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Matthew D. Roberts Esq.

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November 2008: 'Assistant to the Solicitor General Matthew D. Roberts argued, however, that failure to report carries the risk of violent confrontation between the defendant and police officers who may come to bring the defendant into custody. He compared it to burglary -- an enumerated offense under the ACCA -- calling it "purposeful, violent, and aggressive in the same way as burglary."'


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Organization Executive (past or present) Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) Organization Nov 11, 2008

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Nov 11, 2008 Supreme Court Argument Report: Jack the Ripper in His Armchair

QUOTE: The Supreme Court on Monday considered a case involving whether a defendant's failure to report for confinement after conviction constitutes a "violent crime" under the Armed Career Criminal Act. The justices weighed arguments concerning whether failure to report is an aggressive or a passive act...