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February 2008: 'Observes Lee Salem, president and editor of Universal Press Syndicate, which includes on its roster "Doonesbury," "Baldo" and Nate Creekmore's "Maintaining": "There are only so many spaces on the page. News editors are going to have to face 'How much uproar am I going to have if I drop a strip I currently run and replace it with a new strip?'"'


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Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Universal Press Syndicate (UPS) Organization Feb 6, 2008

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Feb 06, 2008 Cartoonists to Protest Lack of Color in the Comics

QUOTE: [A cartoonist] says he was frustrated by the number of times his strip was turned down by newspapers...because, well, they already had a black comic strip. Most editors, he says, only allow for one or two minority strips, viewing them all as interchangeable.

Washington Post