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November 2003: Journalist covering the Supreme Court and legal issues. Played a major role in uncovering the fabrications of Stephen Glass. A "Columbia Journalism Review" interview is at


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) New Republic, The (TNR) Source Nov 18, 2003
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Washington Post Source Jun 19, 2007
Researcher/Analyst of Stephen Glass Person Oct 1, 2006

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Feb 10, 2006 Supreme Court Puzzles Some With Mixed Answers on Lethal Injection

QUOTE: ...Supreme Court stopped two executions in Florida and allowed a lower court to halt another in Missouri -- but the justices allowed three other death sentences, in Texas and Indiana, to proceed. The court's actions are not necessarily contradictory under the law, but they have puzzled many on both sides of the debate over capital punishment because in each case the death-row inmate raised a similar issue: the legality of lethal injection as the means for execution.

Washington Post
Jan 24, 2006 Campaign Finance Law May Have A Loophole: Some Issue Ads Could Be Exempt, Justices Say

QUOTE: The Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion yesterday that suggests some political advertisers may eventually be entitled to an exemption from regulations imposed by the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

Washington Post
Jan 18, 2006 Justices Uphold Oregon Assisted-Suicide Law: In a Blow to Administration, Ruling Paves Way for Other States to Follow Suit

QUOTE: The Supreme Court upheld Oregon's law on physician-assisted suicide yesterday, ruling that the Justice Department may not punish doctors who help terminally ill patients end their lives.

Washington Post
Jan 07, 2006 High Court to Consider DNA Innocence Claim: Death Row Prisoner Wants New Trial

QUOTE: ...the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in House's case, the first in which a death row inmate has come to the high court with DNA evidence claiming innocence. The justices' intervention takes place at a time when DNA evidence may be changing the way Americans think about criminal justice, including the death penalty...

Washington Post
Jan 01, 2006 Roberts Writes of Threats to Independence of Federal Courts

QUOTE: According to Roberts, the judiciary must spend more than five times as much of its budget on GSA rent as the Justice Department does. The total bill in fiscal 2005, Roberts wrote, was $926 million, "even though the GSA's actual cost for providing the space to the judiciary was $426 million."

Washington Post
Dec 17, 2005 On Hill, Anger and Calls for Hearings Greet News of Stateside Surveillance

QUOTE: Congressional leaders of both parties called for hearings and issued condemnations yesterday in the wake of reports that President Bush signed a secret order in 2002 allowing the National Security Agency to spy on hundreds of U.S. citizens and other residents without court-approved warrants.

Washington Post
Dec 07, 2005 Before High Court, Law Schools v. Military: Can Congress Cut Funds Over Curbs on Recruiters?

QUOTE: The U.S. military says it accepts homosexuals in its ranks, as long as they are not openly gay. Many law schools say this "don't ask, don't tell" policy is discrimination, which violates the schools' principles. They want to show their disapproval by denying military recruiters the same help contacting students that other employers get.

Washington Post
Dec 05, 2005 Suing for a Slice of Domino's

QUOTE: Since 1866, a federal civil rights law has protected the right of black people to make and enforce contracts on an equal basis with all others. But does that law extend to the harm a black entrepreneur allegedly suffers personally when someone breaks a deal with a company the black person owns?

Washington Post
Dec 01, 2005 Roberts Seeks Middle Ground: Court Hears Appeal on Parental Notification of Abortion

QUOTE: The basic right to abortion, recognized by the court 32 years ago in Roe v. Wade , is not at stake, but the scope of the right may be. The New Hampshire parental notification law, passed in 2003, requires minors to tell a parent before they can get an abortion, unless a judge grants a "bypass."

Washington Post
Nov 17, 2005 Post Reporter Is Held in Contempt in Civil Suit

QUOTE: A federal judge found a Washington Post reporter in contempt of court yesterday for refusing to reveal who gave him information about an investigation of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee.

Washington Post
Nov 15, 2005 In Special-Ed Case, Court Backs Montgomery Schools: Parents Challenging Plans Have Burden of Proof

QUOTE: Supreme Court ruled yesterday that parents of special-education students disputing proposed instructional plans for their children have the burden of proving why the plans are inadequate.

Washington Post
Nov 15, 2005 Supreme Court to Review a Pa. Prison Policy That Alito Backed in Dissent

QUOTE: The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will review a Pennsylvania inmate's claim that his First Amendment rights were violated by a prison policy that denies dangerous prisoners access to most reading material, television and radio.

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2005 Court Hears Paraplegic Inmate's Case

QUOTE: The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday about whether states should have to pay damages if they fail to accommodate disabled prison inmates, hearing from a paraplegic Georgia prisoner who alleges his maximum-security cell is so small he is unable to turn his wheelchair or use the toilet.

Washington Post
Nov 09, 2005 Justices Hear Home-Search Case

QUOTE: ...the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about whom the police should have heeded that July day in 2001 -- the husband who did not want them to enter his house or the wife, who did. The court's ruling could have implications for police in the many instances in which they must deal with two or more quarreling occupants of a place officers want to search.

Washington Post
Nov 07, 2005 Supreme Court to Hear Tribunals Challenge: Use of Military Panels For Detainees Is Tested

QUOTE: President Bush has claimed broad power to conduct the war against al Qaeda and said that questions about the detention of suspected terrorists, their interrogation, trial and punishment are matters for him to decide as commander in chief. But the court's announcement that it would hear the case of Osama bin Laden's former driver, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, shows that the justices feel the judicial branch has a role to play as well.

Washington Post
Oct 22, 2005 Bias Ruled in Law On Same-Sex Rape: Court Cites Inequities in Kansas Statute

QUOTE: Under the logic of the Kansas ruling, "not only this law but a lot of other laws that treat gay people badly would fall," said James D. Esseks, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union's Gay and Lesbian Rights Project.

Washington Post
Oct 18, 2005 Court Backs States' Role on Retardation and Execution

QUOTE: The question of how to decide who is actually retarded ... is a crucial issue in determining how widely the court's ban on capital punishment for the retarded will ultimately extend.

Washington Post
Oct 17, 2005 Supreme Court Won't Block Missouri Inmate Abortion

QUOTE: The woman, now 16 weeks pregnant, was battling a new Missouri policy forbidding prisons to assist women seeking to terminate their pregnancies, as corrections officials had done in seven previous cases during the last eight years.

Washington Post
Oct 12, 2005 Court to Rule on Federal Regulation of Wetlands

QUOTE: The Supreme Court...will decide how extensively government can regulate the nation's wetlands, a key source of contention among environmentalists and property owners.

Washington Post
Oct 06, 2005 Justices Hear Special-Ed Case: Supreme Court Appears to Concur With Montgomery Schools

QUOTE: ...questions and comments from the justices during the one-hour hearing strongly implied that most of the court agrees with the school system -- which maintains that the burden of proof should be on those trying to show that officials' plans are flawed.

Washington Post

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