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Bankruptcy Coalition

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January 2009: "Citigroup had been part of the Bankruptcy Coalition of the Financial Services Roundtable, an industry group, since it aggressively lobbied for changes to the bankruptcy code in 2005."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Member (past or present) Bank of America Corporation (B of A) Organization Jan 9, 2009
Member (past or present) Citigroup Inc. (Citicorp) Organization Jan 9, 2009
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) Financial Services Roundtable Organization Jan 9, 2009
Member (past or present) JPMorgan Chase & Co. Organization Jan 9, 2009

Articles and Resources

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Jan 08, 2009 Citi Reaches Deal With Lawmakers on Home Loans

QUOTE: In a move that would help troubled homeowners, Citigroup agreed to support legislation that would let bankruptcy judges adjust mortgages for at-risk borrowers....Financial industry lobbyists, however, said the plan was flawed and vowed to fight legislation aimed at easing up on homeowners facing foreclosure.

New York Times