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November 2003: Journalist covering the Supreme Court and legal issues. Played a major role in uncovering the fabrications of Stephen Glass. A "Columbia Journalism Review" interview is at


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) New Republic, The (TNR) Source Nov 18, 2003
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Washington Post Source Jun 19, 2007
Researcher/Analyst of Stephen Glass Person Oct 1, 2006

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Jun 19, 2007 High Court Backs Banks In Antitrust Suit on IPOs

QUOTE: The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday blocked an antitrust lawsuit against leading investment banks, a blow to investors who questioned the tactics of Wall Street firms during the tech bubble. The class-action suit accused the firms of illegally rigging the initial public stock offerings of hundreds of technology companies.

Washington Post
Jun 15, 2007 High Court Upholds Curb on Political Use of Union Fees

QUOTE: The Supreme Court yesterday unanimously upheld a Washington state law that requires public employee unions to get permission before making political contributions using fees they collect from nonmembers.

Washington Post
Jun 12, 2007 Supreme Court to Review Judges' Discretion in Cocaine Sentences

QUOTE: The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will hear a case on whether judges can consider the alleged unfairness of a federal law regarding sentences for selling crack and powder cocaine when deciding on jail time for such crimes.

Washington Post
Oct 01, 2006 Justices to Hear Abortion, Integration Cases: 'Partial-Birth' Procedure and Schools' Race Policies to Dominate Court's Agenda

QUOTE: Conservatives want the court to uphold a 2003 federal law banning the procedure opponents call "partial-birth" abortion, and to strike down local integration policies that distribute students by race. They are asking the court not only to rule in their favor, but to limit -- or, possibly, overrule -- recent constitutional decisions that have drawn heavy fire from the right.

Washington Post
Sep 20, 2006 Judges Alter Rules for Sponsored Trips

QUOTE: The federal judiciary moved to defuse congressional concerns over judicial ethics yesterday, announcing that judges may not accept expense-paid trips to privately funded seminars unless the sponsors first disclose their donors.

Washington Post
Sep 04, 2006 White House Fights Race-Based Admissions Policies

QUOTE: At issue are programs in Louisville and Seattle, which seek to ensure that the student bodies of public schools reflect the cities' ethnic composition. White parents have challenged the policies in court, arguing that their children were denied admission to their preferred schools because of race.

Washington Post
Aug 02, 2006 N.Y. Times Must Surrender Reporters' Phone Data: Appellate Panel Rejects First Amendment Claim in Federal Grand Jury Probe

QUOTE: The New York Times may not withhold reporters' phone records from a federal grand jury investigating an alleged leak of a pending government raid on two Islamic charities suspected of supporting terrorism, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday.

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2006 GOP Senator Criticizes Appeals Court Nominee

QUOTE: A key Senate Republican clashed yesterday with President Bush's pick for a federal appeals court...Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) said that Pentagon General Counsel William J. Haynes II had pushed for the tactics over the objections of top uniformed military lawyers who considered the policy process a "sham."

Washington Post
Jun 23, 2006 Court Expands Right to Sue Over Retaliation on the Job

QUOTE: The Supreme Court made it easier yesterday for workers in most parts of the country to sue employers for retaliating against them when they complain about sexual harassment or other discrimination. The court ruled that employees may collect damages, even in some cases where the punishment did not involve getting fired or losing wages.

Washington Post
Jun 15, 2006 Court Eases 'No Knock' Search Ban: Illegally Collected Evidence Allowed

QUOTE: The Constitution does not require the government to forfeit evidence gathered through illegal "no knock" searches, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday, in a far-reaching ruling that could encourage police with search warrants to conduct more aggressive raids.

Washington Post
Jun 13, 2006 Justices Open Door For Injection Case: Inmate's Procedural Challenge Allowed

QUOTE: The Supreme Court today expanded the ability of death row inmates to challenge their convictions in federal courts based on DNA evidence produced long after their trials.

Washington Post
Jun 06, 2006 Justices to Hear Cases of Race-Conscious School Placements

QUOTE: The Supreme Court...agreed to hear arguments in separate lawsuits by white parents in Seattle and Jefferson County, Ky., which encompasses Louisville, who say each public school system unconstitutionally discriminates based on skin color.

Washington Post
May 31, 2006 Supreme Court Limits Whistleblower Lawsuits: Public Workers on Duty Not Protected

QUOTE: ...the court ruled that the Los Angeles County district attorney's office did not violate prosecutor Richard Ceballos's freedom of speech by allegedly demoting him after he wrote to supervisors charging that a sheriff's deputy had lied to get a search warrant.

Washington Post
May 31, 2006 Justices To Rule on Punitive Damages

QUOTE: The Supreme Court re-entered the national debate over tort reform...announcing that it would rule on the constitutionality of an Oregon jury's decision to assess Philip Morris tens of millions of dollars for civil fraud related to its past promotion of cigarette smoking.

Washington Post
May 15, 2006 Former Clerks' Signing Bonuses Rival Salaries on the High Court

QUOTE: Compared with judges' salaries, which Congress refuses to bump up, the soaring clerk bonus "devalues the position of the judiciary," Justice Anthony M. Kennedy complained at a recent congressional hearing.

Washington Post
Apr 26, 2006 As Challenges to Lethal Injection Mount, Justices Set to Hear Case

QUOTE: ...lethal injection is now on the defensive, facing a surprisingly effective attack in the courts from those who argue that it actually can cause intense but undetectable physical pain.

Washington Post
Apr 18, 2006 High Court Weighs Retaliation at Work: Harassment-Case Standard Unclear

QUOTE: Sexual harassment in the workplace....the law is vague on a key question: How harsh does the employer's retaliation have to be before it violates the law?

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2006 Anna Nicole Smith's Supreme Fight: Justices Hear Celebrity's Bid for Cut of Late Husband's Riches

QUOTE: ...her persona yesterday was that of the Widow Marshall, aggrieved spouse of the late Texas oil plutocrat J. Howard Marshall II -- whom she wed in 1994, when she was 26 and he was 89. He died the following year. According to Anna Nicole, J. Howard intended to give her tens of millions of dollars from his estate, but his plan was fraudulently thwarted by his son, Pierce, who wanted the old man's money for himself.

Washington Post
Feb 23, 2006 Justices Allow Personal-Injury Suits Against Postal Service

QUOTE: [The Supreme Court] said that the Postal Service is subject to personal-injury lawsuits by its customers, ruling that federal law does not immunize the service against claims by those who say they were hurt by negligent delivery of the mail.

Washington Post
Feb 22, 2006 Abortion Case to Test New Justices: Court Will Review 'Partial Birth' Ban

QUOTE: The Supreme Court agreed yesterday to decide whether a 2003 federal ban on the procedure that critics call "partial birth" abortion is constitutional, setting the stage for its most significant ruling on abortion rights in almost 15 years. Without comment or recorded dissent, the court granted the Bush administration's request to review a lower court's ruling striking down the law...

Washington Post

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