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February 2005: Journalist.


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Washington Post Source Nov 23, 2004

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Feb 20, 2006 Immigrants' Homeland Burials Shrouded With Costs

QUOTE: Immigrants may follow dreams, ambitions and love to the States, but death often summons them home. Their return can be no less difficult and expensive, as a majority of the new immigrant dead are young and working-class, and few carry life insurance.

Washington Post
Aug 05, 2005 NYC Sued Over Police Subway Bag Searches

QUOTE: The New York Civil Liberties Union sued the city's police department... calling the random search of subway riders' bags unconstitutional and ineffective. The lawsuit... alleges that the program violates constitutional rights that protect against illegal searches and guarantee due process.

Washington Post
May 26, 2005 Latinos Debate Free Trade's Cost

QUOTE: In the Dominican enclave of Upper Manhattan, debates are scrutinized through the lens of daily survival in the city and on the island.

Washington Post
Apr 15, 2005 American Indicted In Iraq Oil Probe

QUOTE: A Texas oil executive, his two companies and two foreign associates were indicted Thursday on charges that they illegally paid millions of dollars to Iraqi officials in exchange for lucrative deals to buy discounted oil from the government of Saddam Hussein.

Washington Post
Feb 11, 2005 Sheik's U.S. Lawyer Convicted Of Aiding Terrorist ActivityLawyer Found Guilty

QUOTE: Stewart's case became a litmus test for how far a defense attorney could go in aggressively representing a terrorist client without crossing the line into criminal behavior. Many defense and civil liberties lawyers spoke of drawing a chilling lesson from her conviction, saying the government had criminalized behavior that would have drawn merely administrative punishment in the past.

Washington Post
Feb 01, 2005 N.Y. Using Terrorism Law To Prosecute Street Gang: Critics Say Post-9/11 Legislation Is Being Applied Too Broadly

QUOTE: Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said the gang "terrorized" the community...civil libertarians and some terrorism experts say the case -- now underway in New York State Supreme Court -- is a misuse of state laws and should raise concern about what they consider is an ever-expanding definition of the term "terrorism."

Washington Post
Nov 23, 2004 Suit Filed in GOP Convention Arrests: N.Y. Police Accused of Overstepping Bounds, Detaining Bystanders

QUOTE: Twenty-three people filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court here, saying New York city officials violated their constitutional rights by orchestrating massive arrests and detentions to sweep up political dissenters during the Republican National Convention in August.

Washington Post
Sep 20, 2004 Arrests at GOP Convention Are Criticized: Many in N.Y. Released Without Facing Charges

QUOTE: 1,821 people [Ed.--were] arrested in police sweeps before and during the Republican convention, the largest number of arrests associated with any American major-party convention...Most of those arrested were held for more than two days without being arraigned, which a state Supreme Court judge ruled was a violation of legal guidelines.

Washington Post