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J. William "Bill" Leonard

Self Description

May 2004: Federal government archivist.

Third-Party Descriptions

June 2007: Waxman and J. William Leonard, director of the Information Security Oversight Office, have argued that the order clearly applies to all executive branch agencies, including the offices of the vice president and the president.,0,863839.story


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Organization May 7, 2004

Articles and Resources

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Jun 23, 2007 Bush claims oversight exemption too: The White House says the president's own order on classified data does not apply to his office or the vice president's.

QUOTE: The White House said Friday that, like Vice President Dick Cheney's office, President Bush's office is not allowing an independent federal watchdog to oversee its handling of classified national security information.

Los Angeles Times
Apr 27, 2006 Some Archives Files Wrongly Kept Secret

QUOTE: The CIA and other agencies wrongly kept secret about a third of the records they pulled from public shelves at the National Archives during reclassification efforts that were far more extensive than previously disclosed...Even as he pledged increased transparency, Weinstein said that he could not disclose examples of the documents that agencies inappropriately pulled from public view...

Washington Post
May 07, 2004 Bush Apologizes, Calls Abuse 'Stain' on Nation: A Stain on Our Country's Honor And Our Country's Reputation'

QUOTE: "I told him [King Abdullah] I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners, and the humiliation suffered by their families," Bush said. "

Washington Post