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Feb 22, 2003 The Pitch to Get Rich Quick: As Realty Seminars Hawk Investment Techniques, Caution Is Advised

QUOTE: A lot of the no-money-down dealmaking seems to depend on finding distressed properties, distressed sellers or desperate buyers who cannot get credit and who might agree to pay more than the investor did for a property; doing so may require more work than people expect.

Washington Post
Feb 13, 2003 Company Sues Over Rejection of Ad

QUOTE: A lawsuit filed by the IDT Corporation against CNN, asserting that CNN unfairly declined to run an IDT commercial, is the latest pressure tactic from advertisers and regulators seeking greater control over how media outlets handle advertising.

New York Times
Feb 11, 2003 Charter schools in Boca, Riviera Beach at risk of being closed

ABSTRACT: Two charter schools may be shutting their doors permanently.... Background checks, discipline, and failure to make corrections after an August Health Dept. inspection are just a few of the violations.

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)
Jan 27, 2003 NextWave court win frees up airwaves

QUOTE: The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday cut through a "Gordian legal knot" that has kept swaths of wireless spectrum in crowded metropolitan markets out of the hands of carriers.

Jan 27, 2003 Justices Say F.C.C. Wrongly Seized Wireless Licenses

QUOTE: The United States Supreme Court ruled, in a case of great importance for the telecommunications industry, that the federal government was wrong when it took back wireless communications licenses from a bankrupt company in 1998.

New York Times
Jan 21, 2003 Some Body Is With Me:The Author Falls Knee-Deep Into the Tainted Tissue Controversy

QUOTE: [The FDA]...linked human tissue processed by Georgia-based CryoLife Inc. with the death nine months earlier of a Minnesota college student after reconstructive knee surgery.

Washington Post
Jan 14, 2003 EPA to Allow Polluters to Buy Clean Water Credits:

QUOTE: ...allow industrial polluters to purchase "credits" from lesser polluters to bring them into compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Washington Post
Dec 26, 2002 Drug Makers Battle Plan to Curb Rewards for Doctors

QUOTE: ...Bush administration plan to restrict gifts and other rewards that pharmaceutical manufacturers give doctors and insurers to encourage the prescribing of particular drugs....looked like illegal kickbacks.

New York Times
Dec 26, 2002 Law Requiring Lower Drug Prices Is Struck Down

QUOTE: ...struck down a pioneering program established by the State of Maine. The program, approved by the federal government nearly two years ago, forced drug makers to give discounts...

New York Times
Dec 04, 2002 Investigators Find Repeated Deception in Ads for Drugs

QUOTE: Some companies have repeatedly disseminated misleading advertisements for prescription drugs, even after being cited for violations, and millions of people see the deceptive commercials before the government tries to halt them...

New York Times
Nov 22, 2002 U.S. Eases Pollution Rules to Spur Work on Power Plants

QUOTE: ...the Bush administration wanted to revise some sections of the Clean Air Act in ways that would answer utilities' complaints that the rules tied them up in paperwork and deterred investment in new power plants...

New York Times
Nov 14, 2002 Firms Seek Protection When Reporting on Self-Policing Efforts

QUOTE: "When companies undertake rigorous" self-evaluations, "there is no guarantee that the information generated will not be used against them in various legal proceedings, both criminal and civil,"...

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2002 Amazon Writes a Drama in Canada

QUOTE: Canadian booksellers are annoyed with Bezos [founder of] but furious with their government, which they say is treating the billionaire entrepreneur like a native. They want a federal court to restore those once-sharp distinctions between what is local and foreign.

Los Angeles Times
Nov 03, 2002 Micron Accuses South Korea of Subsidizing Ailing Chip Maker

QUOTE: [Micron] filed a complaint with the Commerce Department and the United States International Trade Commission. It accuses the Seoul government of subsidizing manufacturers of dynamic random access memory chips...

New York Times
Oct 20, 2002 Utah County's Toxic Tradition Is Under Threat

QUOTE: If passed, the measure would bar all higher level radioactive materials from the state and raise taxes fourfold on revenues generated by low-grade material.

New York Times
Oct 18, 2002 Digital Radio: Small Guys' Ruin?

QUOTE: The noise big radio conglomerates are making about digital radio is likely to drown out community radio stations -- dashing small broadcasters' hopes that the new technology would boost their signal.

