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Gov. James "Jim" Douglas

Self Description

January 2006: "Governor James (Jim) Douglas was born on June 21, 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He graduated with an A.B from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont in 1972.

Governor Douglas has been serving the people of Vermont for 30 years. Elected to the Vermont House of Representatives in 1972-the same year he graduated from Middlebury College-his influence as a legislator increased quickly, becoming assistant majority leader in his second term and majority leader in his third term at the age of 25. Governor Douglas retired from the state legislature in 1979 to become a top aide to Governor Richard Snelling. In 1980, Governor Douglas was elected Secretary of State, a post he held until 1992-winning reelection five times and receiving the nomination of both parties on three occasions. Governor Douglas was elected State Treasurer in 1994, receiving the nomination of both parties and winning with 94 percent of the vote. He served as Treasurer until being elected Governor in 2002."

Third-Party Descriptions

January 2006: "Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont, a Republican, said the state would pay drug claims for low-income people until the federal government fixed problems in the new program, known as Part D of Medicare. Michael K. Smith, the state's secretary of human services, said, "The federal system simply is not working.""


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Student/Trainee (past or present) Middlebury College Organization Jan 8, 2006
Member of (past or present) Republican Party (U.S.) / Republican National Committee Organization Jan 8, 2006
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Organization Executive (past or present) Vermont (State Government) Organization Jan 8, 2006

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
May 08, 2008 Mural Tests Vermont Law That Forbids Billboards

QUOTE: In February, a state board ruled that the painting, finished in October, runs afoul of the state’s billboard law, and must be removed. In response, the legislature passed a measure on Saturday that exempts this mural and ones like it — hand-painted signs that urge drivers to visit a designated downtown — from the law.

New York Times
Aug 24, 2007 As an energy-saver, the clothesline makes a comeback: A 'Right to Dry' movement is growing, with some states introducing legislation to override clothesline bans.

QUOTE: a national clothesline – or "Right to Dry" – movement escalates. In fact, Vermont is the latest state to introduce a bill that would override clothesline bans, which are often instituted by community associations loath to air laundry even when it's clean.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 01, 2007 The Once and Future Republic of Vermont

QUOTE: Vermont was once an independent republic, and it can be one again. We think the time to make that happen is now. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. government has grown too big, too corrupt and too aggressive toward the world, toward its own citizens and toward local democratic institutions. It has abandoned the democratic vision of its founders and eroded Americans' fundamental freedoms.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2006 States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags

QUOTE: Low-income Medicare beneficiaries around the country were often overcharged, and some were turned away from pharmacies without getting their medications, in the first week of Medicare's new drug benefit. The problems have prompted emergency action by some states to protect their citizens.

New York Times