First and foremost, thanks to Paul Doerwald, the developer who created the original site and maintained and extended it for many years (and also created the NowComment site). Paul has always been there for us with good advice (if only we had taken it all!) and assistance when needed, including graciously hosting the site on his servers as a favor. And high on’s requirements list, he’s a person of unblemished integrity. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Paul on a project, grab it.

Everything else below is from the Acknowledgements page of the original article archive site:

Many volunteers have contributed significant data entry time and article abstracts to the site; their work comprises most of what you’ll find while browsing here. The following list is a subset of that much longer list, those who completed formal internships:

Emily Beck (University of Virginia), Sarah Beck (University of Virginia), Kyle Boelte (Lewis and Clark College), Amy Browning (Boston University), Bishakha Chatterjee, Sam Carter (University of North Carolina – Greensboro), Tara Croft (North Carolina State), Aisha Dilworth (Indiana State University), Marc Fitch (Western Connecticut State University), Kelli Galippo (Pepperdine), Mary Fitzgerald (Boston University), Rachael Hamilton (San Jose State), Chelsea Heimbuch-Skaley (Simmons College), Sara Holliday (University of Texas), Kathleen Hom (University of Virginia), Nathan Hurst (Emerson College), Sari Kent (Towson University), Ryan Lang (Northern Arizona University), Yan “Clara” Liao (University of Missouri), Julie Liebenthal (University of Indiana), Diana Lukeski (Bloomsburg University), Matthew Mink (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Sarah Mulder (Colorado State University), Lisa Nichols (Western Connecticut State University), Sandra Ogle (University of Texas), Olivia Overman, Jennifer Palicka (Bowling Green University), Chris Plasencia (University of Virginia), Kirsten Ramm (University of Virginia), Ginny Ross (Texas Woman’s University), Erica Sharkey (La Salle University), Kara Thompson (Iowa State University), Brad Venable (Indiana State University), Amanda Willing (Minnesota State University), Oleg Yatskar (University of Massachusetts).

Technical Help and Advice: Jerry Asher, Cherrie Chiu, Michael Feldstein, John Levine, Gary McCullough, Beth Morgan, Walter Smith, Rachel Unkefer, Han van den Bogaerde, James Weissman, Steve Wertz, Monica Zimmerman.

Librarians who helped me conceptualize the site’s content schema: Louise Ratliff, Gerry McKiernan, Linda Jarmy, Katherine Makens, Fred Stielow, Daniel McShane, John Seery, Harvey Hahn, John Maxstadt, Sheila Bankhead, Hamid Saeed, Mujgan San, Karen R. Harker, Dr. Xia Lin, Linda Lester.

Web hosting and scripting by Internet of the Sandhills (North Carolina) during the site’s early days.

Public-Spirited Software Developers:

  •, the community that develops and maintains ongoing versions of the freeware open-source OpenACS community software that powers this site… and PostgreSQL Inc. for the freeware PostgreSQL database which powers OpenACS.
  • Special thanks to Fanix Software for allowing us to license copies of its commercial As-U-Type utility for our volunteers; I now hate to write unless I have access to As-U-Type’s typo corrections, macros, and multiple paste buffers.
  • The developers of Firefox and Firefox add-ons/extensions (e.g. Autocopy, Zotero, and NoScript).
  • David Harris for the Pegasus email package; secure, powerful, free, and wonderfully ‘tech-supported’ by a large, knowledgeable, and dedicated user community.
  • the thousands of others who contribute free utilities that make the Internet a safer, more productive environment.