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Hilton Hospitality, Inc.

Self Description

February 2005: "Hilton is the proud flagship brand of Hilton Hotels Corporation and the most recognized name in the global lodging industry. Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Cisco, Texas back in 1919. Since that time we have grown to over 500 hotels in cities all over the world."

Third-Party Descriptions

February 2005: And, since history repeats itself, so must I. I owe it to anyone checking into a Hilton-owned hotel expecting to use the hotel-provided broadband service. One reader staying at a Hampton Inn on a skiing trip took the time to read the HHC (Hilton Hotels Corporation) high-speed Internet access agreement. In it he found a lot of language I thought was long gone, including: "You agree that HHC shall own all Information. By using the Service, you voluntarily, expressly and knowingly acknowledge and agree with all of the foregoing and further agree to each and all of the following: (I) such Information belongs to HHC and is not personal or private proprietary information; (ii) such Information, wherever collected, may be processed, used, reproduced, modified, adapted, translated, used to create derivative works, shared, published and distributed by HHC in its sole and absolute discretion in any media and manner irrevocably in perpetuity in any location throughout the universe..."


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Aug 03, 2007 Wall Street's Lucrative Tax Break Is Under Fire

QUOTE: The most controversial tax break on Wall Street, known simply as the Carry, is not authorized by any law and was never approved by Congress.

Washington Post
Sep 06, 2006 Latest antiporn target: hotel-room TV: A campaign urges prosecution of hotels under obscenity laws – and directs people to smut-free lodging.

QUOTE: The pay-per-view service has brought hotels millions of dollars a year. But these days, the US hotel business is also attracting moral outrage and vitriol

Christian Science Monitor
May 18, 2006 Cheap sleep: Best deals at highway hotels

QUOTE: Just because a billboard sign promises a great room rate at an upcoming exit doesn't mean you can't do better.
Jan 19, 2006 Hotel Workers Union Starts Wage Campaign

QUOTE: The major hotel workers union launched a campaign yesterday designed to narrow the wage gap between workers in various states, pointing out that hospitality employees in highly unionized areas make more than double those in less-unionized areas.

Washington Post
Feb 10, 2005 History Writ Small

QUOTE: Yes, all of Hilton's we-own-all-your-information-throughout-the-universe privacy language is back, or maybe it never really left. Except, instead of just applying to information collected on Hilton's website, it would now appear to apply to all data coming in or out of your hotel room.

Jan 25, 2005 Terms of Embarrassment

QUOTE: ...another collection of egregious EULA provisions that readers have spotted. Cast your vote for the worst of them all, and let's see how many of them we can make disappear.