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May 25, 2008 Safety Lapses Raised Risks In Trailers for Katrina Victims: Formaldehyde Found in High Levels; 17,000 Say Homes Caused Illnesses

QUOTE: Today, industry and government experts depict the rushed procurement and construction as key failures that may have triggered a public health catastrophe among the more than 300,000 people, many of them children, who lived in FEMA homes.

Washington Post
May 20, 2008 Disabled Riders Question Need For MetroAccess Recertification

QUOTE: Her disability is permanent. But every three years, she must go through a time-consuming process that will cost Metro more than $1 million this year to prove a basic fact of life for her and thousands of other riders: Her disability makes it difficult for her to ride Metrorail or Metrobus and therefore qualifies her for curb-to-curb MetroAccess service.

Washington Post
Apr 25, 2008 Texas Coverup Is Latest FAA Black Eye: Controllers' Errors Were Pinned on Pilots

QUOTE: Federal Aviation Administration managers covered up mistakes by air traffic controllers at a Texas facility, making it more difficult for authorities to detect safety hazards in some of the nation's busiest airspace...

Washington Post
Apr 01, 2008 FAA takes risks with shoddy oversight, experts say

QUOTE: The Federal Aviation Administration is putting the public at risk with lax oversight and a too-cozy relationship with the airlines, a top lawmaker and aviation experts said Tuesday.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 19, 2008 A Good Name Dragged Down: Consumers Get Tangled In Terrorist Watchlist

QUOTE: More American consumers have gotten caught up in a special brand of watchlist purgatory because their names are similar to ones on OFAC's list of "specially designated nationals..." Yesterday's court-ordered release of documents to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a window into the kinds of disruptions suffered by those ensnared in the process, as well as the difficulty of clearing their names.

Washington Post
Mar 16, 2008 Putting Mentally Disabled Workers at Risk Is No Way to Cut Corners

QUOTE: "They used a groundskeeping crew from a disadvantaged group to clean up the debris," FAA spokeswoman. She said federal investigators are looking into whether FAA managers knowingly assigned the crew to a job involving toxic materials, endangering the workers' health.

Washington Post
Feb 07, 2008 Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches: U.S. Agents Seize Travelers' Devices

QUOTE: It is the lack of clarity about the rules [on confiscation of electronics] that has confounded travelers and raised concerns from groups...which said that as a result, their lawyers cannot fully advise people how they may exercise their rights during a border search.

Washington Post
Jan 11, 2008 5 things airlines won't tell you about their food

QUOTE: 1. 'There's no food on this flight.' 2. 'Hope you're not on a diet.' 3. 'Our in-flight cuisine is awful.' 4. 'Exact change only, please.' 5. 'There's a secret menu -- and it's better.'

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 24, 2007 Enemy Aircraft Sighted and, Above All Else, Heard

QUOTE: The rise in private-jet travel is being driven in part by long check-in and security lines at major airports. Those waits make private flying attractive to wealthy travelers, while at the same time fractional-jet-ownership companies are making it possible for more corporations to send their executives off in style. The developments have stoked the anger of residents here, who say jet fumes endanger their health and jet noise threatens their sanity.

New York Times
Nov 21, 2007 Behind Wheels of Black Cabs, Mostly White Faces (London Journal)

QUOTE: In an effort to redress the imbalance, the mayor, Ken Livingstone, announced in October that the city would spend £2.3 million, or about $4.7 million, over three years, helping underrepresented groups pay the costs associated with the Knowledge: enrolling in classes, obtaining scooters and study materials, and, if needed, taking language and numerical literacy classes and hiring help with child care.

New York Times
Nov 05, 2007 Mass transit plan makes waves in Seattle ecotopia: In one of the nation's greenest cities, a mass transit proposal has green voters divided.

QUOTE: But here, where global warming is universally accepted and residents like Anderson can quote numbers about the "carbon footprint" of the proposed light-rail system, there's no agreement about what's best for the earth. Or, for that matter, what's best for the millions of motorists routinely stuck in traffic on a notoriously convoluted freeway system.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 01, 2007 Spitzer Chose to Compromise on Immigrant Licenses

QUOTE: In pitching the proposal six weeks ago, Spitzer, a former New York attorney general, noted that states have to contend with the consequences of millions of illegal immigrants in the absence of a cohesive national policy. He argued that licenses would force as many as 1 million New Yorkers to complete road tests and obtain auto insurance, bringing down premiums and offering illegal immigrants a way into a legally accountable system.

