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May 02, 2015 Baltimore Prosecutor Faces National History of Police Acquittals

QUOTE: Brutality cases against police officers are notoriously difficult to win...whatever case prosecutors make will have to overcome the inherent deference to police officers that most jurors take with them to the courtroom, experts said.

New York Times
Apr 28, 2011 U.S. Envoy Sees ‘Backsliding’ of Human Rights in China

QUOTE: United States was worried by “a serious backsliding” of freedoms in China and at loggerheads with Beijing officials over many aspects of the issue.

New York Times
May 26, 2010 Trampled in a Land Rush, Chinese Resist

QUOTE: Protests like those in Laogucheng — including self-immolations and deadly standoffs — have forced officials to at least consider measures to make it harder to seize property and turn it over to developers without fully compensating those who live on it or use it. Effective confiscation of land nominally owned by the state, but farmed or lived on by the poor, has been a major source of unrest for the past two decades.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2010 Chinese Rules Said to Threaten Proprietary Information

QUOTE: China is expected to issue regulations on Saturday requiring technology companies to disclose proprietary information like data-encryption keys and underlying software code to sell a range of security-related digital technology products to government agencies...

New York Times
Aug 20, 2009 Lead Sickens 1,300 Children in China

QUOTE: Lead pollution from a newly opened and unlicensed manganese smelter has poisoned more than 1,300 children in southeastern China’s Hunan Province...

New York Times
Jul 07, 2009 In Latest Upheaval, China Applies New Strategies to Control Flow of Information

QUOTE: Chinese authorities rallied domestic support by blaming outside agitators but were widely condemned overseas. As the Internet and other media raise new challenges to China’s version of the truth, China is finding new ways not just to suppress bad news at the source, but also to spin whatever unflattering tidbits escape its control.

New York Times
Jun 16, 2009 Civic-Minded Chinese Find a Voice Online

QUOTE: The case of Ms. Deng is only the most recent and prominent of several cases in which the Internet has cracked open a channel for citizens to voice mass displeasure with official conduct, demonstrating its potential as a catalyst for social change. The government’s reactions have raised questions about how much power officials have to control what they call “online mass incidents.”

New York Times
Jun 05, 2009 Mining Giant Scraps China Deal

QUOTE: The China deal had drawn stiff political opposition in Australia, where mineral riches have fueled prosperity and where some have begun to fear China’s power in the region....the Rio-Chinalco deal has been viewed as a corporate landmark, a crucial test of whether the West’s shareholder-driven capitalism could mesh with a Chinese model that is ultimately under state control.

New York Times
Jun 02, 2009 Australia Feels Chill as China’s Shadow Grows ("Uneasy Engagement: Seller's Remorse" Part 1)

QUOTE: ...Three state owned Chinese companies said they would buy stakes in Australia’s storied mining industry .... Some of this nation’s 21.3 million people have reacted with aggrieved nationalism.

New York Times
May 28, 2009 To Protect an Ancient City, China Moves to Raze It

QUOTE: Over the next few years, city officials say, they will demolish at least 85 percent of this warren [Kashgar, China]... Demolition is deemed an urgent necessity because an earthquake could strike at any time.... Chinese security officials consider it a breeding ground for... movement of Uighur separatists... So redevelopment of this ancient center of Islamic culture comes with a tinge of forced conformity.

New York Times
Oct 30, 2007 The Road to a South African Driver’s License (Johannesburg Journal)

QUOTE: For the K53 is just part of the Catch-22 that faces every aspiring motorist here: To drive legally, one very sensibly needs a license. Except that licenses often seem impossible to get.

New York Times
Sep 08, 2007 The Saturday Profile: Taking On Apartheid, Then a Nation’s Stance on AIDS

QUOTE: Ms. Madlala-Routledge’s supporters say she was the lone voice of principle in a Health Ministry sullied by its lackadaisical response to South Africa’s AIDS crisis. When the government finally adopted an aggressive anti-AIDS strategy in December, after years of international criticism, Ms. Madlala-Routledge was among the principal authors.

New York Times
Mar 24, 2007 Memo From Johannesburg: South Africa Lowers Voice on Human Rights

QUOTE: Rather, what has left some of South Africa’s admirers slack-jawed is the apparent incongruity of its positions. It is not merely that South Africa’s current leaders are withholding the same sorts of international condemnations that sustained them when they were battling oppression.

New York Times
Aug 27, 2006 Hand Out: To Fill Notebooks, and Then a Few Bellies

QUOTE: In reputable journalism, paying for information is a cardinal sin...So what to do when a penniless father asks why he should open his life free to an outsider when he needs money for food? Even skeptical journalists are occasionally misled. What if, despite all best intentions, money is misused?

New York Times
Oct 25, 2003 Rights Group Says Zimbabwe Starves Dissidents

QUOTE: ...government relief programs regularly withheld food from critics of the ruling political party...and often from entire classes of people...many of whom are seen as opponents

New York Times
Oct 09, 2002 Sometimes It's One Voter, 2 ID Cards

QUOTE: Pakistan votes on Thursday, for a new Parliament that its military government calls the harbinger of a brave new democracy, and as in elections past, the National Identity Card has many people smelling a rat.

New York Times
Dec 09, 2001 War On Terror Casts Chechen Conflict in a New Light

QUOTE: ...that [Russia's] two- year-old war in Chechnya is a battle against international terrorism, not a brutal suppression of domestic separatists. It is also the sort of story that Americans and other Westerners shrugged off until the attacks of Sept. 11...

New York Times
May 20, 2001 Latvians Can't Escape Cold War's Divisive Legacy

QUOTE: The native Latvians tend to see the Soviet troops as invaders and the Latvian resistance as freedom fighters. Russian Latvians tend to see their military forebears as Latvia's saviors from Nazi rule and the native Latvians who resisted them as Nazi collaborators.

New York Times