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After Protest, British Halt Screening of Travelers in Prague

Date: August 8, 2001
Author: Peter S. Green
QUOTE: British immigration officers screening travelers at Prague's international airport will be withdrawn...accused them of racial bias by deliberately preventing Czech Gypsies from traveling to Britain

ABSTRACT: Is it a conflict or racial discrimination or of political incorrectness or of political necessity?: British immigrations officials, in an attempt to curtail the wave of over 1,000 per year Czech Gypsies (Roma), ran a three week screening in Prague that prevented hundreds of Czech nationals from travelling to Britain--and the asylum request rate dropped from the usual 200+ to only 12 in the same period.  But the Czech populace objected to the British interrogations on Czech soil and accused the British of using skin color, not any information criteria, as the only reason the Czechs were refused passage.  Britain reserved the right to reintroduce the procedure at any time if the asylum rate begins to climb again and has allotted more funds in aid to the Czech Republic to improve the lot of Roma Gypsies at home.

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