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A Monumental Issue Puts Two Icons on Trial: 10 Commandments Display at Issue

Date: October 24, 2002
Author: Manuel Roig-Franzia
QUOTE: U.S. District Judge Myron H. Thompson, who said he would rule by Nov. 18 on whether the monument could remain in the Alabama court building, framed the case in the biggest and boldest terms today, telling attorneys, "The issue here is: Can the state acknowledge God?"

ABSTRACT: After erecting a monument of the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse, Chief Justice Roy Moore, of the Alabama State Supreme Court, finds himself in the midst of a lawsuit that insists upon the separation of church and state. Three groups are suing, stating that what the judge did was unconstitutional, but the majority of the public concur with Moore and approve of his religious acknowledgement.
--- C. Heimbuch-Skaley

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