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Jun 23, 2009 Illegal immigrants netted by local police could be released: The Obama administration directive comes as the president begins to assert control of the immigration issue.

QUOTE: Some undocumented immigrants swept up on minor charges such as fishing without a license won’t face federal detention. Instead, they’ll be released on their own recognizance... could affect at least some of the 66 US law enforcement jurisdictions that are part of a controversial program which, in essence, deputizes local police to act as de facto immigration agents.

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 21, 2009 Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself

QUOTE: A vast and growing web of security cameras monitors the city of 55,000, operated by a private group of self-appointed gatekeepers. There's been surprisingly little outcry.

Los Angeles Times
Jun 05, 2009 10 Things Plastic Surgeons Won't Tell You

QUOTE: 1. “I trained a whole weekend to learn this procedure"....2. “I make a mint off other surgeons’ mistakes”....3. “Sure, I can turn back the clock, but it just starts ticking again"....4. “You’d be better off spending this money on a good therapist.”

Smart Money
May 27, 2009 Ethnic profiling doesn't stop terror: A new study finds the tactic is worse than useless in combating terrorism.

QUOTE: The report [from the Open Society Institute]... argues that [ethnic] profiling is both ineffective and counterproductive

May 21, 2009 Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts

QUOTE: You may not know it, but if you have a wireless router... in your house, the FCC claims the right to enter your home without a warrant at any time of the day or night in order to inspect it.

May 12, 2009 What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You?

QUOTE: credit-card companies are becoming much more interested in understanding their customers’ lives and psyches, because, the theory goes, knowing what makes cardholders tick will help firms determine who is a good bet and who should be shown the door as quickly as possible.

New York Times
Mar 02, 2009 Blackwater's New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa:

QUOTE: [in Africa] security contractors have gained broader acceptance. But serious concerns remain about the role they might play in their old stomping grounds.

Mother Jones
Dec 08, 2008 The Politics of the Federal Bench: GOP-Appointed Majorities Winning Ideological Battles at Appellate Level

QUOTE: Although the impact of Bush's judicial appointments is most often noticed at the Supreme Court, it has played out much more frequently and more importantly here and in the nation's 12 other appellate courts, where his appointees and their liberal counterparts are waging often-bitter ideological battles.

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2008 Green Inc.: Paying Poor Countries to Save Trees

QUOTE: Scientists and environmentalists want mechanisms to reward the developing world for saving its forests incorporated into any such treaty....furious response from groups that say that the developing world has a right to boost its economic development through forestry.

New York Times
Nov 17, 2008 High-Tech Team Helps Cheaters Pass Immigration Test

QUOTE: Two British residents were sentenced to jail last week for using an array of computers and wireless gear to feed answers to paying clients taking an immigration test in London, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Oct 06, 2008 'Tis the Season of Election Dirty Tricks: Scaring Student Voters - Flyer Warns of Undercover Police Presence at Polls on Election Day

QUOTE: Election officials and watchdog groups are bracing for the wave of sneaky or suspicious phone calls, leaflets and emails that typically hit battleground states in the final 30 days of the presidential campaign....Young voters at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Penn. have already been targeted, with students reporting that flyers have been posted around campus warning that undercover police will be at the polls on Election Day looking to make arrests.

ABC News
Sep 30, 2008 Politics Over Prosecutors

QUOTE: The Justice Department released a nearly 400-page report with this jaw-dropping bottom line: "Our investigation found significant evidence that political partisan considerations were an important factor in the removal of several . . . U.S. attorneys."

Washington Post
Sep 08, 2008 Want top search results? Tread carefully

QUOTE: The SEO (search engine optimization) industry has sprung up to help customers find ways to get their Web sites high in search results, and its practitioners are always testing new methods. Some "white-hat" methods pose no problems, but others range somewhere between crafty and definitely naughty "black-hat" techniques.

Jun 09, 2008 Marijuana Hotbed Retreats on Medicinal Use

QUOTE: Medical marijuana was legalized under state law by California voters in 1996, and since then 11 other states have followed, even though federal law still bans the sale of any marijuana. But some frustrated residents and law enforcement officials say the California law has increasingly and unintentionally provided legal cover for large-scale marijuana growers — and the problems such big-money operations can attract.

