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Valerie E. Caproni Esq.

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January 2011: "The government cites national security as the reason the contents of the letters — even their existence — are kept secret. The F.B.I. is trying to prevent plots as they are being hatched, according to Valerie Caproni, the general counsel of the agency, and thus needs stealth."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Organization Executive (past or present) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Organization Jan 10, 2011

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Jan 09, 2011 Twitter Shines a Spotlight on Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas

QUOTE: THE news that federal prosecutors have demanded that the microblogging site Twitter provide the account details of people connected to the WikiLeaks case, including its founder, Julian Assange, isn’t noteworthy because the government’s request was unusual or intrusive. It is noteworthy because it became public.... the government — in the course of conducting inquiries — has been able to look through much of the information without the knowledge of the people being investigated.

New York Times