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HealthSpring, Inc.

Self Description

December 2007: "Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HealthSpring is one of the largest managed care organizations in the United States whose primary focus is the Medicare Advantage market. Our concentration on Medicare programs provides us with opportunities to understand the complexities of the Medicare regulations, design competitive products, manage medical costs, and offer high quality healthcare benefits to Medicare beneficiaries in our local service areas. Our Medicare Advantage experience also allows us to build collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with healthcare providers, including comprehensive networks of hospitals and physicians, that are experienced in managing Medicare populations.

HealthSpring currently owns and operates Medicare Advantage plans in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas and also offers a national stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan."

Third-Party Descriptions

December 2007: "One insurance company, HealthSpring, said it had settled several lawsuits filed by Alabama residents who asserted that they had been enrolled in private Medicare plans as a result of deceptive marketing. J. Lankford Wade, a vice president of HealthSpring, said the company was taking steps to ensure that Medicare recipients “fully understand the benefits and limitations of our plans.”"


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Dec 17, 2007 For Recipients of Medicare, the Hard Sell

QUOTE: Such experiences help explain why Ms. Barksdale and some of her neighbors here in eastern Mississippi are wary of the sales pitches they are now receiving again. Many said they had been tricked into enrolling in private Medicare plans, sometimes without realizing it.

New York Times