Data Privacy Policy

This non-commercial website is owned and managed by LLC.

At present we do not allow logins or collect any personally recognizable information from site visitors and don’t knowingly share any technical or analytic data (e.g. cookies, IP data, or anything) with any other parties, and we do not knowingly employ any apps or plug-ins whose main purpose is to gather such data.

Our old site (operated from 2000-2019) collected only minimal information from users who registered with us, just their name and email address. We never shared any of that information with any other parties. We have an offline backup of the site, and other than that we know of no other place that any user data can be accessed. As we noted for that site, and still true:

‘It is always possible that our Site, our offices, or the offices of our web hosting company or contractors could be the victim of a computer security breach (an intentional attack or inadvertent error or even negligence on our part), so we cannot guarantee that the information you provide us is absolutely safe.’