Oct 14, 2002 Former FBI chief takes on encryption

QUOTE: When Louis Freeh ran the FBI, he loved nothing more than launching into a heartfelt rant against the dangers of encryption technology.

Aug 18, 2002 As the Earth Warms, Will Companies Pay?

QUOTE: With their confidence shaken in corporate bookkeeping and the market's omniscience, investors are starting to look for other possible "off balance sheet" land mines, including the hidden risks that could be associated with global climate change.

New York Times
Aug 18, 2002 The Free-Trade Fix

QUOTE: Globalization is meant to signify integration and unity -- yet it has proved, in its way, to be no less polarizing than the cold-war divisions it has supplanted.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2002 Audit Committees Using New Power

QUOTE: ...a company's audit committee, not its executives, must hire and fire auditors, a requirement that has affected the balance of power between management and boards...

Washington Post
Aug 13, 2002 Not-So-Fine Print: Patient Drug Leaflets Omit Key Warnings, Other Information

QUOTE: Committee members and experts who testified before the panel used words like "dismal" and "disgraceful" to describe the leaflets, which often contain the only detailed information consumers receive about the risks, benefits and side effects of the prescription drugs they take.

Washington Post
Aug 09, 2002 Old Investments Pose Ethics Issue At SEC

QUOTE: ...some observers have called on commissioners to go further to avoid the appearance of conflicts. SEC members should recuse themselves from cases involving companies in which they once invested...

Washington Post
Aug 07, 2002 Some See Cracks In Reform Law

QUOTE: In the week since President Bush signed a corporate accountability bill, White House and Justice Department officials have issued interpretations and prosecution guidelines that could weaken key provisions...

Washington Post
Aug 05, 2002 Government Asked to Act On Teenagers' Job Safety

QUOTE: With nearly four million teenagers at work across the nation this summer, many health safety experts say it is time for the government to revise its 60-year-old list of jobs barred to young people because they are too dangerous.

New York Times
Aug 02, 2002 Wall St. Banks May Be Fined for Discarding E-Mail Traffic

QUOTE: Securities regulators have told six investment banks, including the biggest firms on Wall Street, that they may have to pay as much as $10 million in penalties for not keeping e-mail messages as required...

New York Times
Aug 01, 2002 Credibility and Corporate Scandals: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

QUOTE: Under the current circumstances, ignoring, denying, downplaying, or "spinning" the widespread crisis of trust in business and investment is, frankly, extremely misguided.
Jul 16, 2002 Bush Plan to Ease Clean Air Rules Roils Court Cases Against Utilities

QUOTE: The federal court hearing scheduled for today...strongly suggest[s] that the proposed enforcement policy shift is beginning to influence the course of existing cases...

Washington Post
Jul 15, 2002 S.E.C. Chief Rejects Calls for His Resignation

QUOTE: Harvey L. Pitt...said today that he would not resign despite calls for him to do so by lawmakers who say he has been lax in enforcing commission rules and shares responsibility for the nation's corporate accounting scandals.

New York Times
Jul 12, 2002 Hanford Cleanup Plan Seen As Cutting Corners: Energy Department faulted for trying to 'move the goal line'

QUOTE: [A Department of Energy program] could allow the department to leave waste at Hanford by reclassifying it from high-level nuclear waste to a less dangerous rating.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Jul 11, 2002 Taking Aim At Harvey Pitt

QUOTE: Pitt has become a Beltway target because he's now a symbol for the administration's coziness with big business...

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2002 Spam: An Escalating Attack of the Clones

QUOTE: The e-mail's content must actually be misleading in a way that affects consumers. "Just because it's false doesn't mean it's deceptive under our statute..."

New York Times
Jun 25, 2002 Suits Say Wal-Mart Forces Workers to Toil Off the Clock

QUOTE: intense focus on cost cutting had created an unofficial policy that encouraged managers to request or require off-the-clock work and avoid paying overtime.

New York Times
Jun 14, 2002 EPA Proposes To Ease Rules On Clean Air

QUOTE: ...a major relaxation of clean air enforcement rules governing older coal-fired power plants and refineries that would effectively preclude future government legal action in all but the most flagrant cases of pollution.

Climate Ark
Jun 12, 2002 SEC Tightens CEO Accountability

QUOTE: ...require chief executives and chief financial officers of public companies to verify that they have read their company's quarterly and annual reports and that the reports give a complete and accurate account...

