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I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Esq.

Self Description

October 2005: "Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff and Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs Mr. Libby first entered government service with the United States Department of State in 1981 as a member of the Policy Planning Staff in the Office of the Secretary. He also served in the United States Department of State as Director of Special Projects in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs from 1982 to 1985. Mr. Libby also served as the Legal Adviser to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the Peoples' Republic of China, commonly known as the “Cox Committee.” During the George H. W. Bush administration, Mr. Libby served in the United States Department of Defense as Principal Deputy Under Secretary (Strategy and Resources), and later was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Prior to joining the current administration, Mr. Libby served as the Managing Partner of the Washington office of the international law firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads. He was a member of the firm’s litigation department and chaired the Washington office’s Public Policy Practice Group. In 1993, Mr. Libby was awarded the Department of Defense Distinguished Service Award and the Department of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award. He received the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Award for Public Service in 1985.

Mr. Libby graduated magna cum laude from Yale University in 1972, and earned a law degree from Columbia University in 1975. He is a member of the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies of the RAND Corporation. Mr. Libby is the author of a novel, The Apprentice, published in 1996. "

Third-Party Descriptions

July 2008: "The department said it had not received petitions from several recently convicted political figures, including I. Lewis Libby Jr., Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff; Jack Abramoff, the former Republican lobbyist; Bob Ney, a Republican former congressman from Ohio; and George Ryan, a former Republican governor of Illinois."

June 2008: "Mr. McClellan has seemed especially angry about having been ordered by senior White House officials to tell reporters that I. Lewis Libby Jr., the chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, had no role in leaking the name of the intelligence operative, Valerie Wilson. Mr. Libby was subsequently convicted of lying and obstruction of justice in the investigation of the leak."

November 2007: 'In October 2003, as controversy grew about the leak of Valerie Plame's name, McClellan stood at the White House podium and said that Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser, and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, had not been involved. "There was one problem. It was not true," McClellan writes in his new book, What Happened, which is to be released in April.'

March 2007: ? Since his 2005 indictment, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby has taken the sole hit in the CIA leak investigation. Everyone from Democratic Sen. Charles E. Schumer to the jurors who convicted Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff of perjury said Libby was the fall guy.

June 2007: WASHINGTON, June 5 — I. Lewis Libby Jr., the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney and one of the principal architects of President Bush’s foreign policy, was sentenced Tuesday to 30 months in prison for lying during a C.I.A. leak investigation that became part of a fierce debate over the war in Iraq.

March 2007: WASHINGTON, March 6 — I. Lewis Libby Jr., the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted today of lying to F.B.I. agents and grand jurors investigating the unmasking of a C.I.A. operative amid a burning dispute over the war in Iraq.

January 2007: WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 — Judith Miller, a former reporter for The New York Times, testified Tuesday as a witness for the prosecutor who had put her in jail for 85 days, recounting details of her once-confidential interviews with I. Lewis Libby Jr.

January 2007: I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby was 'put through the meat grinder' by the White House shortly after the Iraq war began, scapegoated to conceal the fact that Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser, helped disclose an undercover CIA officer's identity, a defense attorney contended yesterday as Libby's perjury trial began.

February 2006: Lawyers for I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby argued that Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald was improperly appointed by the Justice Department instead of the president to investigate the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. That means his work and the charges of perjury, making false statements and obstructing justice brought against Libby in October are invalid, they said in court papers filed yesterday.

February 2006: Cheney was one of the 'superiors' I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby said had authorized him to make the disclosures, according to sources familiar with the investigation into Libby's discussions with reporters about CIA operative Valerie Plame.


