physicians Think They Should Report Errors and Incompetence -- but Say They Often Do Not

QUOTE: The first-of-its-kind survey of more than 1,600 physicians, published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that 45 percent said they did not always report an incompetent or impaired colleague to the appropriate authorities -- even though 96 percent agreed that doctors should turn in such people.

Washington Post
Nov 28, 2007 When co-workers play dirty

QUOTE: when a colleague stops playing fair and starts playing dirty, the "competition" can quickly go from exciting to excruciating. When a co-worker resorts to sabotage and backstabbing in attempts to climb the corporate ladder, what's an office underdog to do?

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 30, 2007 Astronauts fly when unfit for duty: A panel finds that NASA culture squelches concerns about crew member health and competence.

QUOTE: It took the Challenger and Columbia disasters to prod NASA into changing a culture that prevented the agency from resolving critical safety issues... Now another panel of investigators has found echoes of that culture in NASA's managing of its astronauts and medical personnel.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 30, 2007 Salary, Gender and the Social Cost of Haggling

QUOTE: Their study… found that men and women get very different responses when they initiate negotiations… [and that] men and women were more likely to subtly penalize women who asked for more -- the perception was that women who asked for more were "less nice".

Washington Post
Jun 07, 2007 Stanford Professor Slams Office Bullies, Work Jerks

QUOTE: ROBERT SUTTON, a professor of management science and engineering at Stanford...ministers to victims of workplace bullies and the companies that harbor them.

Smart Money
May 29, 2007 Excuse Me for Doing My Job: When you rise in an organization, the bad vibes can rise off other employees like steam in a Turkish bath. Liz Ryan tells you how to deal with it

QUOTE: Perhaps you've already been a victim of the "how dare you!" effect. That's the iciness directed your way when you do or get something that others feel you had no right to.

Feb 28, 2007 Workforce Tattletales: It's difficult, but you really should out a drug-taking co-worker, and yourself when you've been willy-nilly with the expense account

QUOTE: You know that one of your colleagues is abusing drugs while on the job...It may be tempting to think that it's none of your business and to therefore do nothing, but no matter what your job is or where you work, a colleague who is abusing drugs places others—and him or herself—at risk of harm.

Jan 18, 2007 Help, I’m Surrounded by Jerks

QUOTE: He and others say that rather than seeing the office curmudgeon or the post office nitpicker as the sum of their most wretched behavior, it is better to think of them as full people, even to empathize with them, if only to maintain some sense of control.

New York Times
Jan 01, 2007 Catfight in the Boardroom: Do women hold other women back? Whether it's reality or perception, office pressures can make women uncooperative.

QUOTE: From glass ceilings through mommy wars...we have been adjusting to two generations of women entering the workplace with every intention of camping out and moving up. Their impact on office culture...has been exhaustively documented. Now we are starting to talk about their effect on each other.

Psychology Today
Dec 24, 2006 Cancer Chicanery (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: Whether guilty of moral or mental problems (a possible form of illness), the co-worker must make amends .... You have no ethical obligation to disclose intimate details of your private life to anybody.

New York Times
Dec 01, 2006 Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit. Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit.

QUOTE: most Americans are woefully unaware of the legal liability they assume when they agree to host a holiday gathering.

Sep 10, 2006 Fired Via E-Mail, And Other Tales Of Poor Exits

QUOTE: The RadioShack layoff has received wide (not-so-positive) attention. "We realize that to some people notification by email may seem cold and impersonal....privacy was on the company's mind. "Our challenge was this: In an open office environment such as ours, what is the best way to invite someone to this kind of meeting while respecting and preserving their privacy and dignity?"

Washington Post
Apr 18, 2006 High Court Weighs Retaliation at Work: Harassment-Case Standard Unclear

QUOTE: Sexual harassment in the workplace....the law is vague on a key question: How harsh does the employer's retaliation have to be before it violates the law?

Washington Post
Apr 10, 2006 How and when to disclose an illness

QUOTE: Serious illness is difficult enough without having to deal with discrimination. But knowing your rights can help you plan how and when to disclose your condition, and in a manner that will get you the most help possible.
Mar 26, 2006 The Fine Line of Lying

QUOTE: Lying in the workplace is something that happens every day... And in the workplace that happens quite frequently. At what point do people think they should forgive and move on?

Washington Post
Dec 18, 2005 Ho Ho No!

QUOTE: Today's office party may feel just as compulsory, but is unlikely to be free...[Miss Manners's] only hope is to rescue people who are not having fun.