Washington Post
Oct 22, 2007 Airports object to latest background checks

QUOTE: A security policy that mandates government background checks of new airport hires, including sales clerks, waiters and custodians, is drawing protests from some airports that say they can't hire workers because clearances take so long.

Oct 14, 2007 U.S. Plan for Airline Security Meets Resistance in Canada

QUOTE: The proposal, which appears at odds with Canada’s privacy laws, would mostly involve Canadians who join the annual winter exodus to Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean. It is also viewed by the Canadian airline industry as a rejection of several costly measures already taken to assuage American concerns.

New York Times
Sep 17, 2007 Anger Over Airline Delays Spurs Passengers' Coalition Into Action: Rally on the Mall to Include Makeshift Passenger Jet Caught Up in the Smells and Sounds of a Lengthy Wait on the Tarmac

QUOTE: after being stranded for nine hours on an American Airlines flight at an airport in Austin in December, she has emerged as the public face of passenger discontent with poor airline service. Angry at her treatment by the airline, she founded an advocacy group [Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill--Ed.] for air travelers that has been seeking stiffer regulations of the industry.

Washington Post
Sep 11, 2007 FAA to airlines: Improve scheduling or feds will

QUOTE: If airlines don't improve on record flight delays, the federal government will impose its own solutions, the outgoing Federal Aviation Administration administrator warned Tuesday.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 04, 2007 Little Noticed 9/11 Lawsuits Will Go to Trial

QUOTE: Lawyers for the defendants in the coming damages trials — United and American Airlines; airport security companies; Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer; and others — say the lawsuits are misguided, that the aviation industry played by the government rules at the time, and that the terrorists knew what they could get away with.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2007 Mexican trucks poised to ride into U.S.: Key lawmaker seeks to halt NAFTA program

QUOTE: Critics say the one-year experiment to test the free-trade measure will unleash a flood of dangerous trucks. It would, they say, increase illegal immigration and drug smuggling and threaten to expose the country to terrorists.

Arizona Republic
Sep 03, 2007 Santo Domingo Journal: A Subway: Just What’s Needed. Or Is It?

QUOTE: The initial $470 million estimate of the cost of the project has spiraled to nearly $700 million. Some suspect that will end up costing far more. In a country with deeply rooted poverty, infuriating power failures and social indicators a notch below those of Sri Lanka, opponents say there are better things the country could have done with the money.

New York Times
Aug 27, 2007 Surfers block Hawaii Superferry

QUOTE: The U.S. Coast Guard used force to secure waters around the harbor where swimmers and surfers created a human blockade that had prevented the Superferry's 350-foot-long vessel, the Alakai, from entering the harbor.

Honolulu Advertiser
Aug 15, 2007 Airport screening raises privacy issue: The terrorist-watch program, scaled back after protests, will be run by the US government.

QUOTE: Earlier proposals included plans to create a massive data mining operation that would match passengers' names not just against the terrorist watch list, but also commercial and law enforcement data, court filings, and other public records....That raised the hackles not just of civil libertarians, but also of the business and leisure travel industries.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 08, 2007 Restrictions on Palestinians Decried

QUOTE: An Israeli human rights group charged Tuesday that Israel has used concrete barricades, fences, checkpoints and other measures to impose restrictions on Palestinian movement in the West Bank that are "unprecedented in scope and duration."

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2007 Court Voids Higher Limits on Truckers’ Hours

QUOTE: A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a Bush administration rule that loosened limits on the work hours of truck drivers, concluding that officials had failed to offer adequate justification for the changes .... Supporters of the loosened standards say they have made it faster and cheaper to move goods across the country.

New York Times
Jul 20, 2007 Drones Raise Safety Issues as Service Roles Multiply

QUOTE: The increasing use of unmanned vehicles, which range in size from those that can fit in your hand to twin-engine jets, has met resistance from federal regulators struggling to safely incorporate the devices into the nation's airspace.

Washington Post
Jul 19, 2007 Brazil Demands Solution to Aviation Crisis

QUOTE: With the death toll climbing after the fiery crash of a crowded Airbus here on Tuesday night, Brazilians responded Wednesday with anger and renewed calls for the government to act immediately to end the deepening aviation crisis that has tormented the country for nearly a year.