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Student/Trainee (past or present) Columbia University Organization Oct 17, 2005
Organization Executive (past or present) Department of Defense (DOD)/Defense Department Organization Oct 17, 2005
Advisor/Consultant to (past or present) RAND Corporation Organization Oct 17, 2005
Organization Executive (past or present) State Department/Department of State (DOS) Organization Oct 17, 2005
Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) US House of Representatives Organization Oct 17, 2005
Student/Trainee (past or present) Yale University Organization Oct 17, 2005
Subordinate of (past or present) Advisor/Consultant to (past or present) Vice President Richard ("Dick") B. Cheney Person Jun 18, 2004
Opponent (past or present) Patrick J. Fitzgerald Esq. Person Jan 10, 2009

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Jan 24, 2007 Defense Portrays Libby as Scapegoat: Jury Is Told About White House Rifts

QUOTE: I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was "put through the meat grinder" by the White House shortly after the Iraq war began, scapegoated to conceal the fact that Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser, helped disclose an undercover CIA officer's identity, a defense attorney contended yesterday as Libby's perjury trial began.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2006 Former CIA Officer Sues Cheney Over Leak: Ex-CIA Officer Alleges Leak Of Her Name Was Retaliatory

QUOTE: Former CIA officer Valerie Plame and her husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, filed a lawsuit yesterday against Vice President Cheney, presidential adviser Karl Rove and former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, accusing the three of violating their constitutional rights in retaliation for Wilson's criticism of President Bush.

Washington Post
Jun 03, 2006 Libby Suffers Setback In Document Request: Judge Calls Certain Papers Immaterial

QUOTE: A federal judge yesterday rejected a bid by I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to see a range of classified government documents that he asserted are needed to prepare his legal defense against charges of obstruction of justice and lying to government investigators.

Washington Post
Apr 25, 2006 A New Round of McCarthyism

QUOTE: Whether McCarthy is ultimately found to be one of Priest's sources is beside the point in terms of the larger debate. Priest assembled that story from sources with access to classified information, and they are all vulnerable to firing or prosecution

Washington Post
Apr 09, 2006 A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic: Prosecutor Describes Cheney, Libby as Key Voices Pitching Iraq-Niger Story

QUOTE: ...Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald for the first time described a "concerted action" by "multiple people in the White House" -- using classified information -- to "discredit, punish or seek revenge against" a critic of President Bush's war in Iraq.

Washington Post
Feb 24, 2006 Special Counsel in Plame Case Invalid, Libby Contends

QUOTE: Attorneys for Vice President Cheney's former top aide argued yesterday that a federal court should dismiss all charges against him because a special prosecutor lacked the legal authority to bring the charges.

Washington Post
Feb 10, 2006 Libby Testified He Was Told To Leak Data About Iraq

QUOTE: Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff testified that his bosses instructed him to leak information to reporters from a high-level intelligence report that suggested Iraq was trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction...

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2005 Washington Post's Woodward Apologizes for Lapse on Leak

QUOTE: Mr. Woodward's disclosure also calls new attention to his unique relationship with the Post. As an editor, he still writes the occasional news article for the newspaper, but spends much of his time researching books about Washington politics and policy, often granting sources offers of confidentiality and agreements not to use their information immediately.

New York Times
Nov 06, 2005 For History's Sake, Nothing Like a Paper Trail

QUOTE: The hostile investigative climate during the Clinton presidency made those serving in that White House especially cautious. Blanket subpoenas from congressional investigators and an army of independent counsels became so commonplace that most Clinton officials developed coping mechanisms to protect themselves. The simplest was to avoid creating documents, such as meeting notes or diaries...

Washington Post
Oct 17, 2005 Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps

QUOTE: Critics inside and outside the paper [New York Times-- Ed.] said they were amazed that Miller would not answer questions about her dealings with editors or show her notes to colleagues investigating the matter.

Washington Post
Oct 08, 2004 Journalist Cited for Contempt in Leak Probe: Reporter Refused To Discuss Sources

QUOTE: A federal judge found New York Times reporter Judith Miller in contempt of court yesterday and ordered her jailed for as long as 18 months for refusing to answer questions before a grand jury investigating the leak of a covert CIA operative's identity to the news media.

Washington Post
Jun 14, 2004 Waxman Raises New Questions on Cheney

QUOTE: questions about whether the vice president or his office played any role in decisions to give what became billions of dollars worth of government business to Halliburton, where Cheney was executive from 1995 to 2000.

Washington Post

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