New York Times
May 25, 2008 Clinton Defends RFK Remarks (The Caucus)

QUOTE: Mrs. Clinton wrote a long letter to The Daily News in New York, which was printed in the news pages and in which Mrs. Clinton said her remarks were taken entirely out of context. And her aides said on Sunday that the campaign of Senator Barack Obama was partly responsible for fanning the flames.

New York Times
May 14, 2008 Los Angeles in a stew over taco trucks: A new law could levy fines and jail time for taco-truck proprietors who idle.

QUOTE: Bricks-and-mortar restaurants charged that taco trucks were too often parking directly in front of their establishments and siphoning off customers. Growing pressures within the Los Angeles economy...have exacerbated the tension between stationary merchants who have leases to pay, employ many more workers than the mobile vendors – and who dearly need their patrons and parking.

Christian Science Monitor
May 08, 2008 216 Held in Protests of Police Acquittals

QUOTE: The protesters expressed outrage over a Queens judge’s decision on April 25 to acquit the three detectives — Michael Oliver, Gescard F. Isnora and Marc Cooper — over the November 2006 death of Mr. Bell, who died in a hail of police bullets outside a nightclub in Jamaica, Queens, hours before he was to have been married. Mr. Sharpton and his National Action Network coordinated the protests...

New York Times
May 06, 2008 A Living, Breathing Lobby: Oxygen-Supply Firms Turn to Customers for Help on the Hill

QUOTE: pitting the multibillion-dollar industry that supplies oxygen to medical patients against a large number of lawmakers and Medicare, which said it was being charged many times more for oxygen equipment rentals than the actual cost.

Washington Post
Mar 24, 2008 Arbitration and your rights on the job

QUOTE: Consumer rights advocates contend arbitration strips away your right to be heard in court and that a speedy decision isn't necessarily a just decision. "Flipping a coin is quick, too, but that doesn't mean it is a good way to decide the facts of a case," says [one San Francisco lawyer]. "This type of for-profit justice is a scandal. American citizens should not have their cases decided in secret tribunals with no right of appeal."
Feb 05, 2008 A Corporate View of Mafia Tactics: Protesting, Lobbying and Citing Upton Sinclair

QUOTE: [Smithfield Foods] has filed a racketeering lawsuit against the union, on the theory that speaking out about labor, environmental and safety issues in order to pressure the company to unionize amounts to extortion like that used by organized crime...But what [Smithfield's lawyer] calls extortion sounds quite a bit like free speech.

New York Times
Oct 20, 2007 Famous Mayor Under Fire in Virginia

QUOTE: They say that he has gone too far, and that he is trying to run the city single-handedly, firing department heads, upbraiding public officials and starting secret investigations. In his most controversial move, Mr. Wilder last month ordered the offices of the school board moved out of City Hall in the middle of the night. On Sept. 22, accompanied by the police, 150 movers from three companies dismantled the offices on the top six floors of City Hall and moved their contents into vans.

New York Times
Oct 15, 2007 Several U.S. cities snapping over baggy pants

QUOTE: Bans have become law or are being considered in at least eight states. The movement is fueled by growing worries among lawmakers that sloppy dress by America's youth could be related, no matter how indirectly, to delinquency, poor learning and crime.

Oct 13, 2007 Former CEO Says U.S. Punished Phone Firm: Qwest Feared NSA Plan Was Illegal, Filing Says

QUOTE: A former Qwest Communications International executive, appealing a conviction for insider trading, has alleged that the government withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars after Qwest refused to participate in an unidentified National Security Agency program that the company thought might be illegal.

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2007 Distribution of Nets Splits Malaria Fighters

QUOTE: Villages like Maendeleo are at the center of a debate that has split malaria fighters: how to distribute mosquito nets.

New York Times
Oct 08, 2007 Afghans Pressed by U.S. on Plan to Spray Poppies

QUOTE: But officials said the skeptics — who include American military and intelligence officials and European diplomats in Afghanistan — fear that any spraying of American-made chemicals over Afghan farms would be a boon to Taliban propagandists. Some of those officials say that the political cost could be especially high if the herbicide destroys food crops that farmers often plant alongside their poppies.

New York Times
Oct 06, 2007 Long Standoff Ends for Tax-Protesting Couple

QUOTE: Ed Brown, 65, a retired exterminator who was involved in the "patriot" militia in the 1990s, and Elaine, 67, a dentist, do not believe that the federal government has the authority to tax income.