New York Times
Jul 18, 2007 San Diego office tower raises an uproar: An office building that lies in the middle of a flight path is rekindling political scandal.

QUOTE: the construction of a new office tower [in San Diego] is spawning allegations of corruption and municipal incompetence.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 12, 2007 FTC Asked to Probe Background Checks on Rail Workers

QUOTE: A coalition of privacy, labor and civil-liberties advocates filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission yesterday, urging the agency to investigate railroad and other transportation employers who violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act by failing to give employees proper notice when conducting criminal background checks on them.

Washington Post
May 01, 2007 In imams' airline case, a clash of rights, prejudice, security: A lawsuit brought by six imams who were removed from a flight raises issues about other passengers voicing complaints.

QUOTE: The October incident sparked outrage among civil libertarians, Muslim-Americans, and others who thought it was un-American for five US citizens and a legal resident, who'd all been thoroughly screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to be suddenly taken off the plane as it sat at the gate because their behavior and Middle Eastern appearance frightened a few passengers.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 24, 2007 GAO Finds Fraud in Commuter Program: Federal Workers Selling Transit Cards

QUOTE: Employees have taken the benefit vouchers, known locally as Metrocheks, and turned them into a kind of black-market currency, selling them -- often at a discount off the face value -- to buyers who can use them to ride Metro, regional buses or commuter railroads.

Washington Post
Apr 21, 2007 Invisible but all too real: the illegal roads speeding the destruction of the rain forest: Despite a crackdown, illicit logging is on the rise in lawless areas of the Amazon

QUOTE: Illegal roads, or viscinais - often built by illegal loggers looking to cash in on the world's largest rainforest - represent one of the biggest challenges to the Brazilian government in its fight against deforestation. It is estimated that there are more than 105,000 miles of viscinais in the Amazon region - illegal dirt tracks that meander through indigenous territories, government land and ecological reserves and which pave the way for the continued destruction of the world's largest rainforest.

Guardian Unlimited
Mar 22, 2007 The 'Open Skies' Deal Is Hindered by Protectionism (The Invisible Hand)

QUOTE: Under the terms of the deal, which was approved by European ministers today, the administration will once again ask Congress to ease the restrictions on foreign airline ownership, not that anyone seriously believes this Congress will do any such thing for this president. Trying, however, will bring its own reward, in the form of expanded access by U.S. airlines to the most lucrative international air hub: London's Heathrow.

Smart Money
Jan 31, 2007 FAA to Raise Retirement Age for Pilots: After Battle, Cutoff to Change From 60 to 65 Within Two Years

QUOTE: The Airline Pilots Association, the largest pilots' union, fought the mandatory retirement age until the early 1980s -- about the time that government deregulated airlines and a flood of young pilots hit the market. Because everything in a pilot's life is affected by seniority -- better shifts, better planes and better routes come with more experience -- the younger pilots did not want many of the older ones to keep flying.

Washington Post
Dec 06, 2006 Furor over 'terror scores' for airline travelers: Supporters of the federal system say it's necessary in the terror war. Privacy advocates aren't persuaded.

QUOTE: The Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been quietly assigning travelers, both American and foreign, on international flights a score that's designed to identify high-risk travelers....some congressional leaders, privacy advocates, and travel executives believe it's an unparalleled use of data-mining to invade individuals' privacy. Some European leaders also object, claiming the program - called the Automated Targeting System (ATS) - violates a privacy agreement worked out between the US and the European Union.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 19, 2006 Air Travel Privacy

QUOTE: ...several measures have been considered to improve aviation security. [some-Ed.] present privacy and security risks to air travelers. These proposals concern efforts to identify passengers and schemes to distinguish the "good guys" from the "bad." EPIC will make available on this page aviation security and privacy related documents it obtains from the government...

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Oct 01, 2006 U.S., E.U. Miss Deadline on Data-Sharing Agreement

QUOTE: In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the U.S. government began requiring all airlines flying to the United States to share passenger data, such as name, address and credit card information, with Customs and Border Protection. The European Court of Justice, the highest European court, annulled the deal...

