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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Washington Post Source May 5, 2006

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May 05, 2006 Immigration Waiver Granted to Refugees: Some Burmese Lose Pro-Terrorism Label

QUOTE: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has granted an immigration law waiver so that many of the 9,300 Burmese refugees at a camp in Thailand will no longer be viewed as supporters of terrorism...concerns about combating terrorism against worries that people with legitimate claims to asylum were being blocked from immigrating to the United States. At issue have been broad definitions, in recently passed immigration legislation, of what constitutes a terrorist group and what qualifies as "material support" for terrorism.

Washington Post
Dec 06, 2005 Clear Rules Sought for Abuse by Foreign Troops: Military to Retool U.S. Response Policy

QUOTE: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has ordered military commanders to come up with clear rules for how U.S. troops around the world should respond if they witness mistreatment of detainees by other forces outside the United States...

Washington Post
Aug 30, 2005 States Fight Closings of Air National Guard Bases

QUOTE: National Guard officials yesterday tentatively welcomed a decision by an independent base-closure commission to scale back the Pentagon's plan to consolidate Air National Guard bases around the country but said serious problems remain that are likely to lead more states to file lawsuits disputing the plan.

Washington Post
Jun 10, 2005 Panel Faults Tactics in Rush to Install Antimissile System

QUOTE: "...Pentagon officials put schedule ahead of performance...insufficient ground tests of key components, a lack of specifications and standards, and a tendency to postpone resolution of nettlesome issues."

Washington Post
Jun 07, 2005 Whistle-Blower at Los Alamos Attacked in Parking Lot in N.M.

QUOTE: "An employee at the Los Alamos National Laboratory who has alleged fraud at the facility was badly beaten in the parking lot of a Santa Fe bar over the weekend in what his wife and lawyer yesterday said was an attempt to silence him."

Washington Post
Feb 02, 2005 Military Chiefs Criticize Curbs In Plan to Raise Death Benefits

QUOTE: Military leaders took issue yesterday with a Pentagon plan that would limit higher death benefits to troops killed in designated combat zones or operations, saying the extra payments should apply to all troops who die on duty.

Washington Post
Sep 29, 2004 Interceptor System Set, But Doubts Remain: Network Hasn't Undergone Realistic Testing

QUOTE: ...what the administration had hoped would be a triumphant achievement is clouded by doubts, even within the Pentagon, about whether a system that is on its way to costing more than $100 billion will work.

Washington Post
Nov 08, 2002 Bush Considers Smallpox Vaccine for Troops

QUOTE: The question of whether to immunize U.S. forces is part of a larger dilemma that includes whether to vaccinate civilian health care workers and, eventually, the general public.

Washington Post