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Prof. Jane E. Kirtley Esq.

Self Description

August 2002: Law professor specializing in media issues, director of the Silha Center.

Third-Party Descriptions


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Student/Trainee (past or present) Northwestern University Organization
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, The (RCFP) Organization
Organization Executive (past or present) Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) University of Minnesota Organization
Student/Trainee (past or present) Vanderbilt University Organization

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Aug 31, 2009 Shrinking Newsrooms Wage Fewer Battles for Public Access to Courtrooms (Sidebar)

QUOTE: You don’t see newspapers fighting to open court proceedings the way they used to, and people are starting to notice.

New York Times
Jul 13, 2009 Chasing Terrorists (and TV Ratings)

QUOTE: the cooperation between the former intelligence officers and NBC News — that has raised red flags among a number of veteran journalists, including some within NBC. They say they find it troubling that “The Wanted” blurs the boundaries between government agents and supposedly impartial journalists.

New York Times
Jun 28, 2005 Courts Grow Increasingly Skeptical of Any Special Protections for the Press

QUOTE: But a pileup of recent cases and judicial decisions, including the Supreme Court's refusal yesterday to hear the cases of two reporters facing jail, suggest a new hostility, one fueled by skepticism about the very value of the institutional press.

New York Times
Apr 03, 2004 Tyco Case Raises Issue Of Jurors' Anonymity

QUOTE: "The media are to a large extent responsible for this outcome....You don't reveal jurors' names in the middle of a trial."

Washington Post
Jan 28, 2003 A Horse Whisperer's Tale Trails Dominick Dunne

QUOTE: ...Mr. Dunne's frequent repetition of versions of this unsubstantiated tale — on television, in Vanity Fair, at dinner parties — raises the question of whether and when journalists can traffic publicly in rank rumor.

New York Times
Aug 04, 2002 After Sept. 11, a Legal Battle Over Limits of Civil Liberty

QUOTE: The roundup that followed the [9/11] attacks....has produced few if any law enforcement coups....has provoked a sprawling legal battle, now being waged in federal courthouses around the country, that experts say has begun to redefine the delicate balance between individual liberties and national security.

New York Times