Washington Post
Nov 15, 2005 A Self-Effacing Scholar Is Psychiatry's Gadfly

QUOTE: Dr. David Healy, a psychiatrist at the University of Cardiff and a vocal critic of his profession's overselling of psychiatric drugs, has achieved a rare kind of scientific celebrity: he is internationally known as both a scholar and a pariah.

New York Times
Nov 12, 2005 U.S. Scientist Leaves Joint Stem Cell Project: Alleged Ethical Breaches By South Korean Cited

QUOTE: ...rumors had spread in scientific circles that the eggs Hwang used to achieve that landmark result had been taken from a junior scientist in his lab. That situation, if true, would be in violation of widely held ethics principles that preclude people in positions of authority from accepting egg donations from underlings. The rules are meant to prevent subtle -- or not-so-subtle -- acts of coercion.

Washington Post
Nov 08, 2005 Times in Settlement Talks Over Sachs

QUOTE: The New York Times is in settlement talks with the Newspaper Guild over the case of Susan Sachs....any type of dishonesty--lying, stealing, etc.--can be cause for termination. But when she was dismissed, Sachs publicly disputed the charges and said she had taken a polygraph test and passed.

New York Observer
Aug 12, 2005 Worker right or workplace danger?: NRA and employers square off over Oklahoma law that allows the practice

QUOTE: The boycott is the latest skirmish in an expanding battle over gun control. Now that many states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, the NRA is pushing to eliminate remaining restrictions on where those guns can be taken. Gun-control groups - and some employers - are fighting back...

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 01, 2005 A Canadian Telecom's Labor Dispute Leads to Blocked Web Sites and Questions of Censorship

QUOTE: Telus, the leading telecommunications company in western Canada, does not typically block its subscribers' access to particular Web sites. But the company did play censor when it came to two sites related to its current labor dispute.

New York Times
Jun 26, 2005 Office Ours

QUOTE: When contemplating taking a new job, Miss Manners would consider it prudent to inquire the amount that the salary will be depleted by paying good fellowship dues.

Washington Post
Apr 14, 2005 Coping with workplace psychos

QUOTE: As many as one in 100 adults in the workplace is a psychopath...find a way to work with (or around) that person in order to hang onto your job.
Apr 09, 2005 Fired Reporter Denies Telling Colleagues' Wives About Alleged Affairs

QUOTE: ...allegations about one employee notifying the spouse of another about alleged extramarital activity -- and whether such a warning should be viewed as the betrayal of a colleague -- have rarely if ever been publicly debated.

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2004 Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Aggressive.

QUOTE: Yet while "passive-aggressive" has become a workhorse phrase in marriage counseling and an all-purpose label for almost any difficult character, it is a controversial concept in psychiatry.

New York Times
Jun 22, 2004 Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss

QUOTE: "It got to where I was twitching, literally, on the way into work,"....her boss of several years ago baited and insulted her for 10 months before she left the job. "I had to take care of my health."

New York Times
Feb 04, 2004 Snitching on the Top Dog; Lowly Employees Wield Great Power at Bosses' Trials

QUOTE: Generally, juries don't look askance at subordinates who agree to damage higher-ups in exchange for leniency from prosecutors and regulators...

Washington Post
Sep 28, 2003 Va. Doctor's Misconduct Left Trail of Broken Lives: Medical System Failed to Protect Patients

QUOTE: a flawed system that purports to protect the public. His case raises questions about the speed and adequacy of discipline meted out by medical boards -- a slow process enveloped in secrecy that critics say harms vulnerable patients by allowing bad doctors to keep practicing -- and about the medical profession's ability to police itself.

Washington Post
Feb 25, 2003 50 Years Later, Rosalind Franklin's X-Ray Fuels Debate

QUOTE: The scientist who took the picture [of the double helix] was Dr. Rosalind Franklin, and though they cited other work she had done, Dr. Watson and Dr. Crick did not acknowledge the photograph itself, or additional work by her they had used, in their paper.

New York Times
Jan 21, 2003 Prison policy decried

QUOTE: Those opposed to the new (anti-nepotism) policy contend it amounts to an invasion of privacy, requiring them to report anything from dating to an extra-marital affair. (New Jersey)
Jun 02, 2002 Second Opinion

QUOTE: Much in this situation discourages your offering a judgment -- fear of slander suits, deference to a colleague, the simple injunction to mind your own business. However, because you have a strong suspicion that someone is in danger...

New York Times
Apr 29, 2002 Court Says That Seniority Has Precedence Over Disability

QUOTE: Today's ruling declared that an accommodation sought by a disabled employee is generally not reasonable when it conflicts with seniority rules.

New York Times

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