Washington Post
Sep 14, 2006 Cost may kill travel program

QUOTE: A government proposal that would force air travelers to pay up to $200 a year for a fast pass through airport security could kill the program, advocates and lawmakers said Wednesday.

Aug 21, 2006 The "Fuel Surcharge" Scam: The latest corporate trick to hide price hikes

QUOTE: But as they spread into other industries, fuel surcharges more and more seem as if they're just an au courant way of raising prices, while duping customers into thinking they're not paying more.

Aug 18, 2006 After 30 Years, Libya Can't Get Its Planes, Might Get Repair Bill

QUOTE: After Libya paid $42 million for eight of the hulking cargo jets, the country's relationship with the United States crumbled and the transfer of the planes was blocked....A recent thaw in the countries' relations might set the planes free.

Washington Post
Aug 18, 2006 Judge Won't Block Strike by Northwest Attendants

QUOTE: A federal bankruptcy judge said yesterday that he could not block Northwest Airlines flight attendants from going on strike, opening the door for a potentially crippling labor disruption at one of the nation’s largest airlines.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2006 Screening: Faces, Too, Are Searched at U.S. Airports

QUOTE: passengers singled out solely because of their behavior have at times been threatened with detention if they did not cooperate, raising constitutional issues...Some civil liberties experts said that the program...could turn into another version of racial profiling.

New York Times
Aug 13, 2006 Hey, Partner, Where Are My Miles?

QUOTE: hough many travelers aren't aware of airline partnerships, dozens of carriers around the globe have joined forces to offer mileage credit for flying with their partners....In theory, it's a great way to bolster your frequent-flier balances and gain elite status; in practice, according to travelers and frequent-flier experts, it's sometimes difficult to get the miles.

Washington Post
Aug 04, 2006 More air passengers getting bumped

QUOTE: Airline passengers in the USA are getting bumped off flights more frequently than at any time in the last six years...

Aug 01, 2006 Gas under $2? Don't hold your breath

QUOTE: As more Americans buy hybrid vehicles and smaller cars, they cut down on the oil demand, says Proctor. Automobiles such as the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid all give consumers more mileage for their money because they combine the characteristics of a gasoline-powered car and an electric car. The result can mean 20 to 30 more miles per gallon than traditional cars, which can save a ton of money when you consider that the cost of gas is averaging nearly $3 per gallon.
Jul 26, 2006 F.A.A. Redirects Air Traffic Controllers

QUOTE: The agency hopes that the change will cut costs and errors. But controllers say that they are working without breaks longer than rules allow and that their supervisors have lost the flexibility to assign rest periods based on how hectic a job has been.

New York Times
Jul 25, 2006 Flexible Rules Are Urged in Detention of Travelers

QUOTE: The Department of Homeland Security must take steps to curtail the repeated interrogation of people at international airports or border posts simply because their names resemble those of terror suspects...

New York Times
Jul 14, 2006 Planes still flying with same problem as TWA 800: Airlines resist FAA changes

QUOTE: Ten years after the explosion of TWA Flight 800, the very problem that led to the disaster still has not been fully fixed -- despite a warning from the Federal Aviation Administration that it is "virtually certain to occur" again without additional safeguards.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 12, 2006 Fatality adds to long list of Big Dig's woes: Tons of concrete from a section of a tunnel fell on a car Monday in Boston.

QUOTE: ...America's most expensive federally funded construction effort. Since its conception in 1987, the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project has been plagued by technical challenges, spiraling costs, and allegations of corruption.

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 14, 2006 Strapped States Try New Route, Lease Toll Roads To Foreign Firms

QUOTE: Indiana is about to turn over its entire toll road for the next 75 years to two foreign companies, making it more expensive to drive... The decision also places Indiana at the leading edge of a nascent trend in which states and local governments are exploring the idea of privatizing parts of the United States' prized interstate highway system.

Washington Post
May 03, 2006 NTSB Faults Crew in '04 Crash, Calls For Training

QUOTE: disappointed by the board's decision not to press airline operators to inform passengers of crew qualifications, especially when the aircraft operator contracts a flight to another airline.

Washington Post
Mar 17, 2006 Panel Backs Emissions Standards

QUOTE: An independent panel of engineers and health and public policy experts assembled by the National Research Council has concluded that the nation will benefit if California remains free to set automobile emissions standards that are more restrictive than federal rules.

Washington Post

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