Washington Post
Jun 11, 2002 Business Wins Again in Disabilities Ruling

QUOTE: The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that the Americans With Disabilities Act does not require employers to hire people whose own health or safety would be put at risk by performing the job.

Jun 10, 2002 Enthusiasm Ebbs for Tough Reform in Wake of Enron

QUOTE: Six months after the collapse of Enron....A powerful group of lobbyists, playing on partisan disagreement in Congress, appears to have killed efforts to impose tight new controls on corporate conduct.

New York Times
Jun 08, 2002 New Questions On Handling of Power Prices in California

QUOTE: [Xcel Energy suggested] that three big competitors — Mirant, Duke Energy and the Williams Companies — may have schemed to drive up the price of power in California.

New York Times
May 27, 2002 'This is War'

QUOTE: Hollywood executives... accuse their Silicon Valley counterparts of ignoring Internet piracy because it helps them sell gadgets.

Feb 15, 2002 As It Beat Profit Forecast, I.B.M. Said Little About Sale of a Unit

QUOTE: Its scant disclosure of the sale was made in comments in a conference call with analysts and investors, not in a federal filing. But the S.E.C. has recently begun cracking down on companies that have incomplete or misleading disclosures, even in their press releases.

New York Times
Jan 31, 2002 Plaintiffs Sought Timeout After Turn in Napster Case

QUOTE: The major record companies, which two weeks ago surprised analysts by seeking a temporary suspension in their copyright lawsuit against Napster, were about to face potentially damaging inquiries into their own behavior on maintaining copyrights.

New York Times
Jan 28, 2002 Protecting Our Inalienable Right to Eat in Peace

QUOTE: But if we want to keep the regulators honest, we need to breathe some life into the system of democratic politics that holds them accountable. Otherwise, you will find your air poisoned and your pensions looted, your HMO will stand between you and your doctor and courtesy calls will keep interrupting your dinner.

Washington Post
Jan 23, 2002 Doing a Number On Reforms: Accountants Thwarted Change With Lobbying, Stall-and-Study Tactics

QUOTE: For decades, as one financial calamity after another focused anger and blame on the auditors, the nation's big accounting firms effectively resisted efforts to impose stricter federal oversight.

Washington Post
Jan 21, 2002 The Farm Bill Charade

QUOTE: Ineffective agricultural policy has, over the years, led to a ritual of overproduction in many crops....The government has provided essentially a guaranteed income to producers of these crops.

New York Times
Jan 20, 2002 Lack of Oversight in Tissue Donation Raising Concerns

QUOTE: Though an industry group sets voluntary guidelines, most tissue banks are not members and many set their own guidelines...tissue may be obtained by poorly trained technicians who may not keep it germ-free.

New York Times
Jan 18, 2002 SEC Seeks Reform of Auditor Controls: Battered Enron Fires Accounting Firm

QUOTE: [Harvey L.] Pitt said the heart of his plan is "a tough, no-nonsense" disciplinary body. The new oversight board would be funded by the private sector but kept separate from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), a lobbying and trade group that has long been responsible for professional discipline.

Washington Post
Jan 18, 2002 A System Corrupted

QUOTE: Enron's byzantine network of 3,000 subsidiaries and partnerships — one for every seven employees — made a mockery both of accounting rules and of rules against insider trading.

New York Times
Jan 18, 2002 S.E.C. Leader Sees Outside Monitors for Auditing Firms

QUOTE: ...the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed today that the accounting industry should be policed by a group dominated by outside experts instead of policing itself.

New York Times
Jan 17, 2002 Enron and the Gramms

QUOTE: ...the obsession with deregulation that has had such a hold on the Republican Party and corporate America.... Unchecked deregulation is an express route to chaos and tragedy.

New York Times
Jan 16, 2002 Suits Against Power Firms Justified, Justice Dept. Says: Critics Say Stance Masks Retreat On Pollution Rules

QUOTE: The Justice Department's review concluded that the EPA "reasonably" interpreted the Clean Air Act...However, the department stressed that its finding is "retrospective,"...and that officials expressed no opinion on how the Clean Air Act should be enforced in the future.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2002 Supreme Court Narrows Reach of Disability Law

QUOTE: The Supreme Court narrowed the reach of a landmark disability rights law Tuesday, ruling that an assembly line worker with carpal tunnel syndrome was not entitled to special treatment on the job.

New York Times

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