Washington Post
Oct 01, 2007 Report Depicts Recklessness at Blackwater

QUOTE: The report, based largely on internal Blackwater e-mail messages and State Department documents, depicts the security contractor as being staffed with reckless, shoot-first guards who were not always sober and did not always stop to see who or what was hit by their bullets.

New York Times
Sep 17, 2007 Iraq battle was self-defense, security firm says

QUOTE: The weekend's incident raised concerns in the U.S. Congress about the use of private security guards. Rep. Henry Waxman, whose House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings on contractor operations in February, said he will hold new hearings into the issue in light of Sunday's shootings.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 11, 2007 Democrats See Politics in a Governor's Jailing

QUOTE: House leaders are beginning an investigation this week of the prosecution of Don Siegelman, the former Democratic governor of Alabama who was imprisoned in June on federal corruption charges. The case could become the centerpiece of a Democratic effort to show that the Justice Department engaged in political prosecutions.

New York Times
Sep 11, 2007 A Genetic Test That Very Few Need, Marketed to the Masses

QUOTE: Critics say that advertising such a complex screening test to the general population might create unnecessary anxiety among women and lead to overuse of the test, which costs $3,120.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2007 Appeals Court Finds Ugly Implications in City's Anti-Truck Law: Class, Not Aesthetics, May Be Real Issue, Judges Suggest in Overturning Code

QUOTE: The central question in the ticket case has become: Are the city ordinances targeting pickup trucks, or are they, more sinisterly, trying to exclude the people who drive them?

Washington Post
Sep 02, 2007 When Fighting Crime Means Enticing Crime

QUOTE: The term entrapment has been used loosely outside the legal world to describe, often with outrage, many sting operations, including the one that snared Mr. Craig. Such stings are typically intended to crack down on prostitution, drug dealing and sex in public.

New York Times
Sep 01, 2007 Housing advocates are drawing line in the sand: Lock Vista latest battle in condo conversions

QUOTE: State law allows 90 days' notice for tenants and $500 for moving expenses if their income is below 81 percent of the city's median income -- an amount some don't think sufficiently finances relocation. Landlords must honor leases regardless of development schedules, and if remodeling work connected to the conversion takes place on weekdays, it can't start between 7 a.m. or continue later than 10 p.m.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Jul 25, 2007 FBI Seeks To Pay Telecoms For Data: $5 Million a Year Sought for Firms To Keep Databases

QUOTE: [Although] The FBI would not have direct access to the records .... The proposal "is circumventing the law by paying companies to do something the FBI couldn't do itself legally," said Michael German, American Civil Liberties Union policy counsel on national security.

Washington Post
Jun 01, 2007 Rodriguez Keeps Straddling Baseball’s Foul Line

QUOTE: It was clever or childish, cunning gamesmanship or borderline cheating, or maybe something in between. But when Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees shouted something to a Toronto Blue Jays infielder Wednesday night, helping cause a pop-up to drop and leading to three runs, the debate began. .... Players, coaches and baseball observers interviewed yesterday routinely struggled to articulate what was permissible and what was not, and why.

New York Times
May 23, 2007 The Time-Share Industry: Caveat Emptor

QUOTE: for a product that's been around for 40 years and is perfectly legal, the time-share business is remarkably rife with slimy sales tactics.

Smart Money
May 09, 2007 It's not just about fired US attorneys anymore: Congress is asking pointed questions about the role of partisanship in prosecutions, hirings at Justice Department.

QUOTE: ...even if Gonzales leaves, uproar about management at the Department of Justice is unlikely to subside. A steady stream of revelations – from allegations about partisan hiring in the Civil Rights Division to possible White House involvement in the US attorney dismissals – has seen to that.

Christian Science Monitor
May 07, 2007 Journalists Intend to Sue Hewlett-Packard Over Surveillance

QUOTE: To try to uncover leaks from board members, private investigators examined the phone records of nine journalists who covered the company, as well as the records of some of their relatives. While the dispute revolves around the issue of how the journalists’ careers may have been damaged by having their phone records examined, the threat to sue also raises the question whether it is proper for a news organization or its reporters to sue a company they cover. It is certainly not common.

New York Times
Feb 22, 2007 Court Takes on Software Patents: Microsoft Case May Have Global Reach

QUOTE: Microsoft admitted it infringed the AT&T patent on computers sold domestically but contends that it is not liable for its programs installed by computer manufacturers overseas. In 1984, Congress amended the patent law to forbid companies from shipping components of patented inventions overseas and having the parts assembled elsewhere in an attempt to skirt patent laws.

Washington Post
Feb 18, 2007 The Psychology of Pricing

QUOTE: An equally compelling reason to fly low is to adhere to psychological “break points.” These are dollar thresholds that buyers are most likely to select as the top amounts they are initially willing to spend or to use in Internet searches.

New York Times
Jan 25, 2007 PR's 'pit bull' takes on open access: Journal publishers lock horns with free-information movement.

QUOTE: a group of big scientific publishers has hired the pit bull [Eric Dezenhall--Ed.] to take on the free-information movement, which campaigns for scientific results to be made freely available. Some traditional journals, which depend on subscription charges, say that open-access journals and public databases of scientific papers such as the National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) PubMed Central, threaten their livelihoods.

Dec 19, 2006 The new walls of Jerusalem: Part 1 • The Arabs on the outside

QUOTE: The somewhat amorphous limits of what Israeli politicians call the "Jerusalem envelope" are making an impact on far more than just a few hundred residents of Nuaman, whose numbers are decreasing due to the squeeze. Rather, various nongovernmental organizations say the changes are part of ongoing plans to finish the wall in Jerusalem - and to leave some 50,000 Palestinians outside the city line.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 27, 2006 The Year Of Playing Dirtier: Negative Ads Get Positively Surreal

QUOTE: On the brink of what could be a power-shifting election, it is kitchen-sink time: Desperate candidates are throwing everything. While negative campaigning is a tradition in American politics, this year's version in many races has an eccentric shade, filled with allegations of moral bankruptcy and sexual perversion.

Washington Post
Oct 19, 2006 Torture of detainees? No. 'Coercion'? It depends. New detainee law gives the White House and the CIA most – but not all – of the authority they wanted for interrogations.

QUOTE: legal and other experts say the new law does not give the White House - and the CIA - the clear and broad authorization the president had requested....What the president won was a congressional endorsement of the concept of using coercive interrogations - provided the techniques are not too extreme.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 17, 2006 Verizon Sneakwrap Tactics Channel the Ghost of @Home

QUOTE: [wireless broadband] has now gotten popular enough that the system became saturated, so last month they made a 'management business decision,' as one Verizon employee called it, to throw the top X percent of users overboard. They did that by creating, after the fact, an arbitrary, undocumented limit on the bandwidth you can use."

Sep 07, 2006 A Board in Need of an Emily Post

QUOTE: The talk yesterday among advisers to corporate America was this: Should what happens in the boardroom stay in the boardroom?...experts argued there could be times and places when there might be some justification for nonfinancial information to be leaked to the news media, including times when the board is struggling with a strong, imperialistic chief executive.

New York Times
Aug 23, 2006 NLRB again weighs issue of who's a supervisor

QUOTE: Employers and unions are both eagerly awaiting a pending National Labor Relations Board decision that could make it easier for companies to declare certain workers supervisors and thus ineligible for union membership.

Aug 20, 2006 Finding a Friendly Court Is Not So Easy

QUOTE: To talk about whether different courts decide cases differently is to begin a complicated discussion that can challenge notions of fundamental fairness...If the same facts, presented to different judges in different courts can lead to different outcomes, then can anyone maintain confidence that a particular outcome was just?

New York Times
Aug 06, 2006 New Registration Rules Stir Voter Debate in Ohio

QUOTE: In the last year, six states have passed such restrictions, and in three states, including Ohio, civic groups have filed lawsuits, arguing that the rules disproportionately affect poor neighborhoods...Under the law, passed by the Republican-led state legislature in January 2006, paid voter registration workers must personally submit the voter registration cards to the state, rather than allow the organizations overseeing the drives to vet and submit them in bulk.

New York Times
Jul 23, 2006 I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors

QUOTE: The federal government is moving to eliminate the jobs of nearly half of the lawyers at the Internal Revenue Service ...a veteran I.R.S. estate tax lawyer...called the cuts a “back-door way for the Bush administration to achieve what it cannot get from Congress, which is repeal of the estate tax.”

New York Times

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