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May 2006: "Although a few state attorneys general (Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, California and Florida) have 'administered a sharp slap on the wrist' to MemberWorks (renamed Vertrue in 2004), Hood says 'the prevailing legal opinion seems to be that these schemes are operating within the law -- which says something about the state of consumer-protection laws in our country today.'"/p>


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Status/Name Change to Vertrue Organization May 7, 2006

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May 07, 2006 Same Old Scam, Every Month: Credit Card Charges for Purchases You Don't Remember

QUOTE: The sales technique is called a "negative-option plan," one of those shady but legal deals in which consumers are automatically charged for services or products until they take action to say they don't want them. The most common consumer complaint -- aside from alleged unauthorized automatic billing -- is the way, critics say, that the marketing companies play loose with the truth to enroll unsuspecting consumers.

Washington Post