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National Guard, Army (ARNG)

Self Description

December 2006: "The Army National Guard (ARNG) is one component of The Army (which consists of the Active Army, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserves.) The Army National Guard is composed primarily of traditional Guardsmen -- civilians who serve their country, state and community on a part-time basis (usually one weekend each month and two weeks during the summer.) Each state, territory and the District of Columbia has its own National Guard, as provided for by the Constitution of the United States.

The National Guard has a unique dual mission that consists of both Federal and State roles. For state missions, the governor, through the state Adjutant General, commands Guard forces. The governor can call the National Guard into action during local or statewide emergencies, such as storms, fires, earthquakes or civil disturbances.

In addition, the President of the United States can activate the National Guard for participation in federal missions. Examples of federal activations include Guard units deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo for stabilization operations and units deployed to the Middle East and other locations in the war on terrorism. When federalized, Guard units are commanded by the Combatant Commander of the theatre in which they are operating."

Third-Party Descriptions


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) US Army Organization Dec 8, 2006
Member (past or present) Senator Christopher J. Dodd Esq. Person Oct 21, 2007

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Jun 11, 2008 FEMA gives away $85 million of supplies for Katrina victims

QUOTE: The material, from basic kitchen goods to sleeping necessities, sat in warehouses for two years before the Federal Emergency Management Agency's giveaway to federal and state agencies this year. James McIntyre, FEMA's acting press secretary, said that FEMA was spending more than $1 million a year to store the material and that another agency wanted the warehouses torn down, so "we needed to vacate them."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 26, 2008 In More Cases, Combat Trauma Is Taking the Stand

QUOTE: [With the return of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan], judges and juries are increasingly prodded to assess the role of combat trauma in their crimes and whether they deserve special treatment because of it. That idea has met with considerable resistance from prosecutors and judges leery of creating any class of offenders with distinct privileges.

New York Times
Jul 18, 2007 Help lags for homeless female veterans: About 8,000 women lack permanent shelter. Need is likely to rise as more women return from war.

QUOTE: Nearly 15 percent of the military is female... But of the 260 programs in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans' network that give counseling, shelter, and other services to homeless veterans, only eight have special programs for women.

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 18, 2007 Little Relief on Ward 53: At Walter Reed, Care for Soldiers Struggling With War's Mental Trauma Is Undermined by Doctor Shortages and Unfocused Methods

QUOTE: For amputees, the nation's top Army hospital offers state-of-the-art prosthetics and physical rehab programs... [but] Nothing so gleaming exists for soldiers with diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder...

Washington Post
Apr 24, 2007 On tighter US border with Mexico, violence rises: US law officers and illegal border-crossers are under increased attack, as beefed-up patrols cut into smugglers' illicit trade.

QUOTE: The escalation in violent crime is most pronounced here in Arizona, where border-tightening measures have put a clamp on the preferred route of "coyotes" and smuggling rings. During the first three months of the year, roaming bandits, heavily armed and looking to hijack valuable payloads, waged at least eight attacks on illicit shipments of people or drugs traversing Arizona.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 01, 2007 The Once and Future Republic of Vermont

QUOTE: Vermont was once an independent republic, and it can be one again. We think the time to make that happen is now. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. government has grown too big, too corrupt and too aggressive toward the world, toward its own citizens and toward local democratic institutions. It has abandoned the democratic vision of its founders and eroded Americans' fundamental freedoms.

Washington Post
Mar 04, 2007 American Troops In Kosovo May Lose Their Combat Status

QUOTE: The issue puts a spotlight on soldiers who are part of a U.S. mission that began in 1999 but now receives little attention amid the worsening wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In recent interviews, soldiers and officers with the Virginia Army National Guard there said they put their lives on the line every day as part of the Kosovo Force, or KFOR -- and believe they deserve the benefits of combat pay.

Washington Post
Nov 22, 2006 Behind talk of a new draft: equity: Congressman Rangel backs conscription, but he is finding few takers on Capitol Hill.

QUOTE: The burden of war is never equitable....Would reinstituting the military draft even things out, spreading the responsibility while influencing politicians to think twice before sending men and women into harm's way?

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 10, 2001 War is Heck

QUOTE: Before Sept. 11 the administration said we could have it all — deep tax cuts, better schools, a surplus — without paying any price. Now the tax cuts can be accelerated, and we can battle international evil too....Much as Mr. Thompson defied scientific reality to portray the first skirmish with anthrax as an isolated incident, so the military seems inclined to sugar-coat the war against Al Qaeda...

New York Times