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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) New York Times Source Apr 18, 2007

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Apr 18, 2007 Memo From Paris: U.S. Missile Deals Bypass, and Annoy, European Union

QUOTE: The European Union is upset because Washington is negotiating bilaterally with Poland and the Czech Republic about something that affects Europe as a whole. The union has been trying for years to patch together a coherent European security and defense policy independent of NATO, and it doesn’t help when member states start cutting deals with Washington on their own.

New York Times
Feb 19, 2007 Princess and Heir of Franz Ferdinand Fights to Repeal a Law and Gain a Castle

QUOTE: The 1919 Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye carved up the old Hapsburg empire into new states: Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and parts of Poland. The Hapsburg family, which had ruled that part of Europe for more than 600 years, was stripped of its properties and titles. Franz Ferdinand’s children had already been turned out of their parents’ beloved home, Konopiste Castle, in the empire’s province of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. It was taken by the state.

New York Times
Aug 30, 2006 Nurses and Doctor Again Face Execution in H.I.V. Trial in Libya

QUOTE: A Libyan prosecutor on Tuesday again demanded the death penalty for five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor being tried a second time in Libya on charges that they infected hundreds of Libyan children with H.I.V...But the country’s leader has argued that he cannot intervene in the medical workers’ case, because that would interfere with the independence of Libya’s justice system.

New York Times
May 10, 2006 Romania's Orphans Face Widespread Abuse, Group Says

QUOTE: Romania has tried over the last decade to erase those images of its orphanages seen around the world...thousands of children in government-run institutions are still living in conditions that are little changed...

New York Times
Nov 10, 2004 In Mourning Slain Filmmaker, Dutch Confront Limitations of Their Tolerance

QUOTE: That anger is adding new fuel to a public debate over conservative Islam in Europe's most liberal the rest of Europe a disturbing glimpse of what may be in store if relations with the Continent's growing immigrant communities are not managed more adeptly.

New York Times
Sep 09, 2001 Torture Hurries New Wave of Executions in China

QUOTE: ...huge pressures on the local police to solve crimes quickly, which they often do by extorting confessions through torture...also pressure the courts to try the accused quickly, record the maximum possible number of convictions and show little mercy